Challenges in Health Sector in Bangladesh

Question: Briefly identify major challenges in the health sector in Bangladesh. Do you think Covid-19 pandemic is a wake-up call for further emphasizing the overall development of the health sector in Bangladesh? If so then briefly identify five such areas with justification where further development is essential.

After independence in 1971, over 43 years, health sector of Bangladesh has established and transformed in many ways both in public and private sector. Bangladesh has now the best departments of cardiology, gynecology, gastroenterology, hematology and so on. Bangladesh is improving rapidly in other sectors like reducing maternal death in every year, increasing average life expectancy, and survives from viral diseases as for example malaria, tuberculosis, diarrhea and jaundice. However, Bangladesh has so …

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The Noise Reduction System

The Noise Reduction System: The Case in USA for Reducing External Noise and Enhancing Comfort

Introduction – The Noise Reduction System

It’s very astonishing how much foundation clamor our cerebrums can figure out how to sift through without us ever notwithstanding taking note. Pausing for a minute to focus on the capable of being heard, In all of a sudden wind up mindful of the sound of the fridge buzzing from the open kitchen, the compressed air brakes of the city transports underneath, and the substantial strides of my neighbors. The vast majority comprehend introduction to boisterous clamors can be harming to the delicate parts of your ear. Be that as it may, an ongoing New York Times article discloses …

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Volcker Rule Covered Funds

Volcker Rule Covered Funds and Volcker Rule Regulations

Executive Summary

The Volcker Rule (VR) intends to shield bank customers by shielding banks from making certain sorts of hypothetical endeavors. Along with Basel III and CCAR are also the regulatory frameworks that work on to provide restriction on particular activities that should not be practiced by the bank because overall the money of the customer should be secured and the deposit money security of the customer should be considered first. In market making the Volcker Rule Covered Funds has a great impact as it can establish the market efficiency.

Volcker Rule Covered Funds

Introduction – Volcker Rule Covered Funds

The Volcker Rule-VR is an administration bearing that all things considered limits banks from driving certain …

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Dividend policy of National Express

Dividend Policy of National Express: The factors affecting Dividend Payment

Dividend Policy

The concept of “dividend policy” means that the Company through the Board of Directors creates a specific dividend payment model for additional actions. In other words, the company’s dividend policy refers to the management’s perceptions and practices related to the dividend distribution in the form of dividend. These can be profits of the current year or accumulated profits from the past. Dividends are paid quarterly, half a year, or a year. When paid in a quarter or a half, they are considered a temporary dividend. Dividends are expressed as a percentage of the nominal value and are called dividend. When the dividend amount is expressed as a percentage …

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Corporate Governance Structure

1.0 Introduction

Corporate Governance is a set of rules and practices that companies use to guide their decisions and actions. As these laws determine the way the company decides to run, the management process has a great impact on the company’s performance. Small businesses using professional principles in the process of Corporate Governance Structure do not always have the highest profit or the highest value of securities and the execution of those who have other advantages. General observers consider stock prices as a measure of company performance. While previous studies have found that there is a positive relationship between corporations and corporate governance, these relationships do not always lead to higher stock prices. In fact, the USC study from financial …

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