Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester | A Sophisticated Instrument by ChiuVention


HydroBurst Burst Strength Tester is using the hydraulic bursting (diaphragm method) which is designed for the burst strength and expansion of knitted, woven, non-woven, laminated, elastic woven fabrics and paper. This evaluation is done under stress in warp and weft directions as well as in other directions to determine burst strength of the material. This instrument is also referred to as the BS tester or Mullen Burst Tester and is widely used for the burst tests on fabrics as well as papers. TESTEX is a reputable producer in Burst Strength Testers, offering hydraulic and pneumatic bursting strength testers meeting different standards, such as GB/T 7742. Some of the current standards for the centrifuge include ISO 13938-1:2005, ISO 13938-1:2019, ASTM D3786/D3786M-18, and others.

Bursting Strength Tester


Smart Instrument

This advanced Burst Tester features the possibility of connection with mobile devices and remote control and actual monitoring of the testing process. Users can quickly access and print burst strength test results, receive equipment notifications, and share the testing progress with one click.

Smooth Operation, Precise, and Durable

The Burst Tester utilizes hydraulic actuation accompanied by a full offer control and a screw type drive. These components ensure the smooth, long-lasting and noiseless operation in a tester and hence makes the tester to be efficient and quality testing instrument.

High-Precision Testing

This BS Tester is supplied with a HVLP Pressure Sensor and provides a high degree of accuracy with an error of ± 0. This is equivalent to two percent of the coverage offered by the largest range in the distribution of food prices. This makes it possible to obtain highly accurate and reliable test results with regard to burst strength.

Longer Service Life of Sensors

Replacing testing cups in the Mullen Burst Tester is easy since this equipment uses Panasonic laser displacement sensors without rods. This design minimizes the probability of the sensor getting damaged and thus the sensors have a longer lifespan compared to the rod-type sensors.

Automatic Testing Improves Efficiency

Testing is done fully at the automated level. In the burst strength test, the protective cover lowers to compress the BS tester cup and raises after the test. This automation of the process improves on work output, and reduces on potential harm that working with hand often presents.

Smart Identification System for Testing Cups

The system has a feature of detecting the current BS testing cup model and sets the testing parameters for that particular model. This smart identification greatly enhances the efficiency of the working process. Moreover, The HydroBurst BS Tester has a Steel Plate Shell but employs electrostatic spraying to provide a glossy, sleek finish as well as an aluminum frame, thus minimizes the total weight of the machine.

Customer Feedback on the Bursting Strength Testing Machine

Bernard, Textile Science and Technology Research Institute, France

We have been buying textile test instruments from other renowned manufacturers, but in this case, we have come to realize that ChiuVention offers practically similar services in a more economical manner. Since its installation, they have been very consistent using the HydroBurst and it has been a very stable unit. This model has the quality I was used to with the high-end brands of burst strength testers that we have bought before, but without the exorbitant prices. This inform us that it is a good investment we can make for our institute. Further, the smart features including remote monitoring and one click share of test results convenient the working of the company. We also have noted with satisfaction the durability of the machine as well as the level of precision which has impressed us.

Amalia, Home Textile Dyeing and Finishing Company, Indonesia

Having a local agent in Indonesia has helped us for after-sale services because now we don’t have to worry about the distance from ChiuVention. They are very important when sustaining 24/7 operations and for addressing any maintenance problems as and when they occur. Currently, the HydroBurst fulfills all our needs in numerous fields, such as precision, performance, and it is quite affordable. Some of the automation provided in the machine include the lowering and raising of the protective cover to conduct tests hence cutting down the amount of time spend and effort made in testing. Furthermore, the smart identification system of the testing cups has also helped save a lot of time and has made it easier to sort the cups and make adjustments swiftly without interference from any human operator. All in all, it was obvious that the HydroBurst has turned out to be useful asset to our testing apparatuses.

