Personal and Professional Development

Sources of information on professional development trends and their validity:

Personal and Professional Development

There are actually different types of sources of important information upon professional advancement. Every source is distinct from one another in several facts. The sources of information on professional development trends and their validity are important to judge and compare for many reasons. Various sources of facts regarding pro improvement can be explained by some factors. To compare the sources of information on professional development trends and their validity firstly we should focus on professional trainers. Basically professional trainers are well skilled and acknowledged about the training factors and how to provide them among people. They will supply a sophisticated training technique for developing staff expertise, skills, and knowledge. They will also provide practical knowledge for the professional improvement of the employees in different organizations according to their needs and demand. Then the organization’s Employee Development Department can play a very important role in professional development trends. Business by itself could have a division to pro improvement employee’s skill and professional life needed for job expertise. Therefore, they’ll be in a position to provide ideas 24×7. Employee development department let employees discuss and know about their interest to know about training and what type of training do they want to attend. The department can also measure the need assessment of the training and assess the development of the employees after training which ensures the validity of professional development sources. There are many training organizations are working for the employees’ improvement of skills and development of their overall strategy. These are numerous enterprises that do work to teach the staff for specialized expertise. They used to hire different organizations periodically to train the employees. Then the organization pays them according to that. Those organizations are known as training organizations. Now a day everyone’s best friend is the internet. In this period of science and technological innovation are at the peak. So, people can access the internet whenever they want. They can find all the important information from here. It’s the simplest way to obtain information about self-improvement. Interested employees can take help from the internet about anything and learn about various skill and development processes from the internet anytime. These sources are better from one another and all of them are very useful for professional development trends and checking their validity. The Internet is mostly used and popular source to grab any information easily everywhere. The trend of professional development is increasing day by day. Organizations are becoming careful about their employees to ensure the full productivity and profitability of their organization. Unilever UK, provide their employees with professional training whenever they feel the urge for it. They also take help from training organizations to inform about the new trends, skills, and knowledge they need for their professional development. Internet is their daily necessity so the organization also tries to ensure the employees are getting the right information in the first place and using them wherever necessary.

Trends and developments that influence the need for professional development:

The need for professional development is influenced by many trends and development happen in recent times. The fashions and advancements which might impact the necessity for certified improvement. Technological advancement is a huge turn-on for the need for professional development. In this present age, technology performs the most crucial function. And technology is strengthening every day. Therefore, technology affects the necessity for certified improvement a lot. It is a blessing for everyday life. With the help of technology, it is improving the lifestyle of people and making their professional and personal development easier. It is necessary to identify the market condition to know the need for professional development. Market condition is an additional commanding element in this example. Professional development requires to rely on this particular element also. Market condition establishes the price efficient means to manufacturing which decides the necessity for professional improvement. Now a day it is important to have some expertise, experience, and skills to do well in a certain sector. It also helps to access the job easily and more efficiently. Organizations prefer people with skills to give a better outcome in their work performance. Improving communication skills is also necessary to meet up the trends and developments of the business era. It is one of the basic needs for professional development. Without appropriate communication skills, it is impossible to communicate with the people and the business organization related to business culture. Communication skills improve the quality of employees and increase their self-confidence by ensuring their development. With the new trends and development process, it is a need for time and demand for professional success to increase productivity, skills, knowledge and ensure the development of the organization.

Current and future personal and professional development needs relating to the role, the team, and the organization:

Each and every organization focus on the current and future personal and professional development needs relating to the role, the team, and the organization. All of them have some existing as well as upcoming individual and specialized improvement requirements for the betterment of the organization. These particular issues completely rely on the organization’s requirements and their necessity of various roles and teams within the organization. The process of evaluating their own current and future personal and professional development needs relating to their role, team, and organization can be done in many ways. Firstly they can select the chief of the team who mostly needs to function on decision-making skills. Then they can focus on the existing quality of the staff members’, technological and technical expertise which are needed to be examined. Subsequently, based on the need for all of the employee’s personal and professional skills must be assessed. Understanding of the market place is essential for marketing employees. Without the proper study and analysis of the market, no project can become successful. Therefore, they must focus on that knowledge to gain more insight. The anger management program is also important and must be put together to achieve the goal of the organization. Organizations also need to analyze the employee’s skills and expertise properly and use them in the right direction and put them in the right place to use at the right time. Skilled employees are an asset to the organization. So ensuring the proper utilization is very necessary for organizational success. They also need to organize the job roles and teams in such a way where technical, technological and hardworking and dedicated people will be work together. Organizations must make sure of the proper appraisal process according to the effort they make for organizational success. Because without proper appraisal and recognition organizations will lose their talented and precious employees in the long run and won’t be able to keep them with the organization. So the organizations need to assess the importance and need of the development program. For example, Unilever UK has so many personal and professional development programs designed for the employees to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in their selective fields. They are making a very effort ad taking the fruitful initiative to improve the employees’ skills and knowledge by providing training and development programs. It is definitely a great opportunity for the employees to learn, lead and explore to ensure their professional and personal development which can help them currently and in the future to perform their job responsibilities, leading a team or maybe the organization in the long run.

