Professional Skills in the Digital Age

The Internet is the most amazing invention of science. It is a network system that connects the whole world globally. It has a great impact on business development as well as social development. From education to business life, the importance of the internet cannot be explained in a single word. Here, in this article, we will critically analyze the Professional Skills in the Digital Age.

Integrated Professional Skills in the Digital Age

The Internet is a way of getting connected with the whole world for sharing information, knowing the news around the world, getting ideas of recent developments all around the world. Now it is a matter of time to be connected with anyone from anywhere. The world is in our hands just because of the internet as we get everything just in one click. The fact is that the invention of the internet is like a blessing for us but there are also threats to it as the use of the internet is not fixed to a positive mindset. Some people are using the internet negatively, or some people are getting affected by using the internet. So, it is not like that internet has made our life so easy and comfortable but to some extent, the internet has a negative impact on business and society also. It is becoming a threat day by day. On the other hand, there have also so many measures to keep the privacy secured and avoid the extended use of the internet that will not hamper the regular social of business life (Francis, 2010).Professional Skills in the Digital Age

The positive and negative use of the Internet to businesses and society

From a Business Point of view, the Internet has made the business easy and more competitive. The positive use of the internet to business means using internet services to extend business services, earn a profit, and continue the business operation for a long time. The fact is that the Internet has changed the concept of business to operate and has made a progressively effective market. So, the positive use of the Internet to businesses are given below:

Improved communication

From thousands of internet communication tools like Emails or mobile apps like Whatsapp have made business life extremely easy and make the communication system fast also. To communicate with employees of the business, customers of the business and business delegates smoothly are much needed because they are the most important part to develop and operate the business successfully. From that context, the internet has improved business communication globally (GradesFixer, 2018).

Easy marketing of products and services

By using internet services, businesses can reach local customers very easily and of course, it comes easy to create global customers when the business has owned a business website for sharing business product and services information, features, and other benefits.


Telecommuting is an option of working at home by the employees that are offered by the employers of the organization by using the equipment. The ultimate benefit of telecommuting is to reduce the expenditure of business where the cost of transportation and the cost of lunch could be reduced and most importantly it saves the space with rental cost as no need for space for employees just because of telecommuting option. Moreover, telecommuting provides the freedom to the employees as they do not have to manage office time and they can fix the time as per their comfort time zones (Singh, 2016).

Data Storage and Retrieval

The Internet has given the space of cloud memory for data storage whereas the cloud computing-based software systems are more significant for data storage of many companies. It is not necessary to have physical spaces to store business data attaching so many documents, files, and other particulars but the internet has given access to store as well as use the data sources quickly from cloud-based memory systems from anywhere. Therefore, the internet has reduced the cost of data storage by introducing Cloud storage and makes the data storage system easy for a company.

Using Digital Advertising

By using the internet, businesses extended their advertising policy in the digital market and the business is more able to attract customers from digital platform advertising. The company’s business websites, social networking pages, and SEO has made the business easy to reach potential customers all over the world (Leonard, 2010).

In contrast, the negative use of the Internet to businesses is affected by the business operation and sometimes it becomes a threat for businesses to survive just because of cybercrime. The following points are the negative use of the Internet to businesses:

Poor Impersonality

In a digital market place, it is seen that while a customer is ordering a product by using the internet, he or she is not getting that particular product for which he or she is paid. This is totally a symptom of poor impersonality and it is totally unethical. It is bad as well as the negative use of the internet by business to cheat or fraud with the customer. The bad impact of it is that customer will lose their trust from online shopping and the online business platform will be in huge trouble (Amedie, 2015).

Increased Unnecessary Competition

In a digital market place, there too many online stores and online shopping websites. Among them, there are so many unnecessary online stores and using it to fraud with a customer and getting benefitted while they are taking money from a customer without delivery of the product or even delivering a poor product. This is unethical and ultimately it is also a threat from online business development.

Worrying security and hacking problems

People involves business and when they are using the internet, then security issue becomes a prime focus from them as they may face the problem of hackers. Business people have to maintain internet banking account, credit cards, business data with passwords and so many sensitive information of are locked up with passwords in computer system, or internet network system, but the threat exists when threat is a problem of hacking that important information, id or passwords by the hackers and it could finish the entire business (GradesFixer, 2018).

From society’s point of view, the positive use of the internet to society is the development of so many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. Societies around the world are getting closer by using the internet as they can share information, view news of other societies within a short time for one click.  Moreover, the internet has increased social interaction with different communities on social networking websites or media.  So, the positive use of the Internet to societies are given below:

Build a social relationship around the world

The Internet has opened opportunities to be connected with other societies and their cultures and also helped to build social relationships with others on the internet. In that case, social media are the platform for increasing social interactions. Internet added values to interact and introduce each other and diminishes the geographical barriers between people. The Internet is considered as a big village where so many social networks like Facebook, Twitter is helping to build relations among the writers, artists, programmers, students,  designers, and other professional people (Lad, 2017).

Consistent Social Development

Internet influences the factors of social interaction by developing trustworthiness in social media. The Internet has created a new era of online shopping, online marketing, online jobs, online banking, e-wallet, e-banking, mobile wallets and these are helping the societies to explore new services by using the platform of internet. The Internet is also increasing the living standard and making the life of society easier. With the combination of communication methods, society’s interaction among the people around the world is increased and it is almost consistent in creating consistent social development.  The Internet has given the freedom of so many options to share feelings on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and it is considered as the positive impact of the internet in creating a new way for consistent social development (C. John Samuel, 2017).

