Sports Journalism on Social Media Platforms

Compare and contrast Chinese (Weibo) and Australian (Tweeter) sports journalism on social media platforms


Weibo became the most attractive as used platform for Chinese territory globally in response to the sports journalism along with all over social, national or international issues. (Thompson, 2005)On the other hand, the popularity of Tweeter tough its number of subscriber is less than the Weibo, but the popularity of Tweeter in global concern is more acceptable. In sports Journalism, Tweeter is also the great platform to react on the special kinds of games like it could be Cricket, football, Hockey; Athletics all over the sports journal are involved in Tweeter and using it more successfully to make report on any specific. The same practice …

Development of Intercultural Communication Skill

Development of Intercultural Communication Skill Over time

Intercultural communication refers to the communication with other cultures by understanding the norms, values, beliefs, thoughts, approach of those cultures. In response to this, the skills of the intercultural communication is referred to the skill requirement to know the other culture language, norms, values, standards, customs etc and the skill is required for the purposes of communication effectively in response to sharing information with the people from other culture and sharing the information from the other social group culture. Development of Intercultural Communication Skill depends on the cultural diversity and cross cultural adaption .

To development of the intercultural communication skill over time is the very important phenomenon because in this global world …

Intercultural Communication In Workplace

Intercultural Business Communication In Workplace


Communication is basically the exchange of information among the parties. In response to Intercultural Communication In Workplace, communication defines to exchange ideas, thoughts, business plan, business issues, business decision, and business file among employees internally, among other different stakeholders externally. From, other point of view, to increase interaction with the customer or to increase product promotion among customer, communication is the key process but the fact is it should be an effective commination (Wilson, 2017).  There are some basic principles of communication must be followed and there are some challenges as well which make the communication difficult and meaningless.

So, as a manager of Mr. Fishy Restaurant, I must have to play the role …

Communication practices of Mr Fishy Restaurant

Organizational communication is the part and parcel of each and every successful business. In each and every business organization it is important to exchange information, ideas, and views within and outside of the organization (Hunter, 2014). So the overall communication process inside and outside of the organization is known as organizational communication.

Communication practices of Mr Fishy Restaurant

It is one of the best ways of maintaining relations and a better information flow process among the employees, customers, and other related parties of the organization. Organizations need to focus on their goals depending on such successful communication with different respective groups of business (Hunter, 2014).

Communication practices of Mr. Fishy Restaurant

Overview of the case

As the fish and chips restaurant named Mr. Fishy was facing …

Overview of Business Communication

Overview of Business Communication

Business communication among employees or other stakeholders should be meaningful. The use of language in business communication should be a standard form of language like the English Language as the receiver can understand the message from the sender. In business communication, the format communication should be in writing for having proof of that communication to reduce the conflict. Email is the tool of using Witten communication by all parties involved in business communication. There are some barriers in business communication like Language barrier, cultural barrier, Workforce diversity, Using Jargon in communication, and Physical barriers. To overcome these barriers, there some strategies. It is recommended to use the common and simple language, Feedback from the receiver is …

Implications of Business Communication

Implications of Business Communication

1.0 Introduction

Sharing or exchanging information from one to another is called communication. The main objective of communication is to pass the information and the receiver should understand the information. In a company, communication means transferring information or exchanging messages between employees and different groups. In increase, the cooperation between the different departments in the organization communication plays vital roles (Marsha, S. 2007). The flow of information and sharing information helps employees to make a better relationship with different departments of the organization. An organization needs to make sure the better communication process in an organization because it helps the organization to make a better business decision (Rush, M., 2018). To ensure better communication and …

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