The benefits of personal and professional development:

Personal and professional developments indicate the benefits of the development program earned in the qualities and capabilities of a person to ensure their improvement. The advantages or benefits of personal and professional improvement are many. If we talk about self-improvement than everyone will accept that this is the best thing any person can ever have. It is an extremely important attribute within a business to become successful and continue in the long run. It can make a person a better worker, performer, and achiever. It also improves self-confidence, motivation, dedication, concentration towards job and enthusiasm. It helps to improve skills for the personal and professional life of a human being. A few advantages of self-improvement are described here. Through by developing self-awareness, a worker is able to understand the standards, values and also the function of the company. He became more responsible and conscious of his performance. By improving a sense of movement, an employee can improve his work decision making it much easier for professionalism. By enhancing work concentration, it will be convenient for any workforce to-be more efficient, productive and goal-oriented. Development programs will increase motivation and dedication to the work for the betterment of the work process. It is very important to improve the outcome or performance of the employees. Works become fun and employees try to perform more efficiently and effectively to increase their knowledge and skills and learn to apply them in real and practical life. Benefits associated with professional development are remarkable. Expert skills will enhance the attributes of the workers. Some more advantages can be like- Growing understanding of the job area will render the workers more prolific. Becoming up to date allows a lot more market-based manufacturing. Networking will assist in a pleasing way to endure in the market competition.

The basis on which types of development activities are selected:

It depends on the organizational structure, culture, and role responsibilities to design and define the types of development actions they need to select for their employees. It also depends on the types of employees working in the organization. Based on the employees’ types and their need assessment of development programs, types of development programs are chosen. Top-level management needs training on their decision-making process. So that they can analyze various situations and take appropriate decisions suitable with time. It will assist the supervisors as well as group leaders to choose more effective decisions for the company. Decision making is a very crucial task for companies. The organization needs to choose the right people to make a suitable decision so that the organization can do well in the future. That’s why some people need intensive care training and analyze the different situations from a different perspective. They need to learn about how they can make the proper utilization of limited resources and make it fruitful. After that, some employees need technological and technical skills to work for the technological and technical part of the company. They are the people who work for a very sophisticated part of the company. It’s apparent for the contemporary period. The training and development program for them will make them capable of performing in safety security and various technical core part of any company and improve their skills. If they have better knowledge and understanding about their work they can get more efficient and effective with the training process. After that mid-level managers and some employees need marketing knowledge training. It is very important for the managers to know about the market condition and take all their necessary steps to cope up with the condition and sustain even if it is a very bad time for the economy. They need to analyze, explore and predict the situations from situational analysis and take initiative for the future to make up any loss or damage of the company. In the competing market, no company can easily make a good income without having a sound market understanding. So it is very much important to train the employees to read and predict market trends, situations, and probable conditions in the near future of the market. The company also needs to train employees with an anger management system. It is one of the most important training and development programs which will be really fruitful which the company can pursue. Anger management will guarantee a compatible as well as a calm workplace environment. So depending on all of these factors organizations need to choose their development programs.

Future and current likely skills, knowledge, and experience need using skills gap analysis:

The employer needs to identify their strength and weakness before going for any training procedure. If the employer is experienced and capable enough to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses appropriately then it will be possible to identify the skills, knowledge, and experience they need for future improvement. The training and program designing also depend on the skills and knowledge which will be necessary to perform the task related to the works. It depends on the employees also which skills and knowledge they likely to improve and work for their betterment in the future. In case of all of the problems, we can take an example of an employee who wants to improve the skills, knowledge, and experience in team management program. In that case, he can do the following things to have those skills, knowledge, and experience which need skills gap analysis.

Where I am at present

Where I want to be What I must do to bridge the gap
Have adequate knowledge about team management Advanced knowledge about the managerial skills Consult with the previous managers
Know how to communicate with the employees Develop competencies to deal with the customers and managers Participate practically in different events with the employees
Lack of technological skills Upgrade technological skills Hire efficient manpower in the technological and technical sector
Inefficiency in taking decisions in the team Increasing efficiency in decision making Think and ask  to the immense leaders to comprehend the elements important for decision making


By using skill and gap analysis this changes can be done possibly to know about the current and future demand of the skills knowledge and experiences which will be important for the employees in performing the task.

