Role of a Leader and Function of a Manager

Role of a Leader and Function of a Manager

Executive Summary

Operation management is the process related to the production and it is the way of transforming the raw materials into final goods in a very systematic way. The report is prepared on the management and operation system of the Marks and Spencer Ltd. by focusing on role of leader and manager. In this report firstly we have focused on the managers are leaders roles based on the roles and characteristics. There are various examples are given depending on the situation. Many models and theories of management and leadership approaches are discussed throughout the report. Various approaches of operation management are included in the next part of the report. By …

Evaluate the Suitability and Impact of Different Leadership Styles

Evaluate the Suitability and Impact of Different Leadership Styles

1.1. Explain the importance of defining the objectives, scope and success criteria of the decisions to be taken

Organization makes decision on the basis of its goals and objectives. ┬áTo come up with appropriate decision, business needs to have clear target and track of business progress. For each and every organization it is very important to describe their objectives, scope and success criteria before going for any projects. Structured and defined objectives are the pathway to achieve the actual goal and success of any organization. The organization must need to measure their scope of improvement before targeting any project and they all need to measure the profitability of the organization. For …

HRM Policy of KFC

Human Resource Management (HRM) Policy of KFC

Introduction of HRM Policy of KFC

While KFC is working in different countries all over the world, he has set up his own management team based on cultural concepts. International operations must have an organization that they use to ensure the implementation of human resources in accordance with relevant market ecosystem requirements to increase operational efficiency. Key elements are reflected in Human Resource Policies, using the same selection across the world, providing training to improve efficiency, improve their ability to adapt to the market culture and deliver quality customer qualifications. To ensure that people are employed in the right place, the HR department has created a standard of the job description so that …

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