Managing Virtual Business

Managing Virtual Business is not easy task at all. It requires huge IT collaboration, IT investment and skilled manpower. This study is actually an Individual Case Study Analysis on digital business.  


ICT has changed so many things in business as well as business concept. From the beneficial impact of ICT, the concept of virtual business is introduced. Now, virtual business is an established concept. Investing in personalisation is a worthy to get better customer experience. Personalization is recommended for digital business platform because it is always important to deal with buyer behaviour while producing as well as distributing product or services through online business platform (Postma and Brokke, 2012). Managing a virtual business is not an easy task because …

Personal and Professional Development Plan


This study of Personal and Professional Development Plan will be demonstrated to identify, focus and evaluate skills needed for professional growth with personal capabilities from that course context.  My chosen area or sector is financial sector in which I want develop my employability skill. So, I need to have good academic background, good academic knowledge, good academic score or grades. Moreover, I need to develop my personal skills as well as interpersonal skill where my personal capabilities will be utilized. Finally, I need to develop my professional skill which is highly related to employability skill.

So, this assignment will reflect on the skills, qualities, capabilities and competencies those are required under the development activities of Personal and Professional Development …

Why submission of assignment is important

Why submission of assignment is important for your study in the universities?

The importance of assignment has been widely acknowledged within Higher Education Institutions. The reason why Why submission of assignment is important will be addressed in this article.


Assignment submission is the measurement of student progress regarding the class lecture. The purpose of this assignment is to focus on the importance of assignment submission for university students and identifying the key benefits which must help in study.

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Key points

Assignment submission is a basic criteria in University studies and this guidelines of assignment submission is given by the class lecturers.  Lecturers should give …

About The Engineering of Padma Bridge

About Padma Bridge

Padma Bridge is a great architect in Bangladesh History. The engineering of Padma Bridge is conducted by the China Major Bridge Engineering Co. Ltd. The construction starts on 26 November 2014, and the construction ends at 23 June 2022. The bridge was inaugurated on 25 June 2022 by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina.

The length of the main bridge is 6.15 kilometres. The bridge is 10,642 kilometres long, with 41 spans connected to 42 supports, and is the 122nd longest bridge in the world. The length of the railway viaduct is 0.5321 kilometres. It is the longest bridge in Bangladesh and will drastically cut the distance and travel time between Dhaka and the Mongla port. …

Next Level Technologies for Businesses

If you own a small to midsize business, you may be looking at digital solutions to increase your company’s productivity and help your team members communicate more effectively. But with so many options available, how do you narrow down your choices? Courtesy of CircleBizz, here are some digital technologies those are considered as the Next Level Technologies for Businesses you should be using right now:

Communication Software

If you have remote employees, offices, and clients in different parts of the country or the world, being able to communicate in real-time and share information quickly is a must. Whether your business only requires email and video conferencing software or your company would benefit from having a live chat option …

Why schools should teach the curriculum of the future not the past


The nature of the issue that is being addressed is about course curriculum where “why schools should teach the curriculum of the future not the past”. The course curriculum should be future oriented as because world scenario is changing every moment. From science to Arts, each and everywhere, there have so many massive changes. There have random technological changes. New theories are being introduced. World economic theories are also being changed with the situation. Therefore, the basement of student from which they get the core knowledge about education, it should be future oriented. It will not be supportive to follow the 15-20 years before course curriculum. Rather, in 2020, the course curriculum should be designed by the authority by …

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