Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis to solve the  given exercises

Exercise 1.1 : Consider the following definitions of discourse analysis

Discourse analysis examines how stretches of language, considered in their textual, social, and psychological context, become meaningful and unified for their users.

Linguistics analysis is the logical investigation of language and includes an examination of language frame, language meaning and language in setting. It grasps both spellbindingly and generally the major characteristics, for example,

Phonetics — the investigation of the physical properties of discourse sound generation and observation.

Phonology — the investigation of sounds as dynamic components in the speaker’s mind that recognize meaning (Phoneme).

Morphology — the investigation of morphemes, or …

IELTS Prize of British Council

British Council announces IELTS PRIZE

The British Council has organized a scholarship called IELTS Prize. The ‘IELTS Prize of British Council’ is an annual competition. The winners of the competition will receive a prize of  3,000 pound prize in their university tuition fees.

IELTS Prize of British Council

About British Council IELTS PRIZE

The IELTS Prize is given to high-achieving people who want to advance their careers by pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any field at a higher education institution anywhere in the globe that recognizes IELTS as part of its entrance requirements. The British Council is eager to support test takers who demonstrate the potential to contribute to society with what they have gained from their undergraduate or postgraduate study experience. While …


Do You Want to be a GOOGLE INTERN?

GOOGLE INTERN and CAREER: Large multinational companies or software companies (e.g., Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) offer internships for engineering students. Opportunities are provided not only for engineering but also for other sectors like business or other sectors. And in this internship, first year or second year students studying in varsity get the opportunity to do internship in this big company.

Not only first year or second year students get the offer of internship but many graduates or PHD holders get this opportunity. There is an opportunity for everyone in the world to do this internship and of course it is a great opportunity for everyone. Depending on the company, there is

Avigan The Generic Name of Favipiravir

Minor knowledge of Avigan

There is a lot of talk about a drug called Avigan. Its generic name is Favipiravir. Its original patent is to Fujifilm. They have a medical research institute called Fuji Toyama. They mainly study radiopharmaceutical / radioactive drugs, cancer, nervous system, and infectious diseases.

They made Favipiravir in 2012-2013, which is shown to work against several viruses in animal body testing. Such as the flu, West Nile virus, Yellow Fever virus, Zika virus, Rift Valley fever virus and foot and mouth disease.

The US FDA conducted its Phase III clinical trial in the year 2013. There was evidence that it works against the flu but the drug has not been marketed. What is the reason?

Avigan The Generic Name Of Favipiravir

Meditation In The practice of Merit

What is Meditation?

Meditation, yoga or anything else? Psychology has a word – mindfulness. Mindfulness is a phase in the body, where our body maintains its cohesiveness and gives the body a healthy feeling. This mindfulness basically represents the definition of meditation. Simply put, meditation (Meditation In The practice of Merit) is a practice of relaxing and relaxing the human body, mind, and brain. It is also called a type of exercise. However, it does not develop the body muscles like the other exercises, but even if it is for a short period of time, the person will break the mental state of everything and push the empty brain to become more concentrated. When Windows slows down while running the

Literature Review on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a self-regulating business model used by the organization as a part of social accountability for the welfare of the society and development of social welfare. From, business point of view, Corporate Social Responsibility increases the product’s brand value of the organization. The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility is so large because to increase the sales of the product and to create a positive image in the competitive market the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility is a must.

Literature Review on Corporate Social Responsibility

Literature Review on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR has attained so much remarkable quality in the course of the most recent decades in response to the field of academic literature. The literature review of Corporate Social …

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