Understanding Employee Recruitment Process

Understanding Employee Recruitment Process

Reasons for Human Resources Planning

The human resource planning process is very important for Harrods. As it is the largest and promising retailer luxury products shop in the UK. The planning process of Harrods beings with the combination of organizational strategies and objectives to achieve the goal within the targeted time. They need to maintain a competitive position in the UK market. As UK consumers are very dynamic and unique they always keep searching for better and standard quality service. For providing better products with standard quality Harrods need a skilled and expert human resource they also search for some highly skilled and experienced person. The HR department of Harrods helps the company to choose and hire perfect people for their organization to provide better quality products and services.

So it is very important for Harrods to do all the screening and recruiting very carefully. After that, they also need to train the employees with training and development sessions to improve their work and adjust themselves to meet the need of Harrods consumers and learn advanced technologies efficiently (Fottler M., 1978). They believe that they have top-class employee teams and they can meet up all the needs of consumers with their skilled and experienced employees. This is the reason why human resource planning is very crucial and important for Harrods.

Stages Involved in Planning its HR Requirements

Human resource planning is necessary for any organization to meet up consumers’ needs and achieve organizational success. It compares the present condition of the organization with the long term goal of the future and sets a benchmark for employees to perform dedicatedly. The stages involved in planning HR requirements of Harrods are given as follows:

  • Assessing Human Resources: The assessment of the HR department begins with external (PEST) and internal environment analysis to assess the present inventory level of HR.
  • Demand Forecasting: Demand forecasting focuses on estimating demand and supply of HR in any organization.
  • Supply Forecasting: Supply is another crucial assessment of human resource management. Estimating the supply of manpower, current resource, and future availability are being forecasted in supply forecasting (Lloyd, C. 2007).
  • Matching Demand and Supply: It is concerned with matching and meets up forecasted demand and supply for the future.
  • Action Plan: It is the last phase of the HR department concentrated on surplus and shortage of human resource demand and supply.

Compare the Recruitment and Selection Process

The comparison between the recruitment and selection process of Harrods and Tesco UK are given below:

Recruitment and Selection Process of Harrods

The recruitment and selection process of Harrods is different and unique in many ways than other organization and they are:

  • Important Notice: All important notice of Harrod’s career team done by Harrods’ email account. Other important news or portals are clearly visible on their career websites.
  • Initial Application and CV Screen: For initial selection and CV screening multiple-choice questions (MCQ) are helping the most to find a suitable person for a particular job role.
  • Telephone and Video Interview: in the third stage, selected employees get a chance to give a telephone or video interview.
  • Assessment Center: After telephone and video interview the person may be asked to attend assessment center examinations.
  • Resourcing or Line Manager Interview: After telephone or video interview, the person may be asked for face to face interview with one of the recruiters.
  • Prepared Task: In case of any technical job, after face to face interview it can be asked to do some relevant task or assessment.
  • Final Stage Interview: In the final stage, the person will be notified from the organization whether he has been selected or not.

Recruitment and Selection Process of Tesco UK:

Recruitment and selection process of Tesco UK includes identification of vacancy; develop position description, recruitment plan, forming recruitment committee, implement recruitment plan, review applicants’ shortlist, conduct an interview and finally hire and finalize recruitment (Standing, G. 1988). It is a very lengthy and unorganized process. The process is not very much suitable to select and recruit the best employees for an organization.

So here it is possible, to sum up from the comparison that the process of Harrods in recruiting and selection of employees is more organized and structured. With the proper follow up of the process it is possible to find out the suitable employees for a suitable job.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Recruitment and Selection Techniques

The duty of the HR department is to find out the best employees for the right job. Without the best employees, it is not possible to achieve organizational goal smoothly. Employees are the resources and assets of an organization. Their hard work and dedication to their job lead the organization to achieve the best outcome. Harrods and Tesco both the organisations are successful and effective to recruit best suited employees for their organisation. Both of their recruiting procedure is effective in case of time and energy saving. It also reduces the selection and recruiting cost of the organisation. In the case of Harrods, their process is very unique, structured and organized step by step. But in Tesco, the process is a little bit lengthy and unorganized. Tesco needs to get more conscious and careful in their procedure or concentrate on to reorganize the selection and recruitment process. Though both of the companies are successful in their own work for ensuring long term sustainability and profitability they need to be conscious more in each and every step of the recruitment process (Murray, 2005).

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Understanding Employee Recruitment Process
Understanding Employee Recruitment Process

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  1. At 9 Links that’s what we do ,we help assess the candidates cognitive skills, behavorial skills and integrity. And recent survey done by 9 Links has stated that adaptability will be the skill which would be looked for in a candidate by the talent acquisition in the near future post covid. In the recruitment process you can use these tools to get the right fit

    1. Yeah! Thanks for your suggestion. I really agree with you adaptability skill is also required because in my opinion it is like showing attitude and behavior according do current situation.

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