Managing Virtual Business

Managing Virtual Business is not easy task at all. It requires huge IT collaboration, IT investment and skilled manpower. This study is actually an Individual Case Study Analysis on digital business.  


ICT has changed so many things in business as well as business concept. From the beneficial impact of ICT, the concept of virtual business is introduced. Now, virtual business is an established concept. Investing in personalisation is a worthy to get better customer experience. Personalization is recommended for digital business platform because it is always important to deal with buyer behaviour while producing as well as distributing product or services through online business platform (Postma and Brokke, 2012). Managing a virtual business is not an easy task because …

Management Research and Learning

Management Research and Learning is the course module of MN7183. The research proposal for this Management Research and Learning module is on “Factors contributing to preferences for expensive English Medium Schools over Free Government Schools in Nepal”.

1.0 Background and Rationale:

From the mid-1980s, more rapidly in the 1990s, the proliferation of private English medium schools started in Nepal. Though income-poverty is/was stark in Nepal, there has not been a lack of the students to fill in the classrooms of such expensive schools both in urban centres such as in the Capital city of Kathmandu or district headquarters outside, both hills and plains. The new English medium schools did not replace the government schools, but two parallel schools’ systems continued. …

Personal and Professional Development Plan


This study of Personal and Professional Development Plan will be demonstrated to identify, focus and evaluate skills needed for professional growth with personal capabilities from that course context.  My chosen area or sector is financial sector in which I want develop my employability skill. So, I need to have good academic background, good academic knowledge, good academic score or grades. Moreover, I need to develop my personal skills as well as interpersonal skill where my personal capabilities will be utilized. Finally, I need to develop my professional skill which is highly related to employability skill.

So, this assignment will reflect on the skills, qualities, capabilities and competencies those are required under the development activities of Personal and Professional Development …

Comparative Marketing Mix Analysis

This whole study will focus on the Comparative Marketing Mix Analysis between DOVE and SURE.


The aim of this report is to make a comparative marketing mix analysis between DOVE and SURE in UK. DOVE and SURE is popular product used as bath product or deodorant. The market share of DOVE in UK is ranked as 2nd where as it is captured almost 30% market size of the total users in UK and trends in sales of DOVE is increasing since last 5 years (Mintel, 2019).Product of Dove is sold more than 190 countries. Comparatively, the market share of SURE in UK is ranked as 3rd  where as it is captured almost 25% market size of the …

Small Business Idea

Telltale Signs You Have a Profitable Small Business Idea

We all have terrible business ideas at least once in a lifetime.  Whether it was to provide a service or sell a product, we hoped that our idea would make us rich. Of course, it shouldn’t go without saying that most ideas aren’t worth much. But now and again comes an idea that can bear fruit. So how are you supposed to know whether or not you’ve struck oil? Use this article to explore the telltale signs you have a profitable small businesses or SME ideas.

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What makes a business profitable

While businesses can vary drastically from one another, the things that draw

Why submission of assignment is important

Why submission of assignment is important for your study in the universities?

The importance of assignment has been widely acknowledged within Higher Education Institutions. The reason why Why submission of assignment is important will be addressed in this article.


Assignment submission is the measurement of student progress regarding the class lecture. The purpose of this assignment is to focus on the importance of assignment submission for university students and identifying the key benefits which must help in study.

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Key points

Assignment submission is a basic criteria in University studies and this guidelines of assignment submission is given by the class lecturers.  Lecturers should give students assignment for the following purposes (Kurtus, 2012):

  • To improve
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