Financial Mobility In Immobile World

Financial Mobility In An Immobile World

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 is an unprecedented global issue, leading many to contemplate difficult questions that are plaguing all of humanity. With rising numbers of cases being identified and related deaths, Bangladeshis are collectively bracing themselves for the worst. Granted, the primary concerns now are more existential than economic, but it is not something we should ignore altogether. For a country like Bangladesh where 24.3 percent live under the national poverty line, with a large proportion involved in low skilled wage labor, the implications of the lockdown will be far-reaching. During crises such as these, liquidity becomes an increasing source of concern—particularly when the “quarantine” of banknotes receives serious consideration to curb transmission …

Bangladesh PM Unveils Taka 72,750 Crore


To counter the potential economic loss in the country due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced a total of 72,750 crore incentive packages under the five packages, which is 2.52 percent of GDP and it is named Bangladesh PM Unveils Incentive Package.

Bangladesh PM Unveils Taka 72,750 Crore Incentive Package

The following are the financial aid packages announced by the Honorable Prime Minister:

Bangladesh PM Unveils Incentive Package

Package 1: To provide working capital facilities for the affected industries and service sector organizations, a loan facility of Tk 1,000 crore will be created to provide working capital in the short term through the

Implications of Business Communication

Implications of Business Communication

1.0 Introduction

Sharing or exchanging information from one to another is called communication. The main objective of communication is to pass the information and the receiver should understand the information. In a company, communication means transferring information or exchanging messages between employees and different groups. In increase, the cooperation between the different departments in the organization communication plays vital roles (Marsha, S. 2007). The flow of information and sharing information helps employees to make a better relationship with different departments of the organization. An organization needs to make sure the better communication process in an organization because it helps the organization to make a better business decision (Rush, M., 2018). To ensure better communication and …

Business Communication and Its Implications

Business Communication and Its Implications

1.0 Introduction

The topic that will be covered in this report is about the interdepartmental cooperation within the organization, the barriers in communication that will be faced to simplify the interdepartmental cooperation and the strategy to overcome the barriers. It is expected to report different forms of communications that are used within the organization to facilitate interdepartmental cooperation along with the implication of those communications format. Moreover, it is expected to report principles and objectives behind the use of different forms of communication within the organization, to utilize the principles of those effective communications format to simplify interdepartmental cooperation and to evaluate the form of communication practices within the department of an organization (Clampitt, 2012). …

Coronavirus The Threat to the Global Economy

Coronavirus The Threat to the Global Economy

As the flare-up of novel COVID-19 infection transforms into a worldwide pandemic, significant securities exchanges far and wide endured their most exceedingly terrible exhibition since 2008 financial pulverize. It is expected that except if all-inclusive composed measures are set up quickly – both to contain its spread and to counterbalance its monetary effects – there could be critical ramifications for individuals and economies. In this article, we will critically show you how Coronavirus The Threat to the Global Economy.


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has cautioned that the coronavirus episode could split the worldwide financial development this year to 1.5 percent, the slowest rate since 2009.

The …

Financial Analysis of Safestore Holdings

Corporate Financial Analysis of Safestore Holdings Plc

For a critical analysis of the corporation’s financial performance, I have chosen Safestore Holdings Plc which is listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange. In this report (Corporate Financial Analysis of Safestore Holdings Plc), I will do an in-depth evaluation of alternative capital structure theories and their implications for Safestore. Here I will also analyze the recent investment activities taken by “Safestore” and its main competitor “Big Yellow Group Plc” during the past five years which has a direct impact on their business performance. Over the last five years, Safestore is reaching an excellent position in the capital market and its business is experiencing significant growth …

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