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Investment Appraisal Techniques for Capital Investment Decisions

Investment Appraisal Techniques are used in making Capital Investment Decisions


Investment appraisal techniques are reliable sources of techniques for taking investment decision.  George Manly Plc is the organization of House Building Firms. This report will focus on the investment appraisal techniques used by George Manly Plc for decision making purpose of investment. Therefore, as a Senior Management Accountant of this firm, I will present this report to the Board of Directors regarding the investment appraisal techniques that will be used for talking investment decision in building house of 100 numbers by George Manly Plc in development site for the next four years. As a Senior Management Accountant of this firm, I would like to mention that there are different …

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Corporate Financial Analysis of Safestore Holdings Plc

Corporate Financial Analysis of Safestore Holdings Plc

For a critical analysis of the corporation’s financial performance, I have chosen Safestore Holdings Plc which is listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange. In this report, I will do an in-depth evaluation of alternative capital structure theories and their implications for Safestore. Here I will also analyze the recent investment activities taken by “Safestore” and its main competitor “Big Yellow Group Plc” during the past five years which has a direct impact on their business performance. Over the last five years, Safestore is reaching an excellent position in the capital market and its business is experiencing significant growth of double-digit. The total group revenue increased …

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Comparative Financial Analysis of Barclays Bank and HSBC Bank

For a critical analysis of the banking financial performance preparation, I have chosen Barclays Bank UK PLC which is a well known and very reputed bank of UK. In this report, I will try to conduct a critical analysis of capital adequacy, liquidity and asset quality ratios and all do some in-depth evaluation of different related theories and their implications for Barclays Bank. Here I will try to analyze the overall recent performance and analysis of the “Barclays Bank” and its main competitor “HSBC Bank” based on their past five years’ annual report. The continuous business activities of these banks have a direct impact on their business performance which reflects in their actions and works (Ab. Bari, 2018). So here …

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Ratio Analysis of Huntsworth Plc

Huntsworth is an open restricted organization headquartered in London and recorded on the London Stock Exchange. In this article, you will get the Ratio Analysis of Huntsworth Plc. Huntsworth is a social insurance correspondence and advertising bunch working from 62 vital workplaces in 29 nations giving administrations to 1, 870 customers. The gathering works in the shopper, monetary, open issues, coordinated medicinal services, and innovation parts and includes four divisions being Huntsworth Health, Grayling, Citigate, and Red. Huntsworth plc works as a human services correspondences and advertising organization in the United States, United Kingdom, rest of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and Africa. It works through four divisions: Huntsworth Health, Red Consultancy, Grayling, and Citigate Dewe Rogerson (CDR).…

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Impact of Changes in Economic Environment on Business

Understand The Impact of Changes in Economic Environment on Business

The Effects, of Changes in the Economic Environment: Economic changes have a significant impact on business organizations. It is a process of creating wealth in the country and maintains them properly without any damage or wastage. Economic environment analysis is very important for the organization to ensure its future prosperity, growth, and sustainability (Anon, 2017). The factors of the economic environment can influence business in global and national sectors which will describe more descriptively for the selected organization.

McDonald’s UK has faced various changes for economic environment change and struggles a lot to ensure its business sustainability and profitability. Those changes and effects are described below:


Inflation is known …

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