Avigan The Generic Name of Favipiravir

Minor knowledge of Avigan

There is a lot of talk about a drug called Avigan. Its generic name is Favipiravir. Its original patent is to Fujifilm. They have a medical research institute called Fuji Toyama. They mainly study radiopharmaceutical / radioactive drugs, cancer, nervous system, and infectious diseases.

They made Favipiravir in 2012-2013, which is shown to work against several viruses in animal body testing. Such as the flu, West Nile virus, Yellow Fever virus, Zika virus, Rift Valley fever virus and foot and mouth disease.

The US FDA conducted its Phase III clinical trial in the year 2013. There was evidence that it works against the flu but the drug has not been marketed. What is the reason?

Avigan The Generic Name Of Favipiravir

This is because in studies it has proven to be teratogenic. That means it does serious harm to the fetus and the baby. This can lead to the death of the unborn child, and the birth of a disabled child. There are other side effects.

The study was a randomized double-blinded placebo control study. A group was given a placebo there. Medicine to another team. The study was selected by participants. The researchers were double-blind. That is, those who are taking the medicine did not know whether they were taking placebo or medicine, and the researchers did not know who was giving the medicine and to whom the placebo was. Those who do research will understand it. This is the best method of drug testing.

However, the exclusion of the testing was critical.
1. Pregnant mother, breastfeeding mother,

2. People who received the flu vaccine within 4 weeks,

3. A person with asthma or chronic lung disease,

4. Those who have gout,

5. Those with bacterial pneumonia,

6. People who have allergies to antiviral drugs and paracetamol,

7. People who take steroids,

8. People who have a debilitating illness,

9. Those who have a history of taking mental illness or mental illness medicine within the first 1 year of the study.

10. For those who have dialysis in kidney complications,

Note: Such people were not kept in this study.

That means a large number of people were out of it.
The study was completed in the year 2015. Although it was approved in Japan in the year of 2014, it is not available in the market at the normal time. It is only given in the hospital and before the manufacture and use of it, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor have to get permission. This time in Japan, the Prime Minister has to get permission to make it just a viral If it was an outbreak they would have used it.

It has been used in China since the launch of COVID 19 In this regard, Qingjianlai, a researcher at China’s National Research Center for Infectious Disease, who works at the Third People’s Hospital, Shenzhen, said that in this study, they found that it worked more than 4 days before the disease was diagnosed before it became positive for the test. It’s more work than young people in the right weight. Those who have not yet fever.

Their experiment was nonrandom and nonblind.

Then in the Guardian newspaper on March 7, 2020, China claimed that Avignon was working. It is not possible to say in fact such a poor study.

The researcher himself says that this is mainly because it works more often for those who test positive but have not been diagnosed with the disease.

That means it will do more work in the country where the test is done because it works better than before the symptoms of the disease are revealed.

It was also reported that a 26-year-old Ebola nurse had worked in Liberia. It was also given in Guinea. But that’s all the Ebola case. In the case of COVID, the test is not yet satisfactory.

How does Avigan work?

It inhibits the RNA virus enzyme called RNA polymerase. As a result, the virus cannot grow quickly. Then our body can easily kill it because of the low viral load.

From its methodology, it is understood that it will not work for those whose body has been infected with many viruses and has pneumonia.

That means that a lot of tests are taking place in the country and it is easy for them to be diagnosed before the symptoms of the disease are detected. It cannot be eaten immediately without test. It is not given to anyone in Japan except the hospital.

Japan has resumed the Phase Three trial. America will do it too.

Now understand what the phase shot?

Phase one detects the dose, safety and side effects of the drug,

Phase two is to see if the drug works more in-depth and to have side effects,

In phase three, it is better than or equal to the drugs in the air

And what has seen in Phase Four is unknown.

Of the drugs that go into phase one, only 14% of the drugs can go through the phase and come to the market.

If you understand what that means, then two or four patients are no longer a matter of two days. It’s quite a time. The subject of labor and money. Phase 3 drops 2 out of every 5 pills.

The Avignon thing is different. It once completed Phase Three by examining its function in normal flu. It usually takes 3-5 years to finish a phase III trial of a drug. I guess it’ll be the fastest this time. Even then it will take 6 months to finish the phase three trial.

Quarantine has proved, of course, 29 research papers Test, that is Social distance and soap can prevent the virus.


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Avigan The Generic Name of Favipiravir

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