Meaning of Ethics

Business ethics are very important for any organization. Business ethics are moral principles that guide the company to behave in an organized way. Before learning the importance of ethics in business one should know what business ethics is. It is the Business ethics is the study of appropriate business rules and regulations regarding potentially debatable issues, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities (De George, 1982). Business ethics are often guided by law and to gain public acceptance it provides a basic framework. Legal and ethical are two different terms but work together for guiding business operation structure. From this report, readers will be able to understand the …

Contextual Developments Influence HR Strategy

External and Contextual Developments which Influence HR Strategy

Human resource management is the process of maintaining the rules and regulations of the organization and interrelate them with human resources of the organization. It is a process by which organizations can get efficient and effective in their working process. The human resource management also helps to get the benefit from the organization and deal with different kinds of problems and inconvenience employees face in their workplace. By solving all of the problems and interacting with the employees they can ensure better outcomes for the organization and can form new and innovative strategic processes of work in the workplace (Arora, 2016).  It is important for each and every organization to increase the …

How Government Spending, Fiscal and Monetary Policy Impact on Business

How Government Spending, Fiscal and Monetary Policy Impact on Business

Identify the Impact of Government Spending On Business

The government is trying to exercise different economic policies which are influencing UK business organizations to gain better living standard and improve the growth for the sake of the country. Basically the government is spending to control inflation, improve employment facilities for better employment relations and overall economic growth (Ermolina, 2016). Fiscal policy is interconnected with changing government spending and taxations.

Government changes have various impacts on the McDonald’s company and its business operations at the local, national or EU level or international level. The spending of the government can change in various situations. If the McDonald’s demand falls it can also …

Understanding Employee Reward and Motivation Procedure

Understanding Employee Reward and Motivation Procedure

The human resource manager needs to Understanding Employee Reward and Motivation Procedure so that the right person get the promotion as a reward. Encourage or influence someone to behave in a certain way is known as motivation. Motivated and dedicated employees are the assets of an organization. The success of motivation depends on the uniqueness and diversity of involved groups of people. It is very important for the performance development of the employees to bring out the best outcome from them.

Assess the Link Between Motivational Theory and Reward

Reward means a gift or achievement of workers for their outstanding performance. It can be both financial and non-financial such as promotion, achievement praise, etc. …