Specifications of Bursting Strength Tester



Model No. CV.142.01 CV142 HydroBurst Bursting Strength Tester
Testing Modes Fixed-speed bursting, fixed-pressure bursting, fixed-expansion bursting, fixed-time bursting
Measurement Range 0-10 MPa ±1% (with test cup ≤ 10cm²)

0-3 MPa ±1% (with test cup = 50cm²)

0-1 MPa ±1% (with test cup = 100cm²)

Testing Rate 50-500 ml/min
Hydraulic Medium 7.HY.004 glycerin 500ml/1 pc
Test Cup Mode and Fixture Dimensions Test Cup 1 (Standard): 7.3cm² (Dia. 30.5mm ±0.2mm)

Lower Fixture Base 1 (Standard): 7.3cm² (Dia. 30.5mm ±0.2mm)

Test Cup 2 (Optional): 7.55cm² (Dia. 31mm ±0.2mm)

Lower Fixture Base 2 (Optional): 7.55cm² (Dia. 31mm ±0.2mm)

Test Cup 4 (Optional): 10cm² (Dia. 35.7mm ±0.2mm)

Lower Fixture Base 4 (Optional): 10cm² (Dia. 35.7mm ±0.2mm)

Test Cup 5 (Optional): 50cm² (Dia. 79.8mm ±0.2mm)

Lower Fixture Base 5 (Optional): 50cm² (Dia. 79.8mm ±0.2mm)

Test Cup 6 (Optional): 100cm² (Dia. 113mm ±0.2mm)

Lower Fixture Base 6 (Optional): 100cm² (Dia. 113mm ±0.2mm)

Test Diaphragm (Optional) Dia. 148 mm * 1.6 mm (10 pcs/box)
Maximum Expansion Height 65 mm ±1 mm (with test cup of 50cm²; also usable for 70 mm ±1 mm)
Operating Environment Temperature: 20°C ±5°C

Humidity: 50%~70%

Installation Conditions Air supply pressure of 5~8 bar (ensure air is clean and dry)
Power 220V 5A / 110V 10A 50/60Hz
Weight 130 kg
Dimensions (LWH) 830500660 mm
Standards Compliance FZ/T 01030-2016 Method B

GB/T 7742.1-2005

ISO 13938-1-2019

ASTM D3786/D3786M-18 (2023)

EN 12332-2-2002

Application of Bursting Strength Tester

  • Truck Covers: They maintain the right texture and the strength needed in fabrics used to make the truck covers.
  • Trampoline Fabrics: Designed to assess the ability of trampoline materials to withstand consequential pressure.
  • Swimming Pool Covers: This evaluates the durability of fabrics on pool covers.
  • Compactor Curtains: Structural integrity of materials used in making the compactor curtain is tested based on burst strength.
  • Agricultural Bagging: Checks the durability of the fabrics used in Produces agricultural bags for tension and load.

Test Principle of Bursting Strength Tester

  • Specimen Fixation: The material specimen is firmly mounted on a flexible plastic sheet.
  • Hydraulic Squeezing: This creatively captures the essence of the film and is metaphorically done by pumping hydraulic pressure into the material causing it to expand to the point of bursting.
  • Pressure Measurement: To calculate the burst strength of the sample, total pressure needed to expand the sample film is subtracted by the pressure applied to compact the film.
  • Result Analysis: This pressure difference represents the expansion strength of the fabric and gives a fairly accurate measure of its burst strength.

Significance of the Bursting Strength Test of Fabric

  • Comprehensive Strength Evaluation: Bursting strength test is also different from tensile strength tests where separate tests for warp, weft and diagonal have to be carried out while the bursting strength test covers all directions at once. This is more relevant to fabrics such as knitted fabrics and laces which seldom develop a flat or plain surface.
  • Practical Relevance: Fabric is subjected to multidirectional stress in many practical applications. The bursting strength test is more applicable in testing these conditions since it is an indicator of the ability of the fabric under real use.
  • Efficiency: Compared to tensile strength tests, the bursting strength test reduces testing time and costs since a single test determines the strength of the fabric.
  • Suitability for Various Fabrics: This mode of test is most applicable on materials that elongate and contract in one direction other than being stretched perpendicularly to their surface such as weft knitted fabrics which may require tensile test.

HydroBurst Bursting Strength Tester by ChiuVention is user-friendly, accurate, and economical equipment for determining the burst strength of virtually any material. It is self-sufficient, accurate, and well-built, which improves operating productivity and reliability for the photonicianst. Commonly applicable in various sectors including textile and paper industries for evaluation on fabric and paper respectively, it complies with many international standards; it is therefore crucial equipment for quality control and material characterization. Feedback from customers for this product affirm that it is extremely stable, user-friendly, and very affordable, which make it one of the most reliable and high performing testing instruments in today’s market.

Bursting Strength Tester

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