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This essay will focus on my team involvement experience. This is to work with my team in Business Communication course and to work on the topics of Understanding and working with diverse group others. In that case, I will analyze the interpersonal communication with my team and link it to the theory of the interpersonal communication. In addition to this, I will connect the team process to communicate with the team. Finally, I will evaluate the success and failure of my team work, as well as suggest the Improvement plan and recommendation that how I can improve interpersonal communication and team work.

Part 1

As I have been selected the leader by vote, I need to set up weekly tasks and the next meeting time and place, so I decided to have a meeting after every class and in that I have used the interpersonal communication like face to face conversation by the mans of meeting to get the update and discuss about the team progress (Van, 2015). So, face to face communication is the way of direct communication interact with the team. There have been used mobile phones to create a short message group as we the team member can connect each other which is very convenient for our group to share information, I and my team member will always check.

So, I would like to mention that my experience in working with the team was easy and as a leader I have tried best to deliver and instruct as well as lead the tem properly. Though it was a challenge to work with 3 team members and it was not so easy to deal with the topic presentation. In addition to, the interpersonal communication of face to face conversation by the means of meeting worked well to prepare the presentation (Janice, 2017).

In a team the positive thing that I have found is that while we seat for the face to face conversation the means of meeting in interpersonal communication, there are so many problems regarding the presentation topic is identifies and it is solved very easily with the team efforts and team discussion (Griffin, 2002). On the other hand, the negative thing that I found in the teamwork is that the barriers in team work with the diverse people as it implies that Members are exposed to a range of points of view from those who differ in culture, ethic group, gender and background (Chee, 2015). One of the barriers is language problem. In addition to that, poor communication is another problem though I did not have bad impact regarding this communication except the minimization of team members (Root, 2018).  In the interpersonal communication while working with the driver tem members, there is a chance to create the personality clashes but it was free from my side when the team member chooses their presentation by their own wish.

Part 2

Our team has only three members, so our team is relatively simple to manage. I was voted to be leader and other two members are my supportive members. Everyone can arrive at the designated meeting place on time. If there are any emergencies, everyone can understand each other and choose a more appropriate time to meet. It’s easy to reach a common goal in every discussion because of the lack of team members or because our theme—Understanding and working with diverse others is easy (Shelton, 2016).

I would like to mention that the team process was very easy for us. From the view point of leadership and empowerment, I can say that as we have three members it was easy to communicate each other as we have designed a message group in mobile phone to communicate each other. As I leader, my experience is that I just coordinate with my team members, arrange the meeting as well as notify them the meeting time and day. In the meeting I tried to listen form each ember about their plan, working progress and problem (Wilder, 2016). If we had problem we solved that problem by discussion and there have some different ideas came from other members and it was listened properly by each member, and decided about the best logical aspects. In addition to that, I always motivate my team members and empower them that we can surely succeed and reach a good result (Glatzhofer, 2012).

So, in leading and empowering the team member with diverse group is not an easy task. The team member must be guided properly; it is required to coordinate as well as communicate with the team properly. Empowering the team that every idea is accepted with the logical discussion, no one is avoided in the group and it must be a participatory group work to reach the goal of our presentation (Bundy, 2018). I would like mention that, as I have only three embers leading and empowering the team member was not so tough as everyone was too supportive and participating to reach the goal.

Part 3

To evaluate the success and failure of my team work, I can say that it was a successful team work expect some contradiction that is the part of team work. Everyone in the group was too much supportive and cooperative as well as participating. It is a great success for me as leader that I can coordinate them properly. In response to the designated meeting place, everyone was available on time. This is the another success that I can ensure the discipline and punctuality in the team work. If there are any emergencies, everyone can understand each other and choose a more appropriate time to meet. This is also an other success that there was no big issue of conflict to time management in case of meeting or interpersonal communication (Thompson, 2018). It’s easy to reach a common goal in every discussion because of the lack of team members or because our theme—Understanding and working with diverse others is easy. We are all very united and help each other in team work. This is the strongest success that I can mention is we were united and committed to deliver the most quality presentation to each our goal. On the other hand, there was some failures of my team work that we cannot manage from the course instructor to increase our team member. As we have less team members, we faced problem in the distributing of topics outline to be presented. And, as it was working with the diverse team, sometimes language create obstacle to communicate in right manner.

So, therefore, I can suggest the Improvement plan and recommendation to improve interpersonal communication and team work are to select the apocopate proper communication channel. It recommended to Promote positive work culture in the team as positive thought may help to reduce the conflict. Then, the aspect Team activities should be supportive and participating.  It is recommended to Listen each team member as it will help to generate ideas as well as thought (Tanner, 2017).  It is recommended to Use positive body language while leading and empowering the team in the aspect of interpersonal communication because I have already mentioned that the positive attitude may help to reduce the team conflict (Hussung, 2016). It is highly recommended to prefer Recognition and appreciating the team member for their efforts whatever it is, in that case when team members got the appreciation, it motivates them highly.  While I Act as a moderator recommended to settle the disputes that arise in the group work and it is must to follow. Finally, it is recommended to Include the participation of each member in the discussion board or meeting and respect all the ideas as well as thought of each members (Holt, 2000).



So, I can mention my experience of my team work is that as I was leader and have to direct the whole team works and tasks. It was sometime easy, or sometime difficult but I enjoyed the journey of this team work. I do not only have to lead the team but also I have to perform for the pronation because I have also the presentation outlies that I had to present, and it was also very challenging. So, my overall experience was good and the interpersonal communication criteria helps me a lot to gather knowledge to work in the future that will add value.

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