6 Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

Marketing is the set of activities that processes, creates, communicates, and delivers different offerings among its consumers, clients, partners, and society at large. Marketing also involves the activities by which an organization communicates and maintains a relationship with it is present and potential customers. (Kotler et al., n.d.). Here in this article, we will share 6 responsibilities of a marketing manager which ensure better marketing management.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager in Saffron

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager in Saffron

As a Junior Executive in the marketing department of Saffron Ice Cream, I think that the role and responsibilities of marketing manager to Saffron will be as follows:

Product Development

Marketing manager of Saffron will play a role to build product development of various tastes and flavor ice cream from the market survey and market research because marketing activities deliver so many customized data and customer feedback regarding the product.

Product Promotion

The marketing manager will help Saffron to promote its different tastes of ice cream for different people. It will help to fix the promotional media by which Saffron can reach customers easily and increase sales. Marketing manager of Saffron will focus on the new marketing improvements include changing business sector qualities, financial powers, interior, and outside changes of market, political and legitimate changes, and so on. (Gök and Hacioglu, 2010)

Product Branding

The marketing manager will help Saffron for product branding and creating brand value globally by arranging events or participating in the fair to target new customers. The marketing manager gives notoriety and constructs a solid brand estimation of the organization among the customers. This procedure legitimately causes business associations to expand their business volume and brand equity. (Lavidge, 2017)

Increasing Sales

The marketing managers will help Saffron to increase sales because of STP segmentation whereas a marketing manager emphasizes the segmentation of the market according to some factors like geographic, demographic, or behavioral. After that, marketing manager target that segmented customer based on their product choice and then positioned the core customer by the means of product promotion.

Developing Market strategies

The marketing manager of Saffron will help to develop market strategies to perceive the necessities and prerequisites of target buyers and give their items and customized product if possible. (Ayuketang Nso, 2018)

Marketing research

Marketing manager of Saffron plays the role of market research to identify the core and potential customer from the market because it is required to differentiate the product according to customer choice, and it must have different offers that can be availed from the market research which offers will be applied for which product. (Gök and Hacioglu, 2010)

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6 Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

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