Process of Self Assessment

Process of Self Assessment

Part A – Self Assessment by Experience learning and Active Participation

The process of Self Assessment by Experience learning and Active Participation is identical because self assessment is depends on the exposure of learning and participation.

Experience learning:

It is the view of course allows students to get an overview of their work in the organization and develop a variety of work skills that can be translated into many aspects of student work and social life. Experience learning shows many advantages over the course of reflection during the study period and finally it reveals as the matter of ability.

So, therefore, the sets of learning as “philosophy of integrated learning inn integration, including experience, skills and attitudes.” Without reflecting on experience, students cannot identify their abilities and change their behavior. They are also at risk of repeating the same mistake or not to determine the wrong assumptions and variations that relate to the actual situation. The idea allows you to understand the situation, to know and understand and answer questions in order to make personal and personal communication necessary, thereby increasing the knowledge and efficiency of learning. (Kolb, 1939)

  • Specific experience provides the basis for the learning process. Lessons learned from people through adaptation and open thinking are not the way to go about situations or problems. Here, students work actively.
  • Students at this stage learn from their experiences and describe the cause and the way they occur. They reflect, observe, and look at their experiences from all points. This is where the student deliberately reflects on this experience.
  • Abstract observations and reflections that are applied at the stage will be on of theoretical or philosophical topics. Students use logic and ideas differently from feelings to understand the situation and problems. Here, students express themselves or try to create a theory or a model of what needs to be done.
  • Active Learning at this stage, students are tested in theory to predict the truth, and then apply these prophecies. This is where students are trying to create a way to test the model or theory or experience of the plan.

Active Participation:

Active Participation in the entity will allow you to develop or improve at least six aspects of the options outlined in the graphs that you have completed for Part A during this activity will be required to collect “evidence” to these options (and what you want to show).

For the purpose of this exercise, the evidence is considered to be a sample of your work from a defined activity that claims to have been created or improved. Useful evidence and potential employers, it is important to emphasize what you say you can do. The types of evidence that you can use for this exercise include: podcasts; Clips, photos, presentations, PowerPoint, press releases, business reports, SWOT analysis of project management documents. (McLeod, 2017)

Acceptable active participation for development as-

  • Technical capabilities can be displayed through a project management plan for your activities
  • Risk assessment issues are presented through this can be an alternative strategy for crisis management in the context of your business.
  • Powerful speakers or communication technologies that can be displayed through the podcast you created for your business.

Part B – Process of Self Assessment

In our lives and in our work it is necessary to evaluate the confidence of personal and professional development and often to conduct an independent evaluation to determine if you need additional help or training to enhance your ability and talents and to showcase his great potential to reach employers’ expectations or elsewhere. . Because of its ability to qualify, think creatively, research, teamwork and reflection, the best I can demonstrate my professional level and the ability to report my business. (Apprenticesearch, 2017)

Most of these tools and audits are focused on narrowing “work” or “readiness” skills. This is important, but many employers are looking for opportunities for new staff. This opportunity analysis can be useful in assessing your personal needs for personal and professional development. Computational Skills and Skill Capacity List does not just want to work as “effective communication” and “criticism”, but also on long-term learning opportunities such as “personal judgment” and “commitment to continuing learning”, an announcement on women about the community as “social and environmental activities and responsible.

For example, in my internship, I have experience in providing analysis and advice to Avon with a store. Due to the popularity of online shopping, stock exchange fell. That’s why Avon wants to analyze and define what to do in a business strategy. In the first step, we conducted surveys online and randomized interviews with customers at the outlet. Then, according to the study, pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of beauty salons and “online shopping” competitors.

On the other hand, online shopping does not have a backup and no product quality guarantee. Therefore, it is recommended that cosmetics companies focus on providing long-term products to attract consumers. My ability is to see and use visible relationships. The best evidence is through my presentation. For Avon products, we use some graphic and data to support what we will explain in the presentation. In addition, we use clear and comprehensive content to explain our services to our customers and provide our clients with an effective and effective way to understand and get our ideas and information. As a result, my boss agrees with my abilities. He said that not only achieving the best results through teamwork and mutual support among colleagues but also for our company. On the other hand, customers who appreciate listening with our customers’ feedback is high, their job is to believe that our job is perfect and serious because our proposals provide evidence and data analysis, they are full of confidence in this proposal. They tell us that using the information we have shown will be very beneficial and will increase their income. Last but not least, my boss agreed that this report represents my full potential as a business expert in a research that thinks thinking, thinking, creative teamwork, and the use of visible communication, so that they are satisfied with my performance at all. (Wilcox, 2005)

