Overview of Business Communication

Overview of Business Communication

Business communication among employees or other stakeholders should be meaningful. The use of language in business communication should be a standard form of language like the English Language as the receiver can understand the message from the sender. In business communication, the format communication should be in writing for having proof of that communication to reduce the conflict. Email is the tool of using Witten communication by all parties involved in business communication. There are some barriers in business communication like Language barrier, cultural barrier, Workforce diversity, Using Jargon in communication, and Physical barriers. To overcome these barriers, there some strategies. It is recommended to use the common and simple language, Feedback from the receiver is must, it is recommended to listen very carefully before reacting, and it needs to control emotion while dealing with important issues, to select the right communication media and proving Cross-cultural training to the employees of the organization.

Overview of Business Communication

Business communication is the process of maintaining a standard form of communication within the organization. Business communication may be held internally and externally. Internal communication means the forms of communication among the employees in that organization by using the intranet facilities. On the other hand, external communication means to keep communication with outside stakeholders like suppliers or customers or distributors. In response to that, both kinds of communication are important for marinating organizational communication (Krizan, 2011). In business communication, the format communication should be in writing for having proof of that communication to reduce the conflict. On the other hand, written communication is the global standard communication that is widely used by using email. Email is the best source of marinating official communication among the employees or different partners or parties.

Literature review of business communication

According to (Hartley & Bruckmann, 2002), business communication has some fundamental principles that should be followed by the organization. There are standards forms of the business communication model and specific business codes for maintaining business communication with business delegates.

According to (Nabi NM, 2017), business communication has a great impact on employee performance because communication is the way of sharing the right information to prospective users, or prospective customers, or prospective parties. If there have any barriers regarding the hat communication process, then the employee performance will be declined. In that case, the organization may lose big orders from parties just because of communication barriers. So, it is very essential to define the communication process and communication standard of the organization with proper guidelines to each and every employee and that should be maintained by the effects, then it will not affect employee performance. So, the way of overcoming communication barriers more important for an organization.

According to (Luecke, 2003), the communication process should be organized and it should be controlled because disorder forms of communication will create miscommunication. Miscommunication creates conflict among the parties and it also creates a big impact on the business operation. Similarly, business communication should be controlled and monitored by a designated authority as miscommunication cannot arise.  Therefore, it will be possible to avoid communication barriers in the organization.

Analysis and discussion

The researcher is working as a Fishy restaurant and he arranged a meeting with his colleague regarding how to develop the communication process inside the organization. In this part of this study, the researcher is going to discuss the common barriers of the communication process and some strategies that help to remove the communication barrier from the Fishy restaurant.

Communication barriers

There are many barriers that create a serious problem in the communication process are discussed in the following part of this study-

Language barrier

Language is one of the most common barriers that create a problem in the communication process. Sometimes same words meaning different in different languages which is a big problem (Could, 2009). Fishy is a London Based restaurant and most of the people in London are from different parts of the world and their language is different. Sometimes foreign workers do not understand the native English words which can create confusion in the workplace.

Filtering the messages

Filtering the texts of messages is also creates a problem in the communication process because of filtering most of the cases the meaning of the messages changed completely (Could, 2009). In the organization, sometimes employees filter the message to get favor which is completely unethical.

Lots of information

Some of the occasion senders send the messages with lots of information and because of this receiver struggle to understand the messages (Could, 2009). Sometimes the receiver understands the messages partly and sometimes they did not understand anything which is a big barrier in communication.


Emotions affect communication and because of different emotion sometimes people misunderstand the messages (Fashuang, 2018). For example: When people are happy when they say something is completely meaning different when they say the same things in an angry face to the receiver.

Cultural barrier

Differences in culture are a big barrier in the communication process. Cultural elements such as- norms, values, beliefs, religion, perceptions are different culture to culture. One word or symbol means one thing in one particular culture and the same thing could me meaning the opposite of different cultures. If the sender and receiver are from two different culture and if they do not understand other cultures then it could arise a big problem or conflict in the communication process (Fashuang, 2018).  For example, Japanese people are very serious when they take part in an official meeting whereas American people make fun even in the meeting process this sort of difference in culture could create a problem in communication.

Workforce diversity

Workforce diversity is the same as culture and it also creates a problem in communication. In the organization, employees are different in age, race, religion, culture and they have to work together so sometimes because of differences in age or perception people understand the same messages differently which is also hampering the communication (Fashuang, 2018).

Using Jargon in the communication

Jargon is some special words used by the group of professional people unknown to other people (Could, 2009). So whenever people use jargon words in oral or written communication then the receiver does not understand the meaning of the messages.

Physical barriers

Some of the communication barriers that are created by the surroundings of the environment which is also a reason for miscommunication (Could, 2009). Elements of the physical barriers are- distance, noise in the communication medium, crowded place, etc. For example Manager of the Fishy restaurant calls in the store to give some messages to his employee but the store is so busy because these employees could no understand the problem so this is a barrier as well.

Overcoming communication barriers

In the above researcher identified some of the barriers that Fishy restaurant faces every day and hampers their communication process. The researcher did some research and come up with a strategy that can help Mr. fishy restaurant to solve this communication problem-

Use common and simple language

The most communication barrier faced by Fishy restaurant is because of language (Hoogstad, 2006). A fishy restaurant manager should influence all of his management team and other colleagues to use common and simple language so most of the people can understand the meaning of the messages. Because in the fishy restaurant most of the people are from outside so it is recommended that no one should use the native language.


Feedback can reduce the chances of communication barrier because whenever the sender sends any messages and receiver give the feedback what he understands then it reduces the chances of miscommunication (Hoogstad, 2006).

 Listen before react

There are many people who just love to speak and do not want to listen to others. Similarly in Mr. Fishy restaurant managers need to ensure that their employees listen to every single thing before starting their work. Because sometimes managers start giving instructions and employees do not listen to the full messages and start their work which is a cause of miscommunication or hamper the communication process.

Control emotion

Because of emotion sometimes people misunderstand the messages. It is advisable that the manager should communicate with their staff in a calm and relax mood so they can understand the messages completely (Hoogstad, 2006).

Select the right communication media

On some occasions, people choose the wrong media which is also hampering communication. Managers of the organization should always use the right medium (Hoogstad, 2006). For example: In fishy restaurant customers give order over the phone so if the store manager put someone in telephone who can understand less English it’s going to be a problem. To solve this problem manager should put someone who is really good at English to take telephone orders.

Cross-cultural training

Because of the differences in culture, most of the people missed some points to understand (Hoogstad, 2006). If Fishy restaurant provides some sort of cross-cultural training then those people can understand other people’s culture and it helps companies to reduce the chances of cultural conflicts.


Every company should try to develop their communication process and need to make sure they are removing the cultural barriers. If there is a problem in communication then it directly affects the organizational operation. If employees do not understand the messages then they cannot perform properly (Krizan, 2011). Manager of the Mr. Fishy restaurant always should use simple language, right communication media and provide their employees a cross-cultural training to ensure better communication.


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Overview of Business Communication

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