Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items

Marketing Research on Publicity Policy: Advertising of Consumer Items

Background of the Research

Advertising as well as Publicity is the core mechanism in marketing research to attract the customer. The consumer items are the daily needs for the customer like food items, clothing items etc. In that context, three are too many businesses relating to these consumer items in the field of foods or clothing’s. Every company has their policy of Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items to attract the customer to make loyal to their product. Because, along with the potential customers, the loyal customer are the big asset for them to retain by different approaches or different services. There are too many options for the marketing people to …

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Marketing Mix of Costa Coffee

Marketing Mix Strategy of Costa Coffee


Marketing Mix of Costa Coffee is the research topic for emphasizing on the marketing strategies developed by the firm. Marketing Mix Strategy is the combination of 4P. These are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Background of Costa Coffee

The global renowned brand is Costa Coffee. It is globally recognized and reputed by its tremendous tastes of foods especially in the form of Coffee. It has started its operation since 1971 as the form of catering services. The operation of wholesale services in the form of catering became popular in London in the business of Costa Coffee. After the great success of it, it became the huge British Multinational Company. Former it was the …

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Marketing Strategy of Xiaomi

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix Strategy of Xiaomi


A marketing strategy is a company’s overall game plan for reaching out to individuals and converting them into clients of the company’s goods or services. The company’s “Marketing Strategy” includes the following elements: value proposition, key marketing message, target customer information, and more. The Marketing Strategy guides the market strategy, which is a document that specifies the kind and timing of marketing activity. Marketing Strategy of Xiaomi and Xiaomi’s Marketing Mix examines the brand/company and outlines the Xiaomi marketing strategy, which includes the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). Several marketing tactics, such as product/service innovation, marketing investment, and customer experience, have contributed to the brand’s growth. Marketing strategy aids businesses …

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Economy of Bangladesh

50 Years Economy of Bangladesh and GDP growth

50 years or even 25 years ago, Bangladesh has done better than expected in many areas of the economy. But it lags behind important indicators such as investment and employment. Economy of Bangladesh is always a prime thinking approach from global point of view.

It was very difficult to say in 1971 what the economy of Bangladesh would be like after 50 years. Almost everyone agreed that it would be difficult for Bangladesh to survive. But at that time Bangladesh was called that basket case or bottomless basket. The reason behind this was geopolitics more than economics.

Youst Faland of Norway was at the top of the list of skeptics of Bangladesh …

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IELTS Prize of British Council

British Council announces IELTS PRIZE

The British Council has organized a scholarship called IELTS Prize. The ‘IELTS Prize of British Council’ is an annual competition. The winners of the competition will receive a prize of  3,000 pound prize in their university tuition fees.

IELTS Prize of British Council

About British Council IELTS PRIZE

The IELTS Prize is given to high-achieving people who want to advance their careers by pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any field at a higher education institution anywhere in the globe that recognizes IELTS as part of its entrance requirements. The British Council is eager to support test takers who demonstrate the potential to contribute to society with what they have gained from their undergraduate or postgraduate study experience. While …

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