Gender Pay Gap and Why do Men Get Paid More than Women

Gender pay gap and why do men get paid more than women

Gender pay gap starts when women enter the labor force. The pay gap, along with giving up on the workforce for more care-related reasons and opportunities for part-time women, affects their economic security throughout their lives. Here we will show you the reason of Gender pay gap and why do men get paid more than women.

There are two distinct figures regarding the wage gap

  • Adjusted Pay gap and
  • Unadjusted Pay gap.

There are several reasons behind the women less pay like:

  1. Discrimination in Hiring
  2. Discrimination in Promotion
  3. The reason behind Children
  4. Bias in job type, Maternity
  5. the reason of conservatism
  6. The reason on liberals.

Most importantly, there …



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HRM Policy of KFC

Human Resource Management (HRM) Policy of KFC

Introduction of HRM Policy of KFC

While KFC is working in different countries all over the world, he has set up his own management team based on cultural concepts. International operations must have an organization that they use to ensure the implementation of human resources in accordance with relevant market ecosystem requirements to increase operational efficiency. Key elements are reflected in Human Resource Policies, using the same selection across the world, providing training to improve efficiency, improve their ability to adapt to the market culture and deliver quality customer qualifications. To ensure that people are employed in the right place, the HR department has created a standard of the job description so that …

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) shows the relationship between the expected return and systematic risk. As far, it is known that the expected return means the mean or average of the return and systematic risk is the risk that cannot be diversified.

Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM

Limitations of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

  1. Difficult to Measure Risk
  2. Unrealistic Assumptions
  3. Betas Remain Unstable Over Time
  4. Validity Difficulties

Difficult to Measure Risk

The most significant limitation of CAPM is to calculate the risk as well as measure of risk in the equation method because CAPM is only derived to measure the expected rate of return by using the risk free rate, market return and beta coefficient where the beta coefficient …

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