Agree on the Personal and professional development plan that is consistent with business needs and personal objectives (Agree):

After identifying the need and analyze the importance of the training and development programs of the employees a personal and professional development plan need to design consistent with business need and personal objectives. An organization needs to keep that in mind that the developments of the employees are related to the development of the organization and which will increase their profitability and productivity eventually. So they need to be very careful before making the final choice. Most organizations need to focus on the skills which are related to working knowledge, communication skills, and decision-making skills. All of the skills are very important and necessary to gain and fulfill business needs and personal objectives. The accompanying personal and professional development is predictable with business needs and personal objectives:

Gap Actions required to close the gap Resources Responsibilities and timing Status


Knowledge Training about the working skills Skilled trainers and internet 7 months Y
Communication Skills More practical involvement Employees of the organization 8 months Y
Decision making Improving skills and analyze situations Involve more in all kind of decision-making process 4 years Y

Execute the plan within the agreed budget and timescale:

Making a plan and taking a decision of giving the training is not only the end of the story the actual process of work started after the decision making. After selecting the appropriate training process the organization need to create a time frame and fixed the budget to provide the training and initiate it. The plan of the training and development process needs to be designed according to the agreed budget and timescale. Without the agreed budget and timescale plan development programs cannot be successful. The employer also needs to take the time into consideration. He has to think about the working progress with a training program so he needs to balance them both.

Plan Agreed Budget Timescale
Improve Knowledge £ 40 7 months
Conversational expertise £ 20 10-12 months
Decision-Making ability £ 15 2 years
Technological Upgrade £ 120 7 moths

Advantage of development opportunities made available by professional networks or professional bodies:

Now a day professional networks and professional bodies are available to provide necessary help for the development programs. Considering the points of interest may be done through the improvement possibilities obtainable by expert techniques. The associates will understand concerning assorted capabilities that are important inside an organization. They will possess the capability to collect unadulterated information regarding the decision-making procedure. The adept bodies might take into account the needed inventions which are necessary for the employees. They also give advice and suggestion to the employees by analyzing their interests and passion. This will help them to take advantage of professional networks. Professional bodies always deal with many employees from different organizations so it is very easy for them to suggest the best training and development procedure appropriate for them.

How to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) objectives:

It is very important to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound objectives to fulfill the need for the personal and professional development plan. SMART objectives specify the model of the program and help to measure the success of the smart objectives. The following methods are required for setting up SMART objectives:

Step No. Step details Description
1 Specific The goals need to be specified
2 Measurable The overall performance ought to be in a way that can be evaluated
3 Achievable The program ought to be attainable
4 Realistic All of the programs need to be authentic
5 Time-Bound The program must have a clear time period

By following all of the procedures of smart objectives it is possible to set smart objectives for the organizations and individuals for their improvement and increasing efficiency. For example, Unilever is deciding to open its new branch in a new region. In this case, they need to follow the procedure of smart objectives with all the rules and regulations of smart objectives. They have to help them to achieve their goals and aims easily and follow all the process to set up the company within their scheduled time for better achievement.

Obtain feedback on performance from a range of valid sources:

The associated resources are considered a genuine range of resources to get suggestions regarding the improvement. Obtaining feedback is very important to improve performance. But the organization needs to make sure the feedbacks are from valid and authentic sources for the improvement of the employees. Any wrong feedback can do harm to the organization and hamper the production quality of the employees. The administration is the most crucial subject is how managers and also the office thinks about the progress regarding the employees. What they think about employees’ performance and improvement is done after the development program. They should continue the personal and professional development program or not. The organizations also consider interior feedback from the employees. The people from the group as well as related persons with all the team will have the power to present critique. Criticism gives a person a chance to improve and develop and learn from his or her mistakes to be a better worker in the future. Honest interior feedback gives employees enthusiasm to perform well. Exterior client judgments reporting are important for the improvement of the customers. The suggestions of the customers and consequently recording the suggestions of the clients will likely be a remarkable wellspring of implementation inspection. It is the real judgments from the consumers whom the organization serves and they are the main people to evaluate the employees of any organization perfectly.

Review progress toward personal and professional objectives:

After initiating the personal and professional training and development programs, within a particular time period and review the progress toward personal and professional objectives is important. It can show the pathway of improving the program, removing any problem of the program is detected. Within a particular time period, the staff can easily look at the overall performance based on past facts. Based on all of the skills which are required can be designed and categorize for the appropriate employees. Reviewing the program will increase the employees’ motivation and dedication to improve performance. By following the process given on the table:

Skill Review Progress
Increase knowledge 60% done
Communication skills Basic training is facilitated
Decision making The progress is not satisfactory
Technological upgrade On process

Amend the personal and professional development plan in the light of feedback received from others:

After reviewing the personal and professional development plan in light of the feedback received from others is very important to amend the development. It is the procedure of evaluating the performance after receiving the training and development programs. The feedback gives the organization direction for the future development program design.

Skills Necessary Amendment
Increase Knowledge More Journals and content ought to be supplied
Communication Skills The interaction needs to be much better with the customer base
Decision Making Take part more in company occasions
Technological Upgrade Smart systems ought to be purchased

All of the above processes is done for the purpose of establishing the development process for the future and taking help from the sources to improve and increase the sectors of improvement.

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Personal and Professional Development

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