Challenges of using Social Media

Social media helps each and every member of society to keep connected with each other and make new friends from any corner of the world. People also use different networking sites to get the daily news updates and current social media in place for all activities such as- people use it for communication, promote business, advertising, product campaign, getting news updates, share an opinion, blogging, music sharing, etc.  Social media has so many positive sides that change people’s lives positively. It has so many drawbacks and most individuals do not know the problem that is caused by social media. Social media is responsible for cybercrime, cyberbullying, decrease academic performance, negative performance in the workplace, and creates problems in personal relationships. People should aware of the advantages and disadvantages of social media and try to use it more safely to minimize the risks of hacking, cybercrime.

Challenges of using social media

Challenges of using social media

Using social media is challenging day by day due to many issues. Many challenges involved using the internet are also related to social media because social media is an internet-based platform. The common challenges involved with social media is hacking, and a threat to security and privacy.

  1. Hacking: the most common risks or challenges of using social media is hacking. Hacking is a kind of criminal offense where hacker access to the users account and cease all kind of personal information of those users. For hacking, hackers use different types of traps which include different programs, tiny files, and other attractive contents. However, hacking is a great challenge for users of social media.
  2. Privacy and security: The most important challenging aspects of using social media is privacy and security issues. Users of social media are now very much worried about the privacy issue of social media. It is very difficult to maintain privacy in social media as social media is public platforms where anyone can easily obtain the personal information of others (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010).
  • Ethical issue: Maintaining ethics in uploading content in social media is also a challenging issue because social media allows it users to upload any content. However, ensuring ethics in an individual level is a great challenge today.

Measures of security in using social media

Different security measures can reduce the risk and challenges of using social media. The following security measures will be very helpful to mitigate the risk (Chbeir and Al Bouna, 2013).

  1. Use of unique username and password for every social media account: In case of using different social media, the individual users should use the separate user name and unique password for every social account. This strategy can reduce the threat of identity being hacked.
  2. Privacy setting: Using social media requires extensive privacy settings. Privacy settings include many measures such as who can view the profile, who can see the content, who can access the personal information of users etc. Privacy settings protect individual information from unauthorized use.
  • Use password or lock code in your device: Users should use the password or lock code in the device from which users frequently use social media. Devices can be anything like a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Using a password in the device protects the unauthorized person from access to social media.


Social media could be explained as an internet-based tool where people can interact with each other by sharing their views, thought, ideas, and important information. From the business point of media, there is also a new term involved with social media that social media marketing and it is playing a great role in the advertising of products and services, connecting with customers very easily and reaching the core customer with the specific product and services. From an individual point of view, people use social media for sharing their personal memories, and information. Moreover, this social media is also used for content writing, video uploading, and image uploading online.


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Challenges of using Social Media

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