Forecasting and Business Analysis

Executive Summary

The issue of gender pay gap between male and female to salary or wage assortments has been a state of union of pay regard explore on the basis of Forecasting and Business Analysis. These refinements may not develop wage disengagement essentially, yet rather the assortments do reflect sex division that restricts the cash related chances of different ladies. The theories proposed to clear up confinement in the work broadcast are similarly extraordinary but there is relevant phenomenon of gender pay gap It is observed that there is highly deviation in salary payment as gender pay gap where male are paid more than female I response to education and experience basis.


The fact of the report is to …

Variance Analysis Formula

Defining Variance Analysis

Variance analysis is used to assess the degree to which actual behavior varied from what was anticipated when comparing actual behavior to what was expected. This kind of research is intended to keep a business in check by analyzing areas where things went wrong unexpectedly. For example, if your projected sales are $10,000 and your actual sales are $8,000, there will be a $2,000 difference, according to the variance analysis. Variance analysis is particularly useful when looking at the amount of variation on a trend line since abrupt changes in the variance level from one month to the next are more apparent. The examination of these disparities in the context of variance analysis offers a description of …

Budgeting in Strategic Planning

How budgets link to the setting of strategic plans and objectives

Budgeting in Strategic Planning is the process of developing a multi-year budget. The purpose of this form of budgeting is to create a plan that supports a long-term vision for an entity’s future status. This may include expanding into new geographic areas, conducting the necessary research and development to launch a new product line, switching to a new technological platform, and restructuring the organization. In many instances, completing the essential actions within the time period covered by a single yearly budget is impossible. Additionally, if yearly budgets are utilized, it is conceivable that financing for a multi-year effort may not be maintained for the whole period of the program, …

Human Resource Accounting

Implications of Human Resource Accounting

Definition of Human resource accounting

Human resource accounting is accounting and recognition of expenses related to employees of the organization and involves costs related to recruitment, selection, training, hiring etc. It enables management to properly plan and budget for training and other services for the human resource. It measures the cost related to the human resource of the organization.

Objectives of Human resource accounting

  • The objectives of Human resource accounting are as follows –
  • Measuring cost related to the human resource of the organization
  • Enabling management to properly plan and budget for training and other services for the human resource.
  • To ensure proper utilization of resources is done or not.
  • Increasing awareness and value about

Role of Management Accounting

The Role of Management Accounting, The Nature of Management Accounting and The Problems of Management Accounting

  1. Introduction

Numerous researchers eg. Colville (1981) and Chua (1986) trust that bookkeeping is a socially built capacity through giving particular implications to different demonstrations of bookkeeping. Accordingly, this section sees administration bookkeeping as a sociology instead of considering it as just a monetary framework. Right off the bat this entry would present the substance of administration bookkeeping and how Management Accounting assume a job in the undertaking. To examination the role of Management Accounting in administration control plainly, this section take activity based costing(ABC) for instance in monetary point of view. Since administration bookkeeping continues creating to steady with the difference in external condition …

Management Accounting and Management Accounting Systems


In the competitive business environment organisation needs to make the right decision for the organisation to get the competitive advantages. Management Accounting Systems gives the important and relevant business information to the organisation so that they can make the right financial decision. Managerial accounting helps organisation to formulate the business strategy and prepare the budget for the organisation (Copeland, 2000).

On the other hand financial accounting helps organisation to keep the data, record the information for future use. Financial accounting provide financial information and management accounting analyse the financial information to make the right decision.

In response to budget retargeting, both organizations have perception on different basis. If comparing with previous year, it is seen that organizational expenditures …

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