In contrast, the negative use of the Internet to society is affected by personal relations, family problems and sometimes it becomes the scenario of personal information hacking that may lead to social disorder. So, the negative use of the Internet to societies are given below:

Social disorder Increased

Nowadays, taking selfies in each and every moment has become a new trend and the extent of taking selfies is increasing day by day. This is almost measured as the criteria of social disorder and mental disorder. In Facebook, the sharing of personal events, personal information, and even the daily activities are increasing at a large scale. From one side it could be thought that people are becoming the part of society by sharing personal events news and information but that fact is that this shared of personal information is also another sign of social disorder and mental order.

Social Gap increased

People are busy sharing information, photos, and events on social networking sites but the scenario is that while they are busy in the internet platforms to social networking sites, they are not interacting with people physically. As a result, face to face communication or face to face interactions between two people is decreasing.  Like, comment and share in social media are not the basic norms of social relations, rather it must have physical communication to build social relations, and the otherwise social gap among the society’s people will be increased (Butts, 2012).

Neighborhood intimacy declined

Today, intimacy with neighbors is decreasing as people are more involved in social networks like Facebook to update posts, share posts, or like, comment on those posts. It means that people have no interest to build relationships with a neighbor rather they are highly interested to build relation with online friends and communities. They mostly care about online communication with online friends and it shows that no one cares about the problems of neighbors.

Creating robotic societies

While the majority portion of the people is busy on the internet with the social networking sites, they are not fond of playing cricket, football or other games, rather, they like to play video games in mobile or computer, This is the sign of creating robotic societies while people are becoming emotionless and they are not practicing to the social program (Amedie, 2015).

The threats faced by organizations and society when using the Internet

The threat of cybercrime is the burning issue for organizations and society when using the Internet and cybercriminals are highly active to hack personal data, information, bank account information, social media id and password, email id and password.

Weak Security Technology

New internet technology is being introduced each day. Sometimes those internet technologies are not updated with recent security systems as they have do not get to yet no arrangement for security. This introduces an intense risk of privacy that implies to impact of cyber-attack. The quick improvement of technology is a demonstration of trendsetters, anyway security slacks severely.

Social Media Attacks

The recent activities cybercriminals are increasing as they are highly active and they are utilizing social media as a medium to disperse a complex topographical cyber-attack that is called water holing. The cyber-attack attackers distinguish and identify a group of websites or business profiles through social media attacks.

Mobile Malware

The security specialists have seen risk in mobile devices security since the beginning periods of their network to the Internet. The mobile usage among people without knowing the privacy policy for security purposes is a matter of worried than they ought to be for mobile malware.

Neglecting Proper Configuration

Big data instruments accompany the capacity to be customized properly to meet a company’s requirements. Organizations keep on ignoring the significance of appropriately arranging security settings. While the firms are neglecting proper configuration in internet usage, it must be a threat of big damage.

Obsolete Security Software

Updating security software is a fundamental technology and an obligatory advance to ensuring big data. Software is created to shield against known threats. That implies any new code of malicious that hits a security system of outdated version and it becomes the threat for business and society.

Absence of Encryption

Protecting so many private and sensitive business data in travel and very still is a measure couple of enterprises presently can’t seem to grasp, in spite of its viability. The financial business needs to handle incredibly so many private and sensitive information and comprehend the impact of losing it as it will cost largely for business failure too.

Lacking Security Technology

Investing in software that screens the security of a system has turned into a developing pattern in the undertaking space. The software is intended to send alarms when interruption attempts happen, anyway, the cautions are just valuable while somebody is accessible to address them. Organizations are depending too intensely on technology to completely ensure against cyber-attack when it is intended to be an overseen apparatus (Campbell, 2005).

The measures of security and privacy that should be taken when Internet applications or services are used online

  • Use an Encrypted Operating System
  • Keep operating systems and software up to date
  • Never fill out social media profiles with personal signature or financial information.
  • Turn on private browsing while browsing from the business account
  • Use a password vault that generates and remembers strong and unique passwords
  • Use two-factor authentication to make the login system more secure.
  • Set up a Google alert for every login
  • Keep social network activity private
  • Never share zip code when making credit card purchases
  • Use password security questions at the time of sign up
  • Avoid the use of free Wi-Fi. (Naughton, 2013)

Two different unified communications providers


It is a global unified communications provider for the solution of business communication and business collaboration.

AVAYA Features

The features of this communication provider are that it has individual contact centers, secured networking services, and secured communication services around the world for all kinds of organization.

AVAYA Applications

A standards-based platform that accommodates customers with multi-vendor environments

Existing solutions with specific collaboration products

AVAYA Suitability for Business

This is suitable for managing personal devices in the workplace, mobile workforce, enabling real-time video collaboration.

This is also suitable for driving consistent customer experiences.


It is a global unified communications provider that helps business customers, business partners, employees to communicate, connect, and conduct business in real-time.

AASTARA Features

The features of this communication provider are that it enables the collaboration instantly and effective for real-time communication.

AASTARA Applications:

It is applicable for the most efficient and cost-effective mechanism to serve the employees, business customers, business partners.

AASTARA Suitability for Business

This is suitable for multiple modes of communication to improve employee efficiency

This is suitable for getting answers faster and results in better customer service.


In this era of modern technology, the Internet is the tool of communication to connect with every corner of the world. From society to business, it has great usage. The positive usage of the internet is huge and there are so many people who are using the internet for developing themselves in a positive way. The number of people uses the internet in a negative way is few. To avoid that threat, there are also so many modern technological inventions that existed. Cybercrime could be a threat for all internet users but in single, the use of the internet is expanding day by day in every purpose.


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Professional Skills in the Digital Age

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