Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items

Marketing Research on Publicity Policy: Advertising of Consumer Items

Background of the Research

Advertising as well as Publicity is the core mechanism in marketing research to attract the customer. The consumer items are the daily needs for the customer like food items, clothing items etc. In that context, three are too many businesses relating to these consumer items in the field of foods or clothing’s. Every company has their policy of Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items to attract the customer to make loyal to their product. Because, along with the potential customers, the loyal customer are the big asset for them to retain by different approaches or different services. There are too many options for the marketing people to do the advertising like print media, electronic media, online media etc. And there are different strategies those are applied by them to get the concentration of the customer.

Objectives of the Research

  • The objectives of the research are to determine the market potential and the potentiality of the advertising policy to the market.
  • Find the best Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items for the organization that will help them to get the concentration of the customer on the very first attention.
  • Evaluate advance Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items strategy to get the effective results from it.
  • Identify the high potential prospect of the advertising mechanism to attract the customer.

Research Questions

How does advertising influence customer behavior?

Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items
Marketing Research on Publicity Policy: Advertising of Consumer Items


The world of globalization has made the world free and open. Due to the effect of globalization people are closer to the country of another. As the economy is also developing people are not also satisfied with consumi9n one product, they would like to buy different kinds of goods as it is the appeal of consumer behavior.  In this response, Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items plays an important to influence the consumer behavior.

How does advertising influence customer behavior?

The issue of increasing interest to the various types of product is the common matter in today’s world. And the appeal of the various products is the consumer behavior of getting variety in the different. Thus, the fact of consumer behavior is that the behavior of the mind of the behavior that actually the carry the characteristics of the consumer and it is being led by the different promotional or advertising policy in the context of advertising for the product as they can attract the customer and may influence the consumer behavior with the development of the economy.

(Turney, 2002) states that Advertising has the power to influence the consumer behavior from male to female because advertising are designed according to the target of the customer for the particular product to the particular customer. The format of advertising could be varying as per the differentiation of the consumer behavior in the aspect of male behavior, or female behavior or the child behavior or the youth behavior or the adult behavior. All the above class of behavior could be influenced by the focus point of Advertising in the method of advertising, dimension of advertising, and the hedonic risk appeal in advertising.

For example: An advertisement of GREEN TEA to reduce the fat, and here the target customer is fat people, and this advertisement is influencing the customer behavior who is fat customer.

The method of advertising

Online advertising

Online advertising is the form of advertising to attract the customer by the means of online support like facebook, twitter etc. SMS Advertising is the form of advertising to transfer product news and offers to the existing mobile users by the particular telecommunication network. Print Advertising is the form of advertising with the help of newspaper to attract the customer by displaying the advertisement in the newspaper by giving the product features or the product offers. Electronic Media Advertising is the form of advertising with the use of Television media where advertisements are broadcasted to attract the customer with the product offers, views and news of the product. Outdoor Advertising is the form of advertising used as the form of fieldwork or the form of campaign as street shows by the means of singing or doing drama to promote as well as do the advertising of the product. Celebrity Advertising is the form of advertising that is widely used by different large organization to show their brand value in the market as the customer can understand the brand value and they know if the customer are focused on the issue of using the product by an big celebrity then it will work greatly to attract the customer.

(Lu, 2012)There are different advertising ways of advertising would encourage female customers to spend in different aspects and for example according to the case of the advertising ways to attract the female customer focused on the following two advertising ways that encourage female customers to buy the product through applying Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items.

Celebrity Advertising Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are the form of advertising that actually more influenced to the behavior of the female consumer. Because, they would like to follow the style and the fashion of the celebrity. Thus the endorsement of the celebrity to the product advertising is attached then it becomes a great response to the market as the female consumer are highly diverted to buy the product as only from the brand value or the face value or the personality value. Now a days, it is so popular advertising strategies by the producers and it is called the ubiquitous marketing as well as advertising feature of modern day marketing. The application of the endorsement of the celebrity endorsement to a product helps to increase the female customer attentiveness as it has the more glamour value to make the advertising more memorable and credible to attract the female customer.

For Example: Maria Sharapoba is a celebrity icon from Tennis and she has the glamour as well as branding image along with the fashion mind, thus when new dresses are advertised in the wear of Maria Sharapoba then it became more successful because of Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items.

Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are type of electronic advertising from which the customer specially the female customer can consider the online product review to purchase a product if she is satisfied from the review. Online reviews basically provide product information with the recommendation of the product from the different customer who had already used the product and be benefitted or not through sharing their views, opinions and experiences about the product in response to the quality of the product.

For example: Facebook is the best place to get and give the customer review. If there are a post about a product like a mobile phone, and if one to get the review of the mobile phone, then it is very easy to get the review and it is open to give the review also.

Entering into the dimension of advertising

Print Media Advertising is the dimension of advertising to attract mass people. Electronic Media Advertising is also the dimension of advertising to attract the mass people. Internet Advertising is the dimension of advertising to attract the youth generation or who passed most of the day in the internet.  Social Media Advertising is the dimension of advertising to attract the customer who are active in facebook, twitter etc.  Website Advertising is the dimension of advertising to attract the customer who visit different website. FM Radio Advertising is the dimension of advertising to attract the customer who listen FM regularly.

(I.Tzimitra-Kalogianni, 2014) shows Advertising affects children’s food preferences and promotes children’s spending behavior in different ways. Children are also the concentration part for the producer to attract the children to their product and the mechanism they applied to attract the customer are the advertising in the context of the children behavior as which form will attract them as the parents are loved to buy the product to their child.

For example: Children are exposed to the form of food products like chocolates, chips, toys, juice drinks at large amount of advertising per year to get the attention of them. And they media those are commonly used is the Television Media as it is the easy dimension to reach them. Besides this, retails stores take the initiative to get the attention of the children as they could tell the parents to buy the product by the means of displaying some interesting views like artificial carton displays.

It is tendency of the producer to attract the children toward their product through advertising food products as they are delivered the message in the advertisement the food is more tasty and unhealthy. And they make the parents to believe that the advertised products are more healthy and nutritious.

The ways in which food advertising plays a vital role to the children behavior are the factor of motivational arousal that the food is tasty and it is worked as the motivational aspect for the children state of mind, and another factor of psychological aspect to the exposure of advertising for buying the product as it works as the feelings and emotions to purchase, and other is entertaining dimension of advertising which is too positive to increase the possibility to purchase.

The hedonic risk appeal in advertising

(Raza, 2017) states that Hedonic risk can be defined as the risk of the being overwhelmed with the great pleasure and state of happiness from a particular aspect. The risk involved in the advertising that provide the state of happiness and great pleasure by using a particular product. The case demonstrated the product of Mountain Dew that is responsible to create the hedonic risk to the youth of Pakistan for a case scenario that is found true. The advertising campaigns of Mountain Dew was showing a risk to attract the customer like young consumers in the format of an innovative idea in Pakistan that may affect the males and females to implement such themes being motivate or influenced by drinking Mountain Dew, and then the risk factor is involved and that is the life risk to the youth generation if they attempt it.

For example: The young generation wants to live their life lively with some exciting moment. Freedom is the core characteristics to the extent of the exciting life for them. The advertisement of Mountain Dew could be the real life example that has hedonic risk appeal in advertising.

(Salman, 2017) states that Youth are involved with the modern technology and they know about the whole around and what is happening around the world. In that case, the hedonic risk appeal in the advertising may impact negatively if they are interested to do the same activity by using the product what the product is directing the youth. So, there is no doubt about the risk. But is true, the youth are also so conscious about the implications of it. But some scatter situation can change the whole scenario. Still, it is not supportive to use risk taking activities in advertising because hedonic sensitivity may lead them to pursue risky activities as they like excitement in the life. Finally it could be said that the hedonic risk in advertising may improve the brand awareness among the youth and may affect the attitude of the young people towards the brand and the true fact that hedonic risk does not affect the attitude of brand consumption.


Advertising obviously promote the consumer behavior whether it could be the promotion for female through celebrity advertising, promotion for the children through advertising tasty food, promotion for the Youth through risk appeal in advertising.

All the forms are done to promote the consumer behavior by using the different strategy for different age or different group people. It is the success of advertising promotion.


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Advertising and Marketing of Consumer Items

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