Female Inmates in Prison

How Comfortable is a Prison for Female Inmates in Bangladesh?


Female Inmates in Prison is very concerning issue in recent times because female inmates are often harassed, and jail officials extort payments from inmates. Punishment refers to using coercive power to impose the country’s law, which is one of the components of modern society. The government has a responsibility to provide an utterly peaceful civilization and way of life. Because of the lack of justice, the legislation loses its force, resulting in a culture being unable to maintain sequence and officials being unable to protect its citizens.

Nonetheless, people often question reparative methods to regulate crime, including reforming prisoners, fundamental human rights. According to psychotherapists, criminologists, and physiologists, can …

Hosting World Cup

Hosting FIFA World Cup on the basis of Economic, Environmental and Social Perspective


The World Cup is called for the fact that it is a worldwide competition. The term “world” is derived from the Old English word “woruld,” which means “humanity.” The term “cup” is derived from the Old English word “cuppe,” which means “small vessel for holding liquids.” A trophy featuring a sculpture carrying a big cup was the initial reward for winning the World Cup. The Hosting World Cup by FIFA is an international football event held every four years among senior men’s domestic leagues from nations that are participants of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, the championship’s administrative organization (FIFA). Every championship draws millions of …

Legitimacy Theory in Accounting

Legitimacy Theory

The legitimacy theory in accounting is the social economic variables of sustainability accounting legality into the fields of business that rules the accuracy of professionalism, duties responsibility of accountants with integrity truthfulness and fairness in the world of enterprises corporate governance. New policies and interpretations of accounting standards and framework that regulates the accounting practice can be subject to violation that could lead to comprehensive case of termination from job field if found in position of extortion that threatens to expel or widens risk of criminal offense invasion of tax as one of the key indicators of breach of law or legitimacy.

The rules and laws set up by legal commissioning authorities to regulate the accounting firms and …

Institutional Theory in Accounting

Institutional theory

Institutional theory is an accounting system whereby the functional and regulatory objectives and tools or mechanism stands from a functional economic structure to a contemporary economic reform. It discusses or it involves the engineering dynamics of accounting, classification, the various phrases of accounting, inner activities, problem solving, decision making and active prevention methodologies from accounting imperialism. Institutional Theory in Accounting is the actual practice of information technology into accounting practice that determines the core allocation of data and records of numerology that undermines the whole functionality of accounting regulatory process.

The main problem that lies with the theory of accounting and the practice is of irrationality, misquotation and missing information in the reports, analysis and research provided by …

Relationship Marketing

Evaluate the role of data in improving relationship marketing, for managing customer expectations and service excellence


Relationship marketing refers to building a sustainable relationship with the valued clients in the market for the longer period of time. Marketing is an action assisting a company to pinpoint the aspirations, preferences, the needs towards their products’ offering and the company. They involve themselves to collect information and data regarding the customers through surveys, interview, or any other means to satisfy the customers’ need and deliver the most suitable products to satisfy their customers need. However, marketing managers require formulate different tactics to gather the data regarding the prospective markets and make strategies and plans to address those issues and demand as …

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Companies in the United Kingdom and the United States rely heavily on 18-wheelers to move goods throughout the country. As a result of their size and complexity, these trucks are among the hardest vehicles on the road to run. For even the most experienced truck drivers, simple moves like lane switching, braking, and turning are nearly impossible due to the sheer weight and size of the vehicles. Despite the many safety measures in place for 18-wheelers and their drivers, commercial vehicle accidents can result in significant injury or even death when drivers fail to comply to these protocols. 18-wheeler accident victims have been helped by the 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer at Clifford Chance Law Firm for more than two decades. …

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