Organizational Change Management

Task 1 – Organizational Change Management and Major Fundamental Shift in the Nature of Organizational Change

The study of Organizational Change Management, Major Fundamental Shift in the Nature of Organizational Change and the areas of organizational change is imperative to to discuss.


This bureaucracy is “normal” in response to the service of prominent classes such as public affairs management in a regime that is always supposed to take care of its condition because this is not just a part of the class, when a social power balance allows it to sustain some of its advantages, thus getting autonomy. Power settings are always determined by social communication configurations. In the short run, the bureaucracy with aspect to the special authority …

New Zealand Transportation

New Zealand Transportation

The role of the New Zealand Transportation governed by the government is to improve the overall transport system including the road, air, rail, marine. It requires a huge range of  by the New Zealand’s government from New Zealand Transportation governed by the government to extend the scope of improvement in this sector by proper planning and funding activities, along with this it require the supporting of public transport to build as well as improve the overall communication system.  The role of the New Zealand Transportation governed by the government to provide the road safety in the driving circumstances, efficiency in freight system, effective and efficient driver,  and public transport effectiveness. In a broader context, The transport system …

BECKER Whose Side Are We On

Literature Review of “BECKER Whose side are we on”

It is more or less clear that if the researchers do not take the one side for justifying the issue, then the concluding remarks could not be submitted by him and then it will be very difficult to draw the concluding remarks.  There are some issues of biasness regarding taking the side of whom. From ethical point of view, it is very much clear that researchers will take the side on the basis of ethical dimension that means he or she will take side of legal law, legal right as he can compare between what is right or wrong. Now back to the Becker point of view to his article, it …

Leadership and Motivation


Leadership is the mechanism to lead from the front.  Motivation is the factor that helps an employee to increase the interest of working and increase the dedication to the work. Leadership and Motivation is interrelated and complementary. So, this study would show the leadership and motivation interrelation within cultural diversity.


The aspect of leadership is the key factor for managing official norms, values, ethics etc. In the pattern of organizational behavior or in the sense of human resource management the role of the leadership is the vital factor. Leadership is the mechanism to lead from the front. In this competitive world where people from different world are working for the betterment of a company or contributing for the …

Hospitality Experience


The industry of Hospitality is the broad market in the service sector in the area of tourism industry including the theme parks, event planning, cruise line etc. A hospitality unit could be the dimension of a hotel, amusement park, restaurant where multiple groups are engaged to provide the hospitality facility through internal external customer strategy along with the proper management operations strategy to make lucrative this sector in the form of providing services. Hospitality experience is a big deal to provide satisfactory service to the tourist as the tourist may get full support from the service provider. Here, operation management is also involved to deal with tourist to consider their security as well as comfortable issue.

Role of Hospitality

Environment Analysis

Environment Analysis of Perfect Potion

Introduction and Background

Environment Analysis is conducted for understanding the business political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal issues. This study would focus on the Environment Analysis of Perfect Potion. Perfect Potion is an Australian private company from Banyo, Brisbane. It basically produces aromatherapy kinds of products. (PerfectPortion, 2018)The range of the product of Perfect Portion includes hair herbal and face herbal products, essential oils, natural remedies and herbal products for face skin etc. The Perfect Potion team is dedicated as well as goal oriented for creating innovative products, innovative as well as creative natural cosmetics that not only good for the body, for the mind, and for the spirit of life, but also having …

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