Influence of Marketing Department in Saffron Ice Cream

You may find in every organization that within the organization there is a huge influence on the marketing department in another department, as the marketing department with the finance department, HR department, and marketing department with the research and development department. Here in this article, we will focus on the Influence of Marketing Department in Saffron Ice Cream.

Influence of Marketing Department on Other Department in Saffron Ice Cream

Influence of Marketing Department on Other Department in Saffron Ice Cream

Finance Department

The marketing department must have to go for advertising for promoting Saffron Ice Cream. In that case, it requires money to prepare to advertise or require financial support for arranging, researching, and assessment of promotional methodologies. Financial support is given by the finance & account department of the organization. Advertising and promotional work cannot be successful without appropriate correspondence and arranging with monetary assistance in the organization. Essentially, in the business association, the marketing department is firmly connected together with different divisions of the organization. (Sarangi and Srivatsan, 2009).

HR Department

The activity of marketing and promoting of ice cream of Saffron should be conveyed and supported by the HR department because it must need people to do the marketing of the product. It requires a sales representative to distribute the product in different areas. It needs a marketing manager also to manage all marketing team combined with his team where distribution, advertising, promotional activities are core tasks. So, these people are hired and recruited by the HR department. (Sarangi and Srivatsan, 2009).

Research and Development

The activity of the marketing tasks must be interrelated with research and development. Research and development department will work for Saffron ice cream product development by doing market research by this department will provide back support to the marketing department by providing innovative ideas for product development, product promotion, and product branding. (Sarangi and Srivatsan, 2009).


The importance of a close relationship between marketing and other department is interrelated whereas the marketing department has to keep relationships with other departments for increasing marketing scopes and marketing activities as they can reach so many customers. In that case, marketing needs money for product distribution and product promotion, marketing needs manpower for product distribution and selling products, and finally, marketing needs research and development for innovative product ideas.

Finally, the definition of integrated marketing is that it is a unified marketing method for doing mass marketing, direct marketing, and one to one marketing. So, integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that stresses the importance of a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer.

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Influence of Marketing Department in Saffron Ice Cream

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