Impact of Autocratic Leadership

Impact of Autocratic Leadership: Would a move away from autocratic leadership decrease labor turnover at Nantong Tiannan Hotel?

Executive Summary

Autocratic Leadership work environments usually do not give more room for flexibility of the decision of the leader and the leader decision is the final decision all the time. The idea of the Business owners regarding the autocratic work environment is to use such management style to ensure the matter of consistent manner in the working process and to make the Policies from the central point, and guidelines will be provided from the central point. Thus all these circumstances are the natural extensions of an autocratic leader. The rules of autocratic leadership help enforce the leader’s management style to take …

Microsoft Power BI certification

Details of Microsoft Power BI, its usage and certification

Microsoft Power BI certification is an analytical course that promotes a user-friendly business analytics solution that allows even non-engineers to create customisable dashboards that present data in a meaningful and interpretation format.

Defining Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytical tools that can be used to service provided by Microsoft in the enterprise as the means of providing interactive visualizations services with business intelligence capabilities as well as the intelligence in the analysis of business performance in the long run even in the short run where end users as well as the stakeholders  can create reports and dashboards by themselves to get the matter of information for themselves  …

Law of Outer Space

The law of outer space an experience in contemporary law-making

The law of outer space has created as a group of law inserted inside overall population worldwide law. There is currently a considerable collection of law managing numerous parts of the utilization and investigation of space, basically classified in and prove by Treaties, UNGA goals, national enactment, choices of national courts, two-sided courses of action, and conclusions by Intergovernmental Organizations.

Law of Outer Space

In that case, need to establish an international court to adjudicate on legal issues concerning outer space is that the use of worldwide law and the advancement of universal co-task and comprehension in space exercises, the spread and trade of data through transnational direct TV broadcasting by means of satellites …

Concept Stage of a Project

The concept stage of a project management

Concept stage of a Project analysis:

Why is the concept stage of a project is so important to the project’s success?

The concept stage of a project is the planning phase that shows the way of guideline or roadmap to the accomplishment of the project, that’s why the concept stage is so important.

What information do you need to gather in the scoping phase?

It is required to understand the project life cycle along with the roles and responsibilities of the project manager. Moreover, it is required to define the tools used for the project scope management.

What issues are likely to come up in concept stage of a project?

The issues of …

Human Resource Accounting

Implications of Human Resource Accounting

Definition of Human resource accounting

Human resource accounting is accounting and recognition of expenses related to employees of the organization and involves costs related to recruitment, selection, training, hiring etc. It enables management to properly plan and budget for training and other services for the human resource. It measures the cost related to the human resource of the organization.

Objectives of Human resource accounting

  • The objectives of Human resource accounting are as follows –
  • Measuring cost related to the human resource of the organization
  • Enabling management to properly plan and budget for training and other services for the human resource.
  • To ensure proper utilization of resources is done or not.
  • Increasing awareness and value about

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure depends on the customer choice, marketing strategy, environmental factors, brand paranoia and market changes. So, it is very much important to consider while doing branding strategy.

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure

Factors Affecting Brand Success

 The Factor of Customer Choice

Choice of Customer is the great factor behind the success of the brand launching. There are so many segmentation aspiration related to the customer choice in the area of cultural segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychological segmentation, preferential segmentation etc. The purchasers’ approach that uncovers three focal drivers of presentation: financial aspects, social, and clients’ propensities. Financial aspects factors are identified with the affiliation endeavoring to base on the correct customers, whose profile has been …

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