6 Traits that Attract Investors to Your Startup

Unless you have some terrific financial plan backing you up, your startup is going to need investors. Regardless of how good your idea is or how well you think you can execute it, you will have to work extra to attract investors. Fortunately, attracting one is relatively straightforward if you understand an investor’s mindset. And to help you out, we will go over six distinct traits (6 Traits that Attract Investors to Your Startup) that attract investors to your startup.

6 Traits that Attract Investors to Your Startup

The goal of an investor is to make money. At the end of the day, they won’t care about how engaging your startup is or how dedicated you are to it. What …

Principles of Biblical Financial Planning

Principles of Biblical Financial Planning

God’s Word contains some financial concepts that can guide and help many individuals, particularly Christians, who’ve been hurt by the tribulations of debt and bad money management. God has provided biblical financial planning guidelines that He wants people to use. If an individual follows these guidelines, they will eventually experience financial freedom and joy. Some are concerned with behaviors, others with attitude. The principles of Biblical Financial Planning contains with several principles those has been explained in below section:


Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, you are susceptible to the actions and attitudes of those who are near to you. For instance, you could …

Washing Service Business Proposal

Executive Summary of Washing Service Business Plan

The business idea is to open a new washing service business proposal. In the business resources the assets to be purchased include office and computer furniture, washer washing equipment and dust and basic equipment (such as toothbrushes, water tanks) and transportation vehicles. Market will be segmented on small, medium and large offices. Was service business will create their experience from the beginning by building a successful customer base in the office by switching to the customer’s headquarters and then to the customers of the headquarters. While larger customers will not be diverted at the start of their business, they are expected to use “was office” professionals when they get a customer service record, …

Voluntary Disclosure

Voluntary disclosure of BHP Billiton

  • Introduction

BHP Billiton is the natural resources company doing business internationally as the largest mining business organization globally in Australia. BHP Billiton involves in producing iron, oil, aluminum, and silver, steep, copper and gas.  Melbourne is the Headquarters of this organization. This report of BHP Billiton is to analyze the financial performance by considering key ratios of this organization, and to analyze the voluntary disclosure rates in response to GRI standards. (Britannia 2019). This report will focus on Voluntary disclosure of BHP Billiton.

2.0 BHP Billiton Financial performances analysis (Ratio of BHP Billiton from Appendix 1)

In the aspect of Liquidity ratio, current ratio and quick ratio is the most used concept (Anotes 2019)For, BHP …

Why do equity prices change

Literature Review

Why do equity prices change – what are the main drivers of equity prices and changes in their valuations?

(Ahmed, 2017) built up a connection between idiosyncratic risks and markets returns. They utilized CRSP securities exchange information for every one of the stocks with the legitimate return and market capitalization information. The time frame for examination was from period of July 1962 to period December 1999. They found that the market return was decidedly identified with the slacked normal stock difference. The variances of the market, then again, did not have prescient power for the market return. The normal stock variances were determined each month as the similarly weighted cross-sectional normal of the differences of the stocks exchanged …

Liquidity Risk Management in Banks


Liquidity Risk Management in Banks is they case study that is solved by comparing the liquidity situation between HSBAC UK and JD Sports Fashion.

When companies are unable to satisfy the financial obligations on time or if business are only able to satisfy these obligations at a high cost, they have a liquidity risk. When it comes to managing liquidity risk, the goal is to ensure that the company can always meet its payment obligations while also managing funding risks within its risk aversion. The framework takes into account both on- and off-balance-sheet liquidity risk factors. In other words, liquidity risk refers to the danger of incurring losses because of a decline in our financial position, making it more …

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