Currency Union

New Zealand should form a currency union with Australia

A currency union can be entitled to could produce productivity margin as well as productivity gains. It is the concept of sharing the single currency by a group of countries to get some benefits in the area of exchange rate mechanism whether it will be useful to reduce transaction cost, cost of deviation between currencies, favorable market for the exporter or importer.  On the other hand, it is the matter of threat for the individual monetary policy or the use of fiscal policy by own country.

The first myth is that dollarized using Australian dollar, there would be the matter of strategies that must be employed as well as applied …

Domestic Violence on Women

Domestic Violence on women and how it can be addressed


Domestic violence is an international issue that cuts beyond country borders and economic, social, ethnic, cultural, and political divides. This dilemma is geographically widespread, but it often occurs, rendering it a regular and recognized practice. Domestic violence on women is prevalent, firmly embedded, and has significant health and well-being consequences for women. It’s ethically unacceptable to keep it going. Peoples, healthcare institutions, and the community all pay a high price for it. No other significant public health issue, on the other hand, has been so extensively neglected and misunderstood. It harms female’s physical and emotional health, as well as their sexual and reproductive health. Injuries, gynecological issues, permanent or …

Adapting to New Technology in the Workplace

Adapting to new technology in the Workplace including Ecommerce and Social Media platforms


As new advancements emerge regularly, technology is constantly changing. Technological goods evolve, as do how they are employed. To continue in the company, one must keep up with technological advances significant to the industry (Hasgall & Ahituv, 2018). Adapting to new technology in workplace provides a competitive edge to corporate management. This is relevant not just on an organizational and individual level but also on their entire organization. An administrator who can successfully understand and apply the newest technological advancements has an advantage over other managers (Lew, Kim, et al., 2019). Technological innovation may have a significant impact on the company. Even the methods people do …

David Jones Business Strategy

Executive Summary of David Jones Business Strategy

David Jones plays a health and health business, called clinic that offers health checks. DJ also works with financial services that works with American Express. The company has a headquarters in Sydney.  As a team specialist, everyone will work to provide you with tools and resources to reach our vision for David Jones that it is the best place to shop. Considering David Jones Business Strategy, David Jones can sell their products at a higher price than their affiliates. He has invested heavily in customer service to attract and retain customers that support him, even during low demand. In addition, the company has one of the largest brands in the meat industry to …

Ethical Decision Making Model Counseling

Ethical Decision Making Model Counseling

Introduction: Ethics refers to the moral development to the individual behavior regarding what is right or what is wrong. (Baase 2006) Ethical rights are referred to the moral rights about keeping the connection between what is good and what is bad, moral rights in relation to the work you create, right to be recognized, or named by the way of work, never do hurts reputation, keep respect on moral rights for lifetime. (Andre 2011) If the matter of managers ethical decisions and ethical decision making model counseling, affecting the organizations and both internal and external stakeholders if they will immediately develop and preinstall software that would allow parents to monitor and selectively limit children’s smartphone …

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Project managers are the main figures of the construction project team. Without the project manager, the team will fail. The Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction is identical because they need to engage in planning, hiring, firing, goal setting, monitoring, conflict management etc.


The project manager must not only plan his work, but also show the team’s responsibilities. The full project manager must preview and define the tasks to be performed for the proposed project. The responsibilities of the project managers include:

·         Organizing the work for the whole team

·         Value of value

·         Prepare a delivery schedule as a roadmap for the construction team

·         After project, …

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