Overview of TATA MOTORS

Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automobile manufacturing business with its headquarters in the Indian city of Mumbai. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group of companies. The firm manufactures passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, luxury automobiles, sports automobiles, and construction equipment, among other things. TATA MOTORS Share Price is always a matter of consideration for the business due to its huge investment.
Established in 1945, Tata Motors Limited is India’s most successful automotive manufacturing firm and the country’s largest employer. In all, Tata Motors has sold almost 6 million automobiles in the United States since its inception in 1954, with the Tata Group serving as its parent business and Ratan Tata serving …


1 Introduction – NPV IRR PAYBACK

The concept of finance and financial tools (NPV IRR PAYBACK) are very much effective for getting an investment decision in a particular project regarding whether the project investment is able to generate return from the investment or not. An investment is called a justifiable investment when the investment has positive return and investment is able to fulfill at least all financial requirements (Khan and Jain, 2007). There are some financial as well as non-financial factors that influence the investment decision.

In this particular study, XYZ plc, planning to invest in two projects- software and Launderette project. For that investment evaluation on those two projects, capital budgeting financial tools of Net Present Value (NPV) and …

Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis

Introduction – Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial ratio analysis are very helpful for taking decision regarding the choice of appropriate project for investment as there are so many financial factors are related (Foerster, 2015) . The firm is financially sound or not, financial performance is good or bad, debt is high or low, profit margin s high or low, each and every factors financial statements could be utilized by using financial ratio analysis. This study will focus on ratio analysis between Jones Ltd and Millet Ltd with recommendation to choose a project between this two. Even, this study will also focus on the cost classification in the production of goods and services.

  1. Ratio Analysis

Company: Jones Ltd

  1. Operating

Volcker Rule Covered Funds

Volcker Rule Covered Funds and Volcker Rule Regulations

Executive Summary

The Volcker Rule (VR) intends to shield bank customers by shielding banks from making certain sorts of hypothetical endeavors. Along with Basel III and CCAR are also the regulatory frameworks that work on to provide restriction on particular activities that should not be practiced by the bank because overall the money of the customer should be secured and the deposit money security of the customer should be considered first. In market making the Volcker Rule Covered Funds has a great impact as it can establish the market efficiency.

Volcker Rule Covered Funds

Introduction – Volcker Rule Covered Funds

The Volcker Rule-VR is an administration bearing that all things considered limits banks from driving certain …

Dividend policy of National Express

Dividend Policy of National Express: The factors affecting Dividend Payment

Dividend Policy

The concept of “dividend policy” means that the Company through the Board of Directors creates a specific dividend payment model for additional actions. In other words, the company’s dividend policy refers to the management’s perceptions and practices related to the dividend distribution in the form of dividend. These can be profits of the current year or accumulated profits from the past. Dividends are paid quarterly, half a year, or a year. When paid in a quarter or a half, they are considered a temporary dividend. Dividends are expressed as a percentage of the nominal value and are called dividend. When the dividend amount is expressed as a percentage …

Financial Planning for Personal Fund Management

Financial Planning for Personal Fund Management

Financial Planning of Charles and Monica

Financial Planning is a continuous process to make financial decisions about money that will help to use of money in proper manner in the perspective of expenses based on the income generation and also funding finance for investment purpose to achieve goals in life. Financial Planning for Personal Fund Management is done to analyze the income, expense, investment, debt equity and cashflow summary of an individual. This is the case study of Financial Planning for Personal Fund Management to conducted for Charles and Monica who are the resident from Australia.

In this regard, Personal financial planning is the part of financial planning for living standard where Personal financial …

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