Leadership and Motivation

Leadership and Motivation


Leadership is the mechanism to lead from the front.  Motivation is the factor that helps an employee to increase the interest of working and increase the dedication to the work. Leadership and Motivation is interrelated and complementary. So, this study would show the leadership and motivation interrelation within cultural diversity.


The aspect of leadership is the key factor for managing official norms, values, ethics etc. In the pattern of organizational behavior or in the sense of human resource management the role of the leadership is the vital factor. Leadership is the mechanism to lead from the front. In this competitive world where people from different world are working for the betterment of a company or contributing for the company, to lead them from the ascent of leadership will create a positive value among the employees. So, the quality of the leadership must be the combination of good manners. There is no doubt leadership will play vital role in the core principle function in management in the field of planning, organizing, controlling, motivational aspects and also the cultural diversity. This essay will demonstrate two professional fields including motivation and culture, both of which have the impact to greater success. In addition, there have two real examples of each of these aspects that show leadership is doing a great role in the success of an organization.


Motivation is the factor that helps an employee or worker to increase the interest of working and increase the dedication to the work. To achieve the goals the motivational aspect is required because it works the mental desire to the work by own will as it can contribute to the organization. It illustrates that Leadership and Motivation is interrelated and complementary. Leadership can provide the leading roles which must impact on the motivational aspect because if a leader can motivate the worker or employees it will turn into a double benefit for the organization. (Jamail, 2009) believes that leading with integrity is worked as the competitive advantage and the result of this is tremendous because behind this integrity issue the factor of motivation is working for it that lead to work from own interest. Workers as well as employees in their working life wants some extra, not like that it should be financial matter, even the worker or employee is motivated that if he or she can finish the works successfully within the specified time he or she will be given some additional award. Even there is a practice of selecting best employee award as the tools of motivational mechanism that helps them to be motivated. Furthermore, awards and rewards are another vital factor in the sense of motivation that makes the task of leader easier. (Froschheiser, 2008) Considered that awards and rewards intend to boost performance management, and it may help to reduce conflict between leader and workers and it shows the practice of effective management practice. To be great leader, it is very essential to reduce the conflict as well as do not give any space to create the field of conflict among them because the impact of conflict is very bad for the relationship even for the organization. So, in the form of rewards and awards as motivational tools can help to promote the roles of the leader and contribute positively to achieve great success.

Examples regarding how effective leadership contributes to promote the aspect of motivation

There are two real examples to show how effective leadership contributes to promote the aspect of motivation for the betterment of the organization. Costa Coffee is the renowned coffee shop in UK and it has almost 2121 outlets in the different places oh UK. That means there are many people employed in this organization. In each and every outlet there are line manager who are acting as a leader. The fact is that the Costa Coffee started its business basically in the form of Catering services. But now see, it has become a global renowned brand in the world. Once it has realized the importance of creating a global brand of Costa Coffee and behind this there are too many contribution of the leaders who have lead the team from the front and shows the vision of global brand and that has worked as the motivational aspects among all and  which contributed to his company development (Monterio, 2011). However, Samsung has a different view for the development of electronic. They had the belief that their product will be globally accepted in one day and aesthetic, where they were concerned only with the motivational satisfaction form the very beginning. The founder believes that the patience and reliability will work for him to be successful in the electronics business. As a result, the dimension, design and shape of product have attracted more and more to the customer. Later, it is possible only for the leadership roles that effective lead his team with the great vision that the company can reach the world because he believes there is no limit for success.  One important tools of leadership along with motivation is to work together and share views on the topics of job responsibility (Hall, 2014). This example illustrates that the importance of leadership roles in motivation. In conclusion, it can be said that the above two example proved that motivation in the form of visionary objects along with the leadership roles are the key elements for becoming successful leader.


Culture is the set of norms, values and beliefs. In an organization there are different cultured employees. Each and every one has its own values, own principles, own norms, or own beliefs. That means every employee in an organization plays an important part in the process of changing organizational culture. But behind this, there is one who can make it or break it; he is leader who actually lead from the front. It illustrates that to reduce or overcome the misuse; the role of leadership comes forward. He is the only person can deliver the prime area of goals in the very simple and accurate manner.  Leaders can proficiently utilize the knowledge of different cultured people and works on it how the different cultured people can get into a central and single goal.  (Cleaver, 2012) believes that organizational culture developed by a group of people for the current and the new employees and then the leader will help to learn how to cope with the environment, how to perceive the reality  and how to think about any upcoming problem that may arise due to cultural differences. Leader will possibly improve cultural diversity to achieve greater success in achieving the goals. (Nolan, 2013) believed that practice of culture leads to the behavior through words, interpersonal relationships and gestures where the role of leadership will help to build the interpersonal relationship among them.

Examples regarding how effective leadership contributes to promote the aspect of cultural diversity

There are two real examples to show how effective leadership contributes to promote the aspect of cultural diversity for the betterment of the organization. KFC is the global brand. It has outlets in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. When they have too many outlets in the different countries it means they are involved with different cultured people. But the fact is they are giving priority to the culture of that country in very specific form. The food lovers like Asia people like to eat Spicy food, in that response they came out of their food tastes for the Asian people and the prepared the spicy food for the Asia people. It has become possible only the knowledge of cultural diversity and the story behind this there is a lot of contribution of the leader who worked in the KFC as line manager, or territory manager and country head representative. The entire leaders have gathered knowledge about the own and individual culture that helps them, to differentiate the product and spread the product and be the story of success of KFC (Tarrant, 2008). This example shows that the importance of knowledge gather of culture by the leader.  Another example is Raymond which is the renowned brand in the market of fabrics as well as in the business of tailoring. It is also a global brand. There are also many people involved from different cultures. The have studied the market of different country to build their brand in each country especially in developing country (Chrysler, 2011). Where the main aspect was to know the culture. That means leaders have given priority to know the culture and it helps them to achieve their goal.

Leadership and Motivation

Conclusions – Leadership and Motivation

This essay has illustrated two different aspects of leadership, which are motivation and culture. To achieve the goal in an organization the motivation and culture plays a vital role. But the man who is involved with motivation and culture is the man from the front is the e leader. Therefore, if the leader of an organization can lead the team from the front with the mechanism of motivational tools whether it is financial or non-financial motivational tools, it may have good and positive impact toward the organization goals. The leader has a great role in the shape of cultural diversity. The problems that arise due to cultural differences has negative to the working environment. It basically becomes difficult to communicate by the sense of communicating the company goals. But the problem is arise when the people from different culture cannot know the meaning of organization goal or even they think about the goal from their own individual perspective,

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Leadership and Motivation

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