Impact of Sharing Economy on Hospitality Experiences

The Impact of Sharing Economy on Hospitality Experiences

One of the most effective developments is in economic aspect shaking up the hospitality industry in the concept of the growth of the sharing economy.  In recent years, this trend has evolved into highly popular, acceptable to the all and profitable business models.  The business people in this sector are to capture the opportunities and challenges that this created to the sharing based economy is hospitality experience. As a result, the conventional business model in hospitality experience is being challenged and the number of tourist to take traditional hospitality services is decreasing in just several years period.  For the business people who do hotel as well as accommodation business they are taking …

PEST Analysis of Wine Market

PEST Analysis of Wine Market


Wine is an alcoholic beverage which is prepared from the fermentation of grape juice. It is the process of fermenting crushed grapes. In producing wine there are using various types of yeast. In this process it consumes the sugars found in the grapes and converts them into alcohol. The wine industry has a rich history which played an important role in religion throughout the historical connection to Roman times. This study will conduct PEST analysis of Wine market which is a business toll to get the synopsis of the overall market scenario in the aspect of political, economic, social and technological. It will also conduct competitive analysis and target customer analysis of this wine …

Economy of Bangladesh

50 Years Economy of Bangladesh and GDP growth

50 years or even 25 years ago, Bangladesh has done better than expected in many areas of the economy. But it lags behind important indicators such as investment and employment. Economy of Bangladesh is always a prime thinking approach from global point of view.

It was very difficult to say in 1971 what the economy of Bangladesh would be like after 50 years. Almost everyone agreed that it would be difficult for Bangladesh to survive. But at that time Bangladesh was called that basket case or bottomless basket. The reason behind this was geopolitics more than economics.

Youst Faland of Norway was at the top of the list of skeptics of Bangladesh …

Contemporary Business Environment

Contemporary Business Environment of Sainsbury


Contemporary Business Environment is vastly related with Natural environment, cultural environment, political environment and economic environment. Economic environment means the economic conditions, different economic policies and economic system. Non-economic environment includes countries socio cultural economy, natural environment, and cultural, political, legal, technological and demographic environment. In that case, Economic policies are the part and parcel to adjust the economic situation of any country. The monetary policy of the country deals with money supply and fiscal policy helps to adjust the spending of the government relating with the government revenue from tax and vat taken from the people of a nation. Inflation rate, Foreign Currency, Taxation and International trades have great impact on economic system.  …

The Huanghe (Yellow) River: History and Development

The Huanghe (Yellow) River: History and Development

The Huanghe River History and Development

The Huanghe River is called the “Sorrow of China” because in ancient China the Huanghe River often overflowed and flooded everything. Twenty-six times in history, the course of this river has changed drastically. As a result, indescribable misery has descended on the lives of the Chinese people every time. The Huanghe River is said to be the lifeblood of Chinese civilization. Historians believe that the Chinese civilization was founded on the banks of this river.

The Huanghe (Yellow) River: History and Development

The Huanghe River is also known as the Yellow River. The Huanghe River has a lot of sand. For this reason, sometimes the water of the Huanghe River turns yellow. And hence

Understanding of UK Economy

Understanding of UK Economy

It is very important for any country’s government to maintain a well-balanced and growth generated economy for the betterment of the nation and their success. There are two powerful tools of the economy for Understanding of UK Economy that can be used by the government and the Federal Reserve to focus on the betterment of the economy and direct the economic condition in the right way. They are- fiscal policy and monetary policy (Fisher, 2014). If the policies are used correctly they can provide similar results for improving the economy and stimulating economic condition or slowing it down while necessary. The importance of using the economic policy at the right time is necessary to shape the …

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