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Food security of the country is based on availability and access to food whereas food availability relates to the supply of food through production of foods, distribution of foods, and exchange of foods. With the population explosion and the weather vulnerability, food security has become one of the most important issues facing the world. Lack of food makes the development of civilization, civilization, and social stability weak. This article begins with issues related to food waste and product imbalance, and then decides and evaluates specific solutions.

1 Food waste

Food waste is a common phenomenon, based on food waste; 30%-40% contributes to household waste, both in developing and developed countries. Most of the waste in developing countries is sales of food, services, and food. But this is happening in agriculture, transportation and growth in developing countries.
Governments of developing countries must take measures to reduce trade, politics, economics and education. People will set their hobbies for high-value food as well as they will restrain their buying behavior or buying desire with the higher food prices. Some rules or some legislation that related to food preservation as well as food security should be reconsidered, since a large amount of unsold or unsealed processed food thrown away before the best before due day. In addition, the government or NGOs should pay attention to the education sector, especially in restaurants, pubs or public places to inform consumers that they do not lose food. It is not easy for developed countries to reduce food waste, because their habits and cultural attitudes have long been developed.
Compared to developing countries, the governments of developing countries must increase investment in infrastructure and transport systems. Farmers should be trained to use technology and provide knowledge to reduce production costs for higher prices. In addition, research is needed to improve storage management. Construction, education, and technology need capital that is difficult for developing countries at the same time. They will need decades to fight food waste in developing countries.

2 Yield Gap

In recent years, the production gap has increased in many respects. At first, the increase in production does not equal the growth of farmers’ profits, so farmers do not want to increase their production. Second, the existing technology has set up food expansion.
The government must create appropriate policies to encourage producers to produce. Infrastructure and air conditioning can reduce transportation costs. In contrast, subsidies and subsidies must be given to farmers as an initial investment. Although the subsidies are beneficial to farmers, food price changes are likely to affect food prices in other countries that are undermining the global economy. This strategy should be carefully applied. As they say, science and technology are powerful forces.

Biotechnology is a breakthrough in stopping processes. Herbicides and pests are always the main challenge for farmers. Genetically Modified (GM) crops can handle viruses and pests. Over the next decade, crops are expected to have new features that can adapt to the bad environment. Clone Technology plays an important role in producing more meat for human nutrition, especially pets and poultry. Technology has the benefit of expanding production, but it also poses a risk to food safety. So far Genetically Modified (GM) crops and Fake Foods cannot be 100% certified.

Conclusion (Food Security of the Country)

At first, this study shows the problem of food waste and crop variability. This is the biggest challenge when people decide on food security. Secondly, to address these issues, the government should focus on infrastructure and technology development, especially biology. Ultimately, part solutions are of high costs, and part solutions are not safe. Therefore, it is urgent to solve food security.

References (Food Security of the Country)

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Food Security of the Country

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