Bkash, Nagad and Rocket – New Rules from BB


From now on, the customer’s money in Bkash, Nagad and Rocket will not be handed over. This means that mobile phone financial services (MFS) companies will not be able to use the money deposited as customers. This was stated in the policy titled ‘Trust Fund Management’ of Bangladesh Bank on Thursday (May 8, 2021). According to the policy, the institutions have to deposit the entire amount of the customer’s deposit in the bank as a ‘Trust Fund’. The amount deposited in this fund cannot be less than the amount deposited as MFS of the customer.

Bkash, Nagad and Rocket - New Rules from BB

And the amount of e-money that MFS companies issue against the customer’s deposit cannot …

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Marketing plan of Saffron Ice Cream

Marketing is the set of activities that has an institution that processes, creates, communicates and delivers different offerings among its consumers, clients, partners, and society at large. Marketing also involves the activities by which an organization communicates and maintains a relationship with it is present and potential customers (Kotler, 2009). As I am working in The Saffron Ice Cream Company as a Junior Executive in the marketing department, I have to maintain good relations with its other functional units such as HR, Finance, Research, and Development, etc.

The main differences between B2B and B2C market is that B2B deals with business to business marketing abd B2C deals with Business to Consumer marketing. In Business to business marketing, it is …

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Different Sources of Law

Business world is very challenging and complicated. So to stay with full preparation and maintain a business properly it is important to learn about business law. As a responsible citizen of any independent country knowing about law and regulations are the duties of people. If the citizens know about law properly there less crime will take place (Abbott, Pendlebury and Wardman, 2013). The paper is focused on the discussion about different business organization, their formation, funding, dispute solving procedure and overall review of law and procedures and how they work. The paper is very beneficial to learn and understand the business law in a easy way with examples.

Explain different sources of law

There are basically six sources of law …

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Development of Employability Skill

Employability Skill

Self development and responsibility helps to increase the employability skill because self development is process of learning from various kinds of working module or working test in which a person has to involve in solving so many practical problems. Similarly, self responsibility is also a learning process that helps to increase work adaptability and create the habit of being responsible to finish a task from own responsibility.

Employability skill refers to the skill of an individual that could be played a vital role in job or employment sectors. The area of working with other people in a team, having good communication skill, being reliable and dependable in a team, and of course having the willingness to learn from …

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Management Accounting and Management Accounting Systems


In the competitive business environment organisation needs to make the right decision for the organisation to get the competitive advantages. Managerial accounting gives the important and relevant business information to the organisation so that they can make the right financial decision. Managerial accounting helps organisation to formulate the business strategy and prepare the budget for the organisation (Copeland, 2000).

On the other hand financial accounting helps organisation to keep the data, record the information for future use. Financial accounting provide financial information and management accounting analyse the financial information to make the right decision.

In response to budget retargeting, both organizations have perception on different basis. If comparing with previous year, it is seen that organizational expenditures is …

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