Training and Development Process of Tesco

Training and Development Process of Tesco

Induction and training are the introductory things to make an employee enable to work in their new profession or job within an organization in a new environment. This program is arranged by the human resource department. Induction refers to the accomplishment or procedure of inducting someone to post or organization (Seibert, 1990). The HR personnel manager of Tesco arranges an induction program for the new employees to give them a clear idea about the organization, the rules and regulations, employee’s rights and benefits, their responsibility towards the job and the organization, health security, fire protection facility, etc. So to introduce new employees about their new work environment is the main motive of the induction program.

Training and Development Process of Tesco

Training and development

To improve the employees’ performance and the productivity level, every organization arranges a training program for its employees. Training enhances employees’ skills their knowledge also improves the quality of knowledge. To make the time to time updated with the new terms and technology, training and development program is a must. In this case, Tesco also does a training program to make the employees more productive than before. To sustain in a competitive market and retain their position, skilled and knowledgeable employees are needed. And for this reason, Tesco arranges Training and development programs for the operative and mid-level employees at a regular interval.

Benefits of induction and training

• Saves organization resource: Introductory level training helps employees learn the organizational culture, working pattern, develop new skills and knowledge. For this reason, employees can deliver better services to the organization and it saves organization money and time.

• Decrease employee turnover rate: Effective induction training makes employees more confident and increases their retention rate.

• Certify operational efficiency: Good induction training program helps the employees to understand their roles to achieve organizational goal and it helps to ensure the operational efficiency of Tesco.

• Employees feel respected: For the employees, the induction training program is a warm reception from the Tesco Company. So they feel respected to join here.

Problems arise in induction, training, and development

• Tesco personnel manager sometimes gives more information to the employees that are not relevant to their work. So new employees get confused.

• A different generation of people in the same training program creates confusion. Some can easily understand some cannot (Smith et al., 1985).

• Sometimes time is too short for the training and there is no option to get feedback from the employees.

• Some do not get technical support to explain the terms and conditions and it may create a problem.

Possible solution

Tesco should emphasize the relevant content which is needed for employees to start their work on the organization. Use proper technological support and make a clear explanation for all generation people (Kramar and Syed, 2012). And at last take feedback from the trained employees as well as make them clear if they raise any question.

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Training and Development Process of Tesco

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