Marketing Strategy of Xiaomi

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix Strategy of Xiaomi


A marketing strategy is a company’s overall game plan for reaching out to individuals and converting them into clients of the company’s goods or services. The company’s “Marketing Strategy” includes the following elements: value proposition, key marketing message, target customer information, and more. The Marketing Strategy guides the market strategy, which is a document that specifies the kind and timing of marketing activity. Marketing Strategy of Xiaomi and Xiaomi’s Marketing Mix examines the brand/company and outlines the Xiaomi marketing strategy, which includes the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). Several marketing tactics, such as product/service innovation, marketing investment, and customer experience, have contributed to the brand’s growth. Marketing strategy aids businesses in achieving their goals and objectives, and the marketing mix (4Ps) is a popular framework for defining these strategies.

Let’s get the Xiaomi marketing strategy and marketing mix strategy started.

Background of Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a Beijing-based, privately held Chinese electronics and internet business. Xiaomi was formed by eight partners in 2010 with backing from Temasek Holdings, a Singapore government-owned investment business, IDG Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, and Qualcomm. Xiaomi is quickly growing, with operations in more than 30 countries. According to IDC, Xiaomi was the world’s third biggest smartphone manufacturer and China’s top smartphone sales. According to its current value, it is also one of the top seven tech start-ups in the world. Xiaomi has a unique approach in which it makes product adjustments based on customer input. This has enabled it to reach clients in ways that other businesses have not been able to, and it is on the cusp of becoming a worldwide brand.

Marketing Strategy of Xiaomi

1.0 Identify one way in which EITHER the 4PsMarketing Mix strategies OR the STP strategy could be improved.

It is better to choose 4Ps Marketing Mix strategies for Xiaomi’s marketing strategy. Because marketing mix provides a roadmap for business objectives. It keeps on track, while keeping target market in the forefront of mind.

Xiaomi’s marketing strategy will help make sure the business is marketing the right product, to the right people, at the right price and time (Chhabra and Metkar, 2020).

2.0 Justification for choosing 4P Marketing Strategy

a) 4Ps Marketing Mix strategies will be chosen for the following reasons:

It helps in a clean mix creation

A company applies marketing mix for the promotion of their product. 4Ps marketing is a typical marketing mix. Hence, it is important to have the compatibility among the Ps since the components influence the others.

A mix creation helps the company to make a marketing plan for the products. While making the marketing plan, a strong chain is formed. Continuing with the plan makes the chain longer. If any changes are required in the plan, the company has to consider the overall plans (Illiashenko and Rud, 2020).

While making a marketing plan for Xiaomi Redmi note 8 in India, the company has to consider all the Ps. While researching the market, company must determine the market preference to create and enhance the customer base.

Marketing mix helps increase the product portfolio

Product portfolio is the total services or products that a company offers for focus the market. Increasing product portfolio requires marketing mix. For instance, if the company wants to make a minor change in any of the product features or services, it will effect on the other Ps. Price, promotion may alter eventually. Therefore, increases the product portfolio.

If any change is needed in Xiaomi Redmi note 8, the company will change its pricing which alters the promotional strategy. An enlarge portfolio will be found for Xiaomi Redmi note 8.

Marketing mix helps in new product development

New product development is the process of introducing the new product of the existing company in the market. Innovating new product can meet the expectation of the customer. Developing a new product requires marketing mix. However, the other Ps i.e. price, place, and promotion might be different for that product (Illiashenko and Rud, 2020).

Xiaomi Company introduced Xiaomi Redmi note 8 which is the new product of the Redmi series. Redmi note series always comes up with a new phone providing new and up-to-date features.

It helps in differentiation

While making marketing strategy, marketing mix can give different ideas that differs the company with their competitors. For example, if a company analyzes the promotional strategy of the competitors, it can enable the company to make different and better promotion of their products (Illiashenko and Rud, 2020).

When Xiaomi entered into Indian market, their strong and different marketing strategy has made Xiaomi as the leading Smartphone brand. Analyzing other smart phones in market, redmi series has launched Redmi note 8 that has made the company ahead of many leading companies.

It is a guide to improve a business

The use of marketing mix increases the strengths of the company and reduces the limitations. Physical evidence is also an important P in marketing mix. Development in physical evidence can improve the business strategy.

For marketing policy, Xiaomi users look for a unique models and specifications within the budget. Xiaomi has launched Redmi note 8 which has made a huge publicity to the Xiaomi users (D’Esopo and Almquist, 2017).

