Breakdown in Communication in Healthcare

Breakdown in Communication in Healthcare

Abstract – Breakdown in Communication in Healthcare

Language problem is the fact for breakdown in the communication and this is the incident that is highlighted due to language barrier in a healthcare center for regular body checkup between customer and medical assistant. So, this study shows the types of communication like verbal, on verbal, written and visual. Moreover, it represents the seven elements of Dwyer’s key elements of communication process like sender, messages, communication channel, receiver, context, noise and feedback. Finally, it shows the effective communication strategies when language is barriers like using different sign, gestures and visual communication solve the incident.

Breakdown in Communication


Role of Information Management in Digital Service

Role of Information Management in Digital Service

Abstract – Role of Information Management in Digital Service 

Role of Information Management in Digital Service is significant to manage proper data planning, organizing, monitoring, controlling. This Information Management Technology empowers associations to aggregate and dismember bargains activity data, portray the exact target social affair of a promoting exertion and measure shopper steadfastness. Information Management concerns a cycle of various leveled development: the verifying of information from no less than one sources, the custodianship and the spread of that information to the people who need it, and its complete mentality through recording or eradication. Information Management has transformed into an irreplaceable and essential bit of each field-tried procedure. From worldwide organizations who keep …

Multiple Communication Channels

Executive Summary

This report centers around investigating strategies to enhance the quantity of clients, along these lines, help to grow the Oliva Fashion House through the use of multiple communication channels. The three proposals that investigated are; Dress Exhibition, Facebook, and Discounts. Through the accompanying strategies, Oliva Fashion House will have the capacity to welcome new clients to their Fashion House and shield their current clients from returning. Enlisting a Dress Exhibition is a brilliant advertising methodology to advance the Fashion House’s image name in various rural areas crosswise over Sydney; this will eventually draw in new clients who have not yet known about the Fashion House by visiting their area. Drawing in with the online community through Facebook to …

Development of Mobile Payment in China


1.1 Background of the Study (Development of Mobile Payment in China)

In the present day and age today, the improvement of portable installment applications and systems have experienced critical change and have made a stride towards positive development. As instilled by a report dispatched by Erikson (a worldwide correspondence arrangements and administrations supplier organization) in November 2012, there were approx. 7.5 billion clients of a cell phone, much more than the number of inhabitants on the planet, facilitate development in numbers and toward the year’s end 2018, it is relied upon to reach to 9.3 billion (Li, Leu, and Ji, 2014). In addition, China has risen as a tremendous market of the web. The quantity of web …

Electronic Payment System

1.0 Introduction

Electronic payment system is the means of paying for goods and services without checks or cash, it is also called an online payment system. The electronic payment system has grown dramatically over the last few decades thanks to the use of the Internet and the general shopping experience. As a leading global technology developer, electronic payments and payment instruments have been set up to improve and protect ABB’s payment transactions while reducing the percentage of checks and balances of cash. This essay will be focused on the advantages and disadvantages of E-payments along with the effects of E-payment on environment and business.

2.0 Effects of Electronic payment system (E-Payment) on the environment and business

2.1. The effect on

Sports Journalism on Social Media Platforms

Compare and contrast Chinese (Weibo) and Australian (Tweeter) sports journalism on social media platforms


Weibo became the most attractive as used platform for Chinese territory globally in response to the sports journalism along with all over social, national or international issues. (Thompson, 2005)On the other hand, the popularity of Tweeter tough its number of subscriber is less than the Weibo, but the popularity of Tweeter in global concern is more acceptable. In sports Journalism, Tweeter is also the great platform to react on the special kinds of games like it could be Cricket, football, Hockey; Athletics all over the sports journal are involved in Tweeter and using it more successfully to make report on any specific. The same practice …

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