Why submission of assignment is important

Why submission of assignment is important for your study in the universities?

The importance of assignment has been widely acknowledged within Higher Education Institutions. The reason why Why submission of assignment is important will be addressed in this article.


Assignment submission is the measurement of student progress regarding the class lecture. The purpose of this assignment is to focus on the importance of assignment submission for university students and identifying the key benefits which must help in study.

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Key points

Assignment submission is a basic criteria in University studies and this guidelines of assignment submission is given by the class lecturers.  Lecturers should give students assignment for the following purposes (Kurtus, 2012):

Why submission of assignment is important
The questions criteria
  • To improve the understanding of class lecture material,
  • To keep practicing the student on the class lecture at home or group work
  • To give a notice of parents they their child are active in class lecture of not
  • To get the feedback of student performance regarding the specific topics
  • To teach the student about the class work responsibilities
  • To develop time sense as they need to submit it before deadline
  • To know about the ability and capacity of the student regarding the particular course
  • To evaluate the class performance of the student

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My own justification regarding the assignment submission is that it is like a class performance evaluation how much I am engaged in listening as well as understanding class lecture on specific topics. I think that understanding of the class material is very important and assignment work is just a technique to evaluate the level of understanding of class lecture, and then properly practicing on it for completing the task. Finally, when I know that I have to submit it on or before deadline, it helps to deal develop time management skill (Goto, 2017).


So, submission of assignments has so many advantages that can help us for better understanding and getting good score.


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Why submission of assignment is important

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