Finally, it helps in being dynamic

A company should be well alert for any kind of disasters or havoc and should be prepared to tackle that situation. Marketing mix also helps a company to become a dynamic one when it comes to such situation. But also, the company needs to comprehend all the Ps of their product (D’Esopo and Almquist, 2017).

During the pandemic of Covid-19, like other companies, Xiaomi also has faced difficulties regarding the manufacturing of the products and the supply chain management. But, Xiaomi was able to keep connected with their customer via online or offline about their upcoming plans.

b) 4Ps Marketing Mix strategies would improve the product by the following ways:

Here, I will demonstrate the how to develop marketing mix using 4Ps:

Analyze how product meets the needs of customers– The Company should concern regarding the customers’ need. Their product should meet the requirements of the customers so that while promoting the product they can be able to point out to the customers.

After analyzing the needs that the customers want in their smart phones, Xiaomi incorporated latest technology with developed features in Redmi note 8. Nowadays, people want best photo from their smart phones. Therefore, Xiaomi Redmi note 8 has included 48 megapixel camera to provide better quality of picture (Kolberg, 2017).

Revisit marketing mix over time– The marketing plan of the existing product must be reassessed and reviewed in order to change any factor or meet the customer need. Since the marketing mix components are not fixed rather they require changes with time (Kolberg, 2017).

The Redmi series comes up with the new phone considering the customer demands and required alteration. Xiaomi Redmi note 8 is the updated version of Redmi note 7.

Understand the places where target audience shops- The Company should ensure the type of customer and the place where the selling is more convenient to the people. If the customers prefer to buy from retail shops, then the company should focus on establishing more shops in the area. If online selling has more demand, then company should target the online sites (Kolberg, 2017).

Xiaomi users prefer both depending on the area whether it is a developed area or a remote area. Online buying of Xiaomi phones are available not only in their page but also in other popular sites for example Amazon, flipkart etc.

Formulate marketing messages to promote product- A specific and proper message can give a clear message to the audience for creating a customer base. Marketing mix helps in this regard while making the message. A various marketing plans i.e. traditional marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing etc. can be executed depending on the customer base and the type of product (Kolberg, 2017).

While introducing Xiaomi Redmi note 8, the company targets the particular customer base i.e Redmi note 8 is best for playing heavy games, therefore targets the customers who are seeking for best gaming mobile.

Clearly identify which product or services are analyzing– It is important for the company to apply marketing mix on a singular product. It is recommended that if a company has multiple products but should apply the 4Ps on single product. For Xiaomi, though they have products other than smart phones, but they put emphasize on each of the product. The company applied 4Ps before launching Redmi note 8. Today, redmi 8 is one of the most recommended smart phones (Kolberg, 2017).

Decide on a price for product– Before deciding the price of a product, the marketing team must evaluate some of the factors such as targeted customers, economic condition of that area or targeted people (Kolberg, 2017).

Xiaomi has become a leading company in India since they are providing the smart phones with reasonable price. Xiaomi redmi note 8 is provided with best features and updated version with affordable price.

3.0 Recommendation for implementation

4PsMarketing Mix strategies will be implemented by the following ways:

1.0 Set the Marketing Goals and Objectives regrading attracting more customers for Redmi Note 8, increasing brand awareness for Redmi Note 8, Ensuring higher sales for Redmi Note 8

2.0 Establish the Budget for 4PsMarketing Mix strategies in which people are willing to spend on product innovations and product promotions (Panigrahi, 2019)

3.0 Determine the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for Redmi Note 8 regarding product service or product pricing

4.0 Define the Target Market for Redmi Note 8 in n order to communicate effectively with customer by creating customer profile (Panigrahi, 2019).

5.0 Ask for Customers Advice regarding product features, quality and other benefits of Redmi Note 8

6.0 Define the Product in Detail about Redmi Note 8regarding specific qualities, features and value of the product (Panigrahi, 2019).

7.0 Know the Distribution Channel of Redmi Note 8 (Panigrahi, 2019)


To summarize, Xiaomi has a one-of-a-kind business strategy and an intriguing technique for disrupting the Smartphone and technology industries. It has succeeded in implementing crowd sourcing into their product development process. Simultaneously, it has abandoned all traditional marketing tactics in favor of using online communities and social marketing to promote itself. It has caught the globe by storm with its unique model and has generated a large cult in the worldwide market. It has already surpassed Apple as the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer (by shipments) and is the world’s most valuable technological start-up, valued at $46 billion.


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Marketing Strategy of Xiaomi

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