Identify and explain the importance of key ‘Humans Resource’ policies

Identify at least two HR policies and comment on their importance to the modern workplace (for example Health & Safety policies and equality and Diversity policies) – Identify and explain the importance of key ‘Humans Resource’ policies

  1. Health and Safety policy

To Identify and explain the importance of key ‘Humans Resource’ policies, A micro business owner has different duties and requirements to reconcile. One of the legally binding tasks is the management of health and security arrangements. Health and safety policies must not be complex but constantly prioritized (Tombs and Whyte, 2012), given that there might be significant costs for violating safety and health. The legislation states that each company must have a health and safety management policy. …

Team Building Skills

Reflective Statement – Team Building Skills

Introduction – Team Building Skills

Team building skills are the skill of being experienced while working in a team. In the course of Managing Organization and People, I got the opportunity of working with a team in Sainsbury Plc to lead a role under customer service. In this organization, we have been instructed to increase customer satisfaction within three months. In that case, we have been encouraged to work in a team as it would be possible to fulfill customer queries, customer demands by providing their desired products. The aspect of team building activity involves team work, decision making, knowledge sharing, information sharing, brain storming, leading a team as leadership role, motivational skill to …

Importance of Employee Retention Strategies

Importance of Employee Retention Strategies


Employee Retention Strategies are needed to keep the skilled workforce. The importance of employee retention strategies are significant for taking care of skilled workforce. Retaining a positive and motivated staff is vital. It is the very difficult task for an organization’s success. High employee turnover increases expenses and also has a negative effect on company goodwill. Implementing an employee retention program is an effective and efficient way of to remain employed while maintaining job performance and productivity.

Importance of employee retention strategies in the current global competitive market

Manage Employee Turnover

Employers implement retention strategies to manage employee turnover and attract quality employees into the organization. Retention programs mainly focus on the relationship between …

Strategies Implemented by Global Leaders

Strategies implemented by global leaders for effective and efficient organizational performance (Google)

As a business leader in global search engine platform, google has huge initiatives to solve the business difficulties and challenges faced by them. In this regard, there are some important Strategies Implemented by Global Leaders for effective and efficient organizational performance:

Strategies Implemented by Global Leaders

Make Use of Human Resources

The Strategies Implemented by Global Leaders Google regarding the role of the human resources development globally that can play a key global  role in the organizational effectiveness and efficiency in the matter of performance of Google where the developed and trained as well as skilled human resources will contribute more for it and the strategy of it provide assistance with organizational effectiveness. …

Challenges Faced by Global Leaders

Challenges faced by global leaders (Google)

Google is a world number one search engine. Being a world number one search engine, it is also facing challenges in this global business arena. The Challenges faced by global leaders like (Google) are given below:Challenges Faced by Global Leaders

Developing Managerial Effectiveness

Google as the global leader has to face the challenges in developing the managerial effectiveness in way of working areas in the global business world and the challenges is accepted in the area of  proper time-management skill, in the area of the proper prioritization skill, in the area of proper strategic thinking skill, in the area of proper decision-making skill, and in the area of proper getting up to speed with the job skill and …

Characteristics of Global Leaders

Characteristics of Global Leaders (Google)

The Characteristics of Global Leaders are very much unique. They have some some unique qualities for which they become global leaders. In this context of global leaders, this case is focused on the global leadership of Google and showing the Characteristics of Global Leaders as follows:

Characteristics of Global Leaders

Overseas Experience

Google as a global leader have the proper understanding about business globally in the overseas market. The overall business trends of google and it is followed by many organization to become a successful international as well as recognized business leader by the way of proper observation how business is done in different sector performance. The knowledge of google overseas experience in taking the market place tremendous as …

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