Breakdown in Communication in Restaurant

Breakdown in Communication in Restaurant


Breakdown in Communication in Restaurant may occur due to Language problem. language Problem is the fact for breakdown in the communication and this is the incident that is highlighted due to language barrier in and restaurant for food order between customer a restaurant boy. So, this study shows the types of communication like verbal, on verbal, written and visual. Moreover, it represents the seven elements of Dwyer’s key elements of communication process like sender, messages, communication channel, receiver, context, noise and feedback. Finally, it shows the effective communication strategies when language is barriers like using different sign, gestures and visual communication solve the incident.

Breakdown in Communication


The is incident is about the miscommunication while I had gone to a restaurant for taking my launch. In that case I ordered the restaurant boy to serve pizza, hot cake and desserts with mineral water. I found that he just served me pizza and mineral water. Then it seems to me he is not from my culture (American) may be he is the resident of this country (China) who is working in this restaurant. Then, I again asked for Hot cake, and I think he was not known about hot cake, he was talking about is it normal cake. I thought he has language barriers when he was talking it was not good enough English pronunciation. Then I thought I should skip it. Then I talk about desserts. He felt awkward. It seems it was something new or there are several meanings of desserts. Anyways, then I just asked for bill and came out from there.

1 ) Types of communication

Miscommunication is the huge gap between the sender and receiver where it must be known about the types of communication may use to communicate each other. So, the types or forms of communications are;

Verbal communication is the form of communication between the sender and receiver when they can communicate each other face to face, or telephonic conversation etc (Toopr, 2017). The incident that I am going to explain it is the form of verbal communication. An administrator needs to have great verbal communication skills abilities. A supervisor needs to deal with customer, clients or mass people & he should be able to communicate properly persuade the group of individuals in fulfilling the needs of them. Executives who deal with customer or meet as so many numerous of clients who are extraordinary regarding the personally behavior and talking aptitudes. In this way, Executives to require magnificent verbal relational abilities.

Non verbal communication is the form of communication as inter personnel communication where the looks, attitudes, behavior of the individuals are basically considered where it seems that first impression could be the best impression where one person sees the looks, attitude, way of talking that transforms an information data message about the personality of the individuals (Vairop, 2017). In that case, when I met the restaurant boy I thought he is a chinse man. So, it is general thought it will not be easy to communicate with him in English if I do not have skills to other forms of communication.

Written Communication is the form of communication by the means of emailing or chatting. In that case this option was not available (Bhasin, 2016).

Visual communication is the use of image, designs or animations to communicate if the ways of verbal or written communication is failed. In that case this option could be used by using the food menu photos asking for food menu images (Nayab, 2016).

2 ) Dwyer’s key elements of communication process:

  1. Sender
  2. Message
  3. Context
  4. Communication Channel
  5. Receiver
  6. Noise/Interference
  7. Feedback (Dwyer, 2011)

A sender of message is the person to send message to his or her receiver for getting feedback regarding the message. In this case, the sender is me who is sending message for food. It is likewise requiring the information data message, which is the data to be passed on. It is the case that is likewise needs to have context the information data message, that the message could be passed through a structure that can be sent, in that case I was sending the message of order for some foods like pizza, hot cake and desserts with mineral water.

A communication channel that is chosen is the media that is used for communication. Channels of correspondence incorporate of talking, as of video transmissions, composing, sounds transmissions, instant information data messages & faxes and electronic transmission through information data messages, even nonverbal correspondence. In that case, my first impression after seeing him it was he could be a Chinese man.

Breakdown in Communication in Restaurant

The receiver of message must almost certainly noise/interference the information data message, that may imply as rationally as handling the information data message as to comprehensions. As one can’t disentangle, the information data message fizzles. In this case, the way of communicating with the restaurant boy was failed just because of language barriers.

It is therefore, a receiver may give sender input, that is an information data message as sent by recipient to back to sender. In that case, his feedback was just asking a question is that normal cake, but it was not satisfied feedback to me. (Silverman, 2000)

So, the incident occurred just because of language barriers when each party was not able to understand each ways of language communications.

3 ) Effective communication Strategies

Communication is the demonstration of sending data by the means of verbal, no verbal, written or visual approach strategy. The Communication demonstrate has a sender of information data message who is sending the information data messages & receiver of information data message who is accepting information data messages. In the middle of, there is the ways of communication between the sender and receiver that is called process. If there is problem in the process or ways of communication, then it may arise other aspect of miscommunication. In that case the effective communication could be used as follows to solve the incident:

First of all, it should be used body gestures to communicate with the restaurant boy as there was language barrier, in that case bogy gestures like eyes expression, finger or hand expression or face expression could help to solve this case of language barriers. (Waterloo, 2015)

Secondly, it could be used different signs or symbols to communicate each other. (Vairop, 2017)

Thirdly, it could be used visual communication by asking for food images to the restaurant boy that can help them to have a successful communication. (panda, 2015)

Moreover, it could be given more concentration or focus on the issues of message, having positive attitude to response the message and of course give the feedback. (Ray, 2016)


Communication must have some barriers, language is one of them, but there must have known other forms of communication to make the communication successful. So, this study of Breakdown in Communication in Restaurant would help identify the communication gap.

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Breakdown in Communication in Restaurant

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