Management Process of Tesco

Tesco has a skilled management team that is in charge of taking decisions regarding production to delivery services. The overall management process of Tesco is explained below:

Management Process of Tesco

Management Process of Tesco

Planning a manufacturing plan

Though Tesco is the retailer of the grocery shops, so the main function of the Tesco team is to manage the products from various sources and then store them in their retail shop. When and how the products will be purchased from which sources is the focus of the management team (Render, Munson & Heizer, 2013)

Managing Project

Tesco is both product and service-oriented business. It contains various projects regarding product development or service development. The management team of Tesco is responsible to manage each project and maintain the project function (Render, Munson & Heizer, 2013)

Planning Information System

Information is the most important element for any business organization. Information about various product sources, market development, current need and demands of the products and services is important to deliver the customer the best value. The management team of the Tesco is in charge of planning to find out the sources and to access this information (Mahadevan, 2010).

Performance Measurement

Another step in the management process of Tesco is to measure the performance of the overall functional team. Performance measurement is necessary to give feedback and follow up on the work of the employee. Performance measurement is needed to recommend the area that would need further improvement to perform the better. Even training and conference programs are arranged to make employees more productive (Mahadevan, 2010).

Development of the people

According to (Lewis & Slack, 2002), the development of the people refers to the process of making people of the organization more skilled and professional. To perform better within and outside of the organization Tesco takes several steps to make its employees more productive. The human resource department of Tesco is in charge of selecting and recruiting skilled people for the organization. They arrange different training programs on providing the best service to the customers. They are also given training on communicating with the personnel within the organization. They are given the practical task to understand situational problems as well as they learn to solve those.


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Management Process of Tesco

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