Process of Self Assessment can be divided into two access areas

First of all, it is my assessment in response to the appraisal of of my classmates and teachers. Based on discussions and reports in a class I did in the past, their classmates’ interviews ended so far, when my group of teachers followed my task, control, and base, what I experienced on the university, and now I can table before the action. (Mehe, 2017)

Secondly, On the other hand, the second part is a job review by my employer and colleagues. Since I had the opportunity to meet with the company, I asked my colleagues about my performance, who worked with me on some projects, his interviews for the job satisfaction, and the feedback from the clients for the project. As a result, based on my rankings and the new knowledge I learned in the company, I self-evaluated the post-active activity. Because of my learning and other goals, my abilities have changed. Due to the availability of college facilities, the scope of the case can lead to a lack of knowledge and practice in society. When I had the opportunity to integrate the knowledge I had at my school with new knowledge in the company, I realized that my skills were different from what I was dreaming about while doing my job. (Guardian, 2017)

Process of Self Assessment

There are five possibilities self assessment to be changed with the time. These are:

First of all I got this rank not too high so I thought the result was “effective”. I got B, but when I started an internship, I realized that besides my imagination, I gained recognition and recognition for their boss and colleagues. They confirm that my report is clear and clear, which is written in different content as required and reflects clients’ ideas and information so my actions need to be reviewed.

Second, I was always quiet when I learned and did not like being a leader. That’s why I do not think I have good leadership skills. When I joined a group discussion and was elected, I realized that my ability to unite and leadership was higher than my imagination, so my rank needed improvement.

Third, I’m always tired of talking to my classmates and colleagues so I do not think I can have a good relationship with oral communication. In this experience, as I have reported the need to put it in my client. Meanwhile, consumers have questioned me and I gently explain to consumers without nervous effective communication skills.

Fourthly, I have better than I thought, so my activity is higher than forecast value. I had to focus on Listen and do not bother easily in class, but when I was interrupted by the placement of the company and be able to concentrate on oversight hearings and camera focuses on.

Fifthly,  I understand that my listening skills are not as good as I initially thought, so my ratings after performance were lower than my previous activities.

Part C – Self Assessment to achieve short term goals

The trend of internationalization in response to the goal affairs of self-assessment makes people feel that it is very much necessary and required to enrich the aspect of the professional abilities through various learning styles as well as learning techniques or learning channels so that they can have the opportunity to exert their strengths and work hard in the work field through the development of the various networking skills so that they can use force and work hard. Therefore, future career learning will seek new learning and plans to give me the right. (Cox, 2017)

There are revealed some of my short-term goals. These are –

First of all, in addition to the development of my own language skills are the aspect of use of the language should be stronger: My English grammar is not so good, so I will continue to teach English-to-English programs and try to improve my abilities. (Fast, 2017)

Second, I need to learn standard computer skills. Since the occurrence of age has become important in our lives. Accounting management is based on information and data is calculated by computer system. In order to minimize the occurrence of this error, it can compete effectively or to achieve the highest possible success for enterprise to work effectively. (Shore, 2004)

Third, I want the opportunity to train an accounting firm. Early career opportunities in the future can help you to understand past mistakes. The teachings of my boss and colleagues taught me to learn in-depth knowledge. (Shore, 2004)

Fourthly, I need to identify conflict issues and evaluate the theory of conflict options in response to the critical thinking for accounting management. It develops the expression and defends itself, but also recognizes the limitations, weaknesses, or potential objections from this point. (Shore, 2004)

Fifthly, I need to analyze and evaluate a set of complex and conflicting data related to a specific issue in response to the analytical thinking for accounting or financial analysis. Analyze problems and issues that show logic and motivation. (Shore, 2004)

Sixthly, I need to Understand the stress of ideas against ideas and patterns in response to integrative thinking of accounting practices. Set variables and meta-related factors. Take care of “big picture” when I work on the problem. Examples can include mixed methods and theoretical applications in practice. (Shore, 2004)

Seventhly, I need to use effective search and collect information from different sources in response to Information literacy and effective use of IT as to make the practice of accounting validity, fairness, bias and accurate information. (Fast, 2017)

Eighthly, I need to find and test related evidence from different sources, download relevant information and choose the best techniques / tools for collecting and analyzing data in response to research skill on accounting firm. Review and evaluate research methods. Show the effective design of the study. (Fast, 2017)

Finally, I need to demonstrate effective presentation skills, including content management, organizing, and managing media with confidence, visual support, and audience engagement in response to the presentation of accounting facts, analysis and accounting outline etc. (Fast, 2017)


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Process of Self Assessment

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