Recruitment and Selection Process of Tesco

Recruitment and selection is a crucial task for the HR department of any organization. Because recruiting or selecting the right person for a specific position will bring productivity. And wrong selection may cause of facing loss. According to Edwin B. Flippo, recruitment is a process by which an organization searches for prospective employees and stimulates and motivates them to apply for jobs.

Every organization selects qualified employees to achieve their goals. Only selecting the right people for the right place is not the main work, besides making them more productive and efficient, several training and development programs should be arranged and to retain them organizations have to focus their demands. All these works are done by the Human Resource department (Barnes, 2011). From recruiting to retain customers in the organization is done by the HR department. In this assignment, the researcher plays as an HR assistant in Tesco, the largest supermarket in the UK and he has to discuss the following factors that recruitment & selection, induction & training, different motivational strategies. Besides, the researcher needs to identify the managing way of individual and group performance in Tesco.

Recruitment and Selection Process of Tesco in UK

Recruitment and Selection Process of Tesco

Recruitment refers to select the right person for the right position of the job. Selecting the person who has proper knowledge and skills for a specific job should hire him for the job. Tesco is very much cautious about selecting the right employees for their organization (Karen, 1993). Their main motive is to select qualified skilled employees for their organization. Recruitment and selection process if Tesco will be discussed in the following part of this study

Advertise the job vacancy

Tesco first identifies the empty positions of all different departments of the organization and then make a list of required employees. After that find out all possible qualifications and skills which are needed for the empty posts separately. When all information is gathered, Tesco publishes job advertisement through newspaper, magazine, television as well as the internet.

Check the application

After seeing job advertisement interest people apply through the Tesco website or send their CV through email to the HR manager. When the deadline is over, the HR department checks all the application and make a shortlist of that applicant based on their qualification and skills (Meighan and Meighan, 2000).

Telephone interview

HR personnel manager gives the telephone to the shortlisted applicant and takes an interview over the telephone. Generally, it takes 10 to 15 minutes and he will ask the applicant about their educational qualification, the experience of the previous job, skills, and UK job rights, and so on.

Final store interview

Based on the telephone interview, the HR personnel manager selects some applicants whose interview was good over the telephone, call them for a face to face interview in the store. In the final interview, the interviewer asks questions regarding basic customer services, their qualifications, skills, knowledge, work experience, nationality, work right, and so on.

Tesco Recruitment Process

Figure: Recruiting & Selection process of Tesco

 A job offer to the applicant

After the final interview, the HR manager offers the selected employees to join the company and specify a date to take their joining date and call to collect the joining letter (Meighan and Meighan, 2000).

Job Advertisement for Tesco

The researcher needs to make a job advertisement for the post of customer service executive and this advertising will be shown in the Tesco online site. They need 10 customer service executives both for stores and online services. The customer service executive provides services to the customers according to their demands. Tesco finds qualified, skilled, smart, communicative employees for this post.  And the education level should have the GCSE level at least.

Number of vacancies: 10,

Experienced candidates get the priority but fresher’s can also apply here.

Working hours: 6 hours per week.

Permanent contract

Transportation facility

Salary: Up to 22k yearly

The Job Description of Tesco

  • Manage customers by providing their required product.
  • Organize the stores nicely to attract customer’s attention.
  • Build a strong customer relationship.
  • Provide the team leaders all types of product details, selling amount, and stock amounts.
  • Handling customer’s demand very nicely.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of Tesco.

Person Specification of Tesco

  • 1-year experience as a customer service executive in a supermarket
  • Good communication skills required
  • Be flexible in the roaster timing schedule
  • Educational qualification needs at least O level
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

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Recruitment and Selection Process of Tesco

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