Hospitality Sector and COVID 19

Challenges of Hospitality, Leisure and Travel industry during Covid-19 pandemic

Hospitality Sector and COVID 19 is now conversely related. The challenges of hospitality sector and Covid 19 impact is drastically negative. COVID-19 tourism effects have struck the tourist and leisure business the worst, and it is one of the world’s most devastating industries.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shaky tourism and hotel industry has experienced major challenge. The incredibly deadly new coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on the economy, generating serious doubts about its ongoing and prospective sustainability. The paper focuses on two major topics: one is the serious problems which the hospitality and tourism industries face in today’s climate. Second one is the business’s …

Significance of Brexit for British People


The United Kingdom’s resigning from the European Union is referred to as “Brexit.” It’s a mix of the words “Britain” and “exit.” The UK and the EU signed a temporary free-trade deal on December 24, 2020, ensuring that the two sides can export products without tariffs or restrictions. But, significant aspects of the new agreement, including trade in services, which accounts for 80% of the UK economy, remain unclear (HAYES, 2021). Considering the Significance of Brexit for British People, Brexit has far financial and political consequences for both the UK and the EU, necessitating scholarly investigation  (Bulger & Quaglia, 2018).

The first examines how Brexit would affect essential policy areas such as the single market, finance, and population. Because …

Reasons Behind The Fall of Stock Prices

The Underlying Anomalous Reasons Behind the Fall of Stock Prices Sometimes in Response to Good Economic News


In the stock market, the share price is generally controlled by the forces of demand and supply. More supply than demand would decrease the value of the stock & push the share price descending and the other way around.  The Reasons Behind The Fall of Stock Prices is that one purpose behind which share price fall because of the great financial news is the dividend expectations. On the off chance that, for instance, investors get no or less dividend payments than anticipated despite the fact that the economy is prospering, all things considered, the price per stock would decay. The other purpose …

Commercialisation Impact of Universities

The Commercialisation of universities has had a damaging effect on academic values

Universities perform a key role in contemporary societies by educating a large percentage of people and generating knowledge. Many universities have taken actions to support commercialisation but Commercialisation Impact of Universities is having negative influences (Perkmann 2013). Commercialisation clearly represents an important way for academic research to contribute to economy and society. However, excessive commercialisation of universities may affect academic values. Currently, increasing people have began to associate education with money and believe that education can bring profit. Commercialisation at universities, specifically the commercialisation of academic output, has become an economic imperative since the 1990s, forming part of the changing role of universities. Teaching-learning, research and community engagement …

Causes of Global Financial Crisis

Causes of Global Financial Crisis


The Global Financial Crisis since 2007-2008 was the drastically fall of the economic condition worldwide, the financial market fully collapsed and many investors lost their investment and as a consequences it creates a great depression in the aspect of financial crisis. There was high risk in the financial product trading along with the complex financial products in the market including the fact of undisclosed conflicts of interest which were unknown to the stakeholders, there was huge sorts of failure in the regulation of trading for the Causes of Global Financial Crisis. Due to the global financial crisis there was an negative effect in the version mirroring trends in developed country markets which actually slower …

Impact of Sharing Economy on Hospitality Experiences

The Impact of Sharing Economy on Hospitality Experiences

One of the most effective developments is in economic aspect shaking up the hospitality industry in the concept of the growth of the sharing economy.  In recent years, this trend has evolved into highly popular, acceptable to the all and profitable business models.  The business people in this sector are to capture the opportunities and challenges that this created to the sharing based economy is hospitality experience. As a result, the conventional business model in hospitality experience is being challenged and the number of tourist to take traditional hospitality services is decreasing in just several years period.  For the business people who do hotel as well as accommodation business they are taking …

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