Social Media and Social Relationship

In what ways Social media use impact offline social relationship


In view of the new mobile device and data correspondence innovation, Social media has significantly influenced the disconnected social relationship between individuals. Individuals use social networks to speak with the outside world, to get to data, and to construct and keep up an assortment of interpersonal relationships. The coming of cell phones in 2006 has prompted progressively broad utilization of Social media stages that empower people to associate with others while profiting from the portability given by the gadget (Serafinelli, 2017). Today, mobile phones are pervasive in numerous parts of the world, with an expected 2 billion clients around the world. Most research on mobile communications has investigated the …

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Sports Journalism on Social Media Platforms

Compare and contrast Chinese (Weibo) and Australian (Tweeter) sports journalism on social media platforms


Weibo became the most attractive as used platform for Chinese territory globally in response to the sports journalism along with all over social, national or international issues. (Thompson, 2005)On the other hand, the popularity of Tweeter tough its number of subscriber is less than the Weibo, but the popularity of Tweeter in global concern is more acceptable. In sports Journalism, Tweeter is also the great platform to react on the special kinds of games like it could be Cricket, football, Hockey; Athletics all over the sports journal are involved in Tweeter and using it more successfully to make report on any specific. The same practice …

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Development of Intercultural Communication Skill

Development of Intercultural Communication Skill Over time

Intercultural communication refers to the communication with other cultures by understanding the norms, values, beliefs, thoughts, approach of those cultures. In response to this, the skills of the intercultural communication is referred to the skill requirement to know the other culture language, norms, values, standards, customs etc and the skill is required for the purposes of communication effectively in response to sharing information with the people from other culture and sharing the information from the other social group culture. Development of Intercultural Communication Skill depends on the cultural diversity and cross cultural adaption .

To development of the intercultural communication skill over time is the very important phenomenon because in this global world …

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Cost Effectiveness of Warren Truss

Cost Effectiveness of Warren Truss and Solid Timber Glulam Beams

Five key issues

Warren Trusses are cost effective and globally well accepted. On the other hand Solid Timber Glulam is an innovative and versatile. By considering the both the followings issues can influence to take decision by analyzing the Cost Effectiveness of Warren Truss and Solid Timber Glulam Beams:

  1. Attractiveness of the structure issue

The issue of attractiveness is the prime concern area for the structure of roof. The attractiveness can be highlighted both the Warren Truss and Solid timber Glulam. But the key issue which material will increase the attractiveness because both the material has individual beauty from different point of view of Warren Truss and Solid timber Glulam …

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Planning and Control System

Planning and Control System of Treva Bike

Executive Summary

Treva Bike is the most popular bike in Europe and it has started its business in 1954. It has started its business with the introduction of the Bicycle which is in the format of regular model. The success history of the mountain model that it has captured the market of UK extensively and it was selling at £149 which is huge. It has helped the Treva Bike to be market leader for 40 years. At present in the current market philosophy, the Treva Bike is able to sale for its three types of Bicycles as 106,000 units per year. The plant layout of Treva Bike has several work centers with the …

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