Sample Contract Law Questions and Answers



The answer of the attached Sample Contract Law Questions and Answers is given below on the basis of eight criteria to solve a contract law question.

1. Issues

Issue is basically started with the mailing to buy a painting from the owner of the painting named Theo by Vincent. But when Theo addressing the offer price of $40000 replied the mail of Vincent somehow he forwarded the accepted mail to sell the painting to Margot who is the sister of Vincent.

Therefore the issue started when Margot replied with offering price of $40000 and Margot accepted to buy the painting at the offered price.

But later on, Margot bargained to the price 0f $39000 to buy the painting from Theo by email. Initially, Theo agreed and mailed it is a deal and accepted to sell it and told Margot to transfer money of $39000 to the account of Theo and he will deliver it to Margot.

So, the final issue is incurred on the day after the deal where Theo denied to sale the painting at the price of $39000 as it seems under price of the market to him.

And, he (Theo) rejected the deal.

Sample Contract Law Questions and Answers

2. Principal

In spite of their agreeable nature, email can make restricting obligations. Maybe the most essential intend to review is that the key estimates legitimate to the making of an deal as contract by electronic means are the same to the fundamental standards relevant to contracts kept orally or in framing on paper. As imparted in the Electronic Transactions Act 2002 as in section 8, “information or data isn’t denied its genuine impact exclusively in light of how it is perfectly healthy”.


3. Application

The five essential parts of application required to build up a genuinely enforceable contract under the Electronic Transactions Act 2002 as in section 8 as follows:

4. Offer

An offer is an unquestionable endeavor by one social event to some other setting out the terms on which it is set up to bargain and is made with the target that it will tie when it is perceived. The two fragments required to shape an offer are, (a), that the terms familiar are sufficient clear with engage an agree to deal be encompassed just by confirmation without encourage trade (however such deal-plan may at present happen); and, (b), there is a state of the offeror to be extremely bound (this might be collected from words or deal). An illumination which needs either or both of these parts will set up an insignificant “welcome to deal”.

So, there was the offered between the parties of Theo as seller and the Margot as the buyer in response to the deal. Therefore, there was offer in the deal or contract to sale.

5. Intention

There is a settled doubt in law that parties to a business understanding expect to be truly bound. Courts will all around draw judgments from the words or direct of the get-togethers to create want and, at whatever point fulfilled, will do its best to offer impact to that point. Considering this, the most ideal approach to manage promise yourself while sharing in business trades by strategies for email is to state toward the beginning that an understanding isn’t genuine until the point that such time as a formal deal as contract is gone into.

So, there was intention to sell the product of painting by Theo with the final offered price. Therefore,, there was intention in the deal or contract to sale.

6. Conviction of terms

Conviction of terms is another basic piece obviously of activity. A comprehension might be regarded unenforceable if key terms are not settled at the time the offer and certification are made. It is fundamental to note, regardless, that business contracts once in a while droop on grounds of vulnerability, as courts are usually arranged to see fitting terms from the conditions of the deal as contract or by reference to show off training or other target models.

Yes, there was offer and certification as the proof or mail is confirmed to sale the painting by Theo. And terms of contract was pertained by the confirmation of mail that to transfer money on the account Theo and then Theo will deliver it to Margot. And it was a deal mailed by Theo.

7. Consideration

In exceptionally based law areas, for example, New Zealand, a deal as contract isn’t restricting beside whenever kept up by thought, aside from where made by deed. In the business setting, the understanding should be kept up by something of important worth. This could be an accreditation to give stock or associations, a confirmation to pay for things or associations.

And yes there was settled down a consideration of $39000 to sell the painting by Theo to Margot after the final bargaining of the price between Theo and Margot where Theo was agreed to sale it on $39000.

8. Acceptance

A general manage of deal as contract law is that a comprehension is shaped at the time that confirmation is gave by the offeror to the offeree. This attestation must be full, unequivocal confirmation and must maintain a strategic distance from the presentation of any new terms. Anything not as much as this is probably going to be overseen by the courts as a removal or counter-offer.

So, therefore there was the acceptance to sale the product of painting to Margot at the settled down price of $39000 and Theo accepted to deliver it when Margot transfer the money to the account of Margot.

Conclusion (Sample Contract Law Questions and Answers)

So, it could be advised to Margot that he has the legal right to buy it from Theo as there was a contract as deal between them in accordance with offer, intention, and conviction of terms, consideration and Acceptance. So, it is advised to take the legal action under the Electronic Transactions Act 2002 as in section 8 as it is a legal law of sale of contract between them.


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Sample Contract Law Questions and Answers

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