Are E-Business and E-Commerce same

Are E-Business and E-Commerce same


Are E-Business and E-Commerce same? The answer is very simple and it is that these two things are not same or similar. The following description will justify the answer for the differences.


E-Business is the relationship of planning business by strategies for the Internet. This would combine the purchasing and offering of stock and attempts, near to giving specific or client strengthen through the Internet. E-Business is a term once in a while utilized related to online business, in any case joins benefits in spite of the offer of stock. E-business is the show of offering things and tries and carrying on different business rehearses by PC, particularly over the Internet. E-business is an affiliation that uses the Internet to complete its business hones or to offer its things or associations.

The example of the E-Business is Brick & Click which operates the business in offline as well as online way by the means of physical and website response to sell the product, and also the Pure Play which focus on a single product to sell through business.


A fundamental definition of electronic commerce (E-Commerce) is the act of purchasing and selling products and services through the internet while doing so while doing business online (sometimes referred to as e-commerce). It is often used to characterize all of a seller’s efforts when selling directly to customers. Purchase, usage, and, ideally, continued customer loyalty begin when a prospective consumer learns about a product. E-commerce businesses who use best practices such as segmentation, email marketing, and marketing automation have the highest success thanks to data. If a consumer has put an item in your online shopping basket but hasn’t completed the purchase, you may enhance your chances of earning a sale by following up with them.

The example of the E-Commerce is that E-commerce is often associated with the sale or purchase of tangible goods through the internet. The selling and purchase of services and digital items are also included in e-commerce. When a company offers products or services on the internet, that’s when. Amazon is the best example of it.

Are E-Business and E-Commerce same

Outlining the Difference between E-business and E-commerce

Are E-Business and E-Commerce same

Buying and Selling

From the view point of E-Commerce, Obtaining and offering things by techniques for the web is known as E-Commerce.

From the view point of E-business, Obviously, E-Business isn’t constrained to simply purchasing and offering works out. All the business rehearses that planned by strategies for the web will be considered as E-Businesses. For instance, the data and selecting degrees of progress used to improve one’s old news.


From the view point of E-Business, Several people concurred that when business is totally brought through an electronic medium, by then it may be referenced as E-Business. There is no essential for an E-Business to have a physical nearness in the market.

From the view point of E-Commerce, on the off chance that an affiliation affirms an office, and adjacent physical vicinity does their business hones through the web, by then it tends to be hinted as E-Commerce.


From the view point of E-Commerce, E-Commerce Online business needs the web internet access to be able to interface with whatever is left of the world.

From the view point of E-Business, E-Business can utilize more than that. Other than the web, it also can take focal reasons for intranet and extranet to be able to interface with the parties.

B2B and B2C as a part of E-commerce

B2B- Business to Business

Business to business types in E-Commerce plans of movement fuse affiliations giving things or associations to different affiliations. Consider everything that one pay for all through keeping up the business. There is a web master, a blessing printer, a provider for materials – and the quick overview goes on. Any of these merchants could have an online business that suits your necessities. Different businessmen starting at now contract virtual partners and collaborators to keep expenses of in-house and in-person contracts down.

For example;

In this real world, the cloud based cloud computing document storage named DROPBOX is the perfect example of B2B.

In the traditional world, for automobile manufacturing the other parts like tires, batteries and electric equipment are taken from other business whiles the perfect example of B2B.

B2C- Business to Consumer

The model of business in E-Commerce where it targets the individual buyer to the sell the product. The business to consumer as business to buyer indicates recommends the web methodology for achievement of movement of an affiliation pitching to the comprehensive network. This joins the embellishments producer, master or pet supplies retailer that has things you will purchase either once or dependably.

For example:

By the means of selling product directly to the customer the example are real estate, and more specifically the online platform names Zappos involves in selling shoes in online media as example of B2C. 

In addition to the contents of Netflix in online platform by demand including fee is the example of B2C. 


Ecommerce and business are using the benefit of the advancement of technology where it has the available internet access to the business in this electronic platform. Therefore by the implementation of technology in this area the business is getting the competitive advantage to do the better growth of the business.

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Are E-Business and E-Commerce same

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