Understanding the Mechanism of Cessation of Employment

Mechanism of Cessation of Employment

Cessation of employment means stopping someone from doing their regular work because of some specific reasons. The cessation of employment can take place for various reasons. The reasons for Understanding the Mechanism of Cessation of Employment in Harrods are given below:


Identify the Reasons for Cessation of Employment

  • Resignation: An employee can resign anytime from an organization for various reasons. He just has to clarify his valid reason in an exit interview and submit a written resignation letter with proper documentation.
  • Layoff: Unlike any company, Harrods can lay-off employees as per company rules and regulations or if the company faces any financial difficulty. They can also lay-off an employee when a certain position is not necessary after a certain period of time.
  • Merger/Buyout: If Harrods merge with any other company or buyout a company then it is possible that employees of that particular company can lose their job.
  • Poor performance: If any employee continuously performs poorly and the company faces any difficulty for that person then it is possible Harrods will terminate him from his job or position.
  • Unfair means or unethical activities: Any unfair means attempted by an employee will be taken in serious concern and cessation of employment will take place. An employee can also get terminated if he violates the rules and regulations of an organization or harshes his co-workers with his action or motive.

Description of the Employment Exit Procedures

Harrods is very helpful and concern about its employees. So in case of the employment exit procedure, they follow some steps before final cessation. The procedure is given below:

  • Inform the employee formally about cessation
  • Give the employee some to time to come up with arguments against the company’s decision
  • If the employee becomes unable to come up with justified arguments or clarification than Harrods let the employee know the company’s final decision
  • Again formally inform the employee final cessation decision
  • Finally, fulfill all the due to that employee.
  • Then cessation card is sent to the employee’s address.

In the case of PIZZA HUT, they use a very simple and formal exit procedure. The employee has to give two weeks’ notice through the line manager. The line manager tries to retain the employee with positive ideas and try to change his point of view. If it does not work PIZZA HUT simply cease the job of the employee.

Understanding the Mechanism of Cessation of Employment

The Impacts of the UK Regulatory Framework on Employment Cessation Arrangements

In the business world maintaining the UK regulatory framework on employment cessation is very important. Every organization should necessarily follow the stop and exit procedure of employment.

Harrods is a kind of organization which follows all the legal procedure properly to avoid any kind of legal constraints. Harrods is very much concerned about their employees’ health and safety and employee rights. So no matter what they always ensure employees’ payment clearance and safety for their family as long as they do not get any job. If the cessation occurs in a minor case they do not keep any criminal record of the employees (Bonias, 2009). The record can destroy employees’ futures forever which they do not want at all. They are very fair and authentic in their recruiting and selection process. They do not conduct any unfair means and dishonesty too. In the case of cessation procedure, the company fulfills all the legal issues. Harrods is the company which never tried to violate any terms and condition of the UK regulatory framework. Even they never tried to skip any labor law or rights on employment cessation arrangement.

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Understanding the Mechanism of Cessation of Employment

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