Do You Want to be a GOOGLE INTERN?

GOOGLE INTERN and CAREER: Large multinational companies or software companies (e.g., Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) offer internships for engineering students. Opportunities are provided not only for engineering but also for other sectors like business or other sectors. And in this internship, first year or second year students studying in varsity get the opportunity to do internship in this big company.

Google Internship

Not only first year or second year students get the offer of internship but many graduates or PHD holders get this opportunity. There is an opportunity for everyone in the world to do this internship and of course it is a great opportunity for everyone. Depending on the company, there is an opportunity to do internship throughout the year, twice or thrice a year.

Scholarships for GOOGLE INTERN and CAREER range from a maximum of 6,000 to a minimum of 3,000. Today I will only discuss the internship of Google’s software engineer. Google usually offers 6 categories of internships.

1. Software Engineering Internship

2. STEP (formerly Engineering Practicum)

3. User Experience Internship

4. Associate Product Manager Internship

5. Mechanical Engineering Internship .

6. Hardware Engineering Internship

In order to get an internship under GOOGLE INTERN and CAREER in Google’s software engineer, you must study computer science or work in this related field or have work experience. There is an offer of STEP internship for the first and second year students of the varsity. Location 3 means you can do an internship in these 3 countries (USA, Canada, Singapore).

Apart from this, there are some other countries, but these 3 are the best for Asia. Anyone in the first or second year of varsity can get the opportunity of this internship but before that you must know the system of software well and have a good knowledge about algorithms. C, C ++, JAVA, HTML, API, TCP or IP, Python, SQL, CSS, JavaScript and / or Unix / Linux. These topics need to have a basic clear concept.

There is no reason to be afraid, you don’t have to know all these gula very well, but in a very good way you have to have the basic concept of 4-5 hours.

Every year more than 50,000 – 1 lakh people apply for internships out of which more than 15,000 ++ people are selected in all categories.

Therefore, the chances of internship are much higher. When applying online, make sure your CV, as well as other documents and cover letters are informative. After verifying your initial application, if they like it, they will mail you and sit down with you for a preliminary interview. And for this, first you have to make your CV or Resume well, as well as you have to have a good knowledge about this. Dan, they will talk to you through video conferencing, as well as clear their ideas about your skills. If you like talking to them, then they will host an online programming contest. It may vary from person to person as to what the contest will be, but usually 75% of people challenge Google online. Google Online Challenge will ask you two questions or give you two codes. Each code will have a time of 30 minutes, so you have to do the code in 1 hour or 60 minutes.

Before Google’s online challenge, you will be given a challenge ID from Google as well as a passkey. And this coding is usually on the Hackerearth platform. Usually they can ask you (Array, Dp, Recursion, Trees, String Manipulation as well as these related important questions). If you succeed in this step, they will discuss it with you again and then offer you an internship. And of course it will be a great pride for you as well as a different experience. The reason is that you will do this internship in Google’s office, work with them.

A good relationship will be created with everyone and you will be caught on Google for 3 months and since this is also a job, you will get money every month and if you do a good internship, they will keep you, but of course it depends on your work field and your understanding with them So you will also get a permanent job at Google. Hopefully, the concept of internship has been cleared. And yes, there are 2 or 3 seasons of internship every year. Now most likely the application is open for Summer, those who have the above qualifications can apply for Summer.

Good luck to everyone.

Link of Google’s internship application, (https: // Company = YouTube …)

if this link does not work ( com / students /)

You can apply online by visiting this link. 


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