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This is the study on Customer Experience Strategy of SAMSUNG for their Mobile Phone Product Lines.


This report will focus on the Customer Experience Strategy of SAMSUNG for their Mobile Phone Product Lines in UK. Moreover, this report will be prepared for the board of directors of this company for evaluating customer experience strategy.

The Importance of Customer Experiences

Define Customer Experiences

Every interaction a customer has with a company, from navigating the website to interacting with customer service to obtaining the product or service they ordered, contributes to the customer experience. Customer experiences refer to how a consumers think about their relationships with a company as a whole. It encompasses every customer interrelationship with a company at every stage of the customer journey, including marketing campaigns they see before being a customer, experience in sales, product or service quality, and post-purchase customer service.

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How Customer Experience contribute to success of business

Customer experience is pivotal because it has an important influence on a firm ’s profitability (Ciuchita and Mahr, 2019). There are several things significant regarding the success of the business due to the contribution of Customer Experience:

Increase Revenue

Customers who are satisfied will return as loyal customers. Customer experience deals with customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. The greater the consumer loyalty, the more transactions are made as a result of positive word of mouth, resulting in increased sales revenue (Kavitha and Haritha, 2019)

Increase in Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty

Due to positive purchase decisions from customer throughout the customer journey, it improves brand recognition and loyalty at superior manner.

Increases Customer Base

Consumers purchase decision regarding positive reviews increase customer base who are actually satisfied after using the products (Kavitha and Haritha, 2019).

Appraise importance of Customer Experiences contribute to success of business regarding SAMSUNG mobile Phone

  • Samsung has strong interaction with customer service that creates a big customer bases along with customer loyalty bases.
  • Customer Experience contributes to connect the customer very easily when Samsung ready to launch a new product like Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.
  • Samsung has the focus on end-to-end customer journeys as a way to establish relationships with customers across their entire journey (Viardot, 2014).
  • Along with Samsung brand loyalty, it solves issues and enhances customers’ lives.

Customer Journey

Define Customer Journey

A customer journey seems to be the complete interaction that a customer spends. It encompasses the entire connection journey, from brand identification to purchase or even beyond. The focus is on how well the consumer feels after experiences with the company, rather than on purchases (Norton and Pine, 2013).

Why Customer Journey is important to CS Strategy

Customer Journey is important to CS Strategy because this whole journey represents the customer buying behavior, customer product and service tastes, customer feelings, customers attachment with the product (Hamilton and Price, 2019). All these things highlight the customer success as well as customer success strategy on the following areas (Addis, 2016):

 At journey stage

When customers started to use Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, it seems to the stage of journey. The purpose of this stage is to interact with the phone frequently.

 At activities

When customers frequently used Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, they go through the whole features of the phone and getting used to familiar with random use of all features introduced in this phone. The purpose of this stage is to engage with the phone on regular basis.

At Feelings

When customers started to use Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, it is the matter of customer feelings that the customer is happy or not after using this mobile phone. The purpose of this stage is to getting the feedback of the customer.

At needs

When customers started to use Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra, the needs of that customer will be increased to be introduced or used other new features with the advancement of the technology. The purpose of this stage is to identifying the potential customer needs.

Customer Experience Strategy

Persona Creation

Define consumer persona

Consumer persona considered as comprehensive profile of the one who portrays the target audience. Based on data from consumer analysis, consumer persona reflects the target audiences core characteristics at wide segment.

Role of consumer persona in developing effective CS strategy

A persona is a made-up version of a real consumer. Role of consumer persona in developing effective CS strategy is significant under following circumstances:

Identify needs and wants

It is important in developing CX plan by recognizing how to market by finding ways to create new goods or services (Baker, 2014).

Understand purchasing decisions

Understanding buying behavior is crucial for designing a CX strategy because it assists in the frequent sale of goods (Baker, 2014).

Behavioral insight

Consumer personas identify how people interact online, providing insight into how to reach and engage with potential clients, ways to advertise it and what types of targeted content to produce.

List segmentation

Email marketing is aided by customer personas to segment the marketing strategy for developing effective CX strategy.

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By applying the Customer Experience Strategy of Samsung, there are three key consumer personas identified and they are as follows:

Three key consumer personas Description
Motivation for using Samsung mobile The Motivations for using a Samsung mobile is about introducing all latest technology for mobile phone users
Goal for using Samsung mobile Samsung is an international brand. Therefore, the consumer persona reflects the target audience who are the loyal customer of Samsung. So, the goals for using a Samsung mobile is fulfilling technology needs.
Painpoint a Samsung mobile solve From the prospect of consumer persona, Samsung mobile solves the problem like introducing Foldable phone with better battery life.


Mapping Customer Journey

Customer Journey Mapping with consumer personas
Stages of Journey Motivation for using Samsung mobile
Activities Motivation for using Samsung mobile and Goal for using a Samsung
Feelings and Needs Motivation for using Samsung mobile
Potential opportunities for improvement Painpoint a Samsung mobile solve


Therefore, the customer experience is the overall perception of brand that customers have his purchase journey. It is true that a positive customer experience is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.


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Customer Experience Strategy

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