How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing

How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing: Fast fashion Marketing is all about being fast, not first. Zara ‘Many of us don’t know the name again, the name of the fastest clothing fashion brand in the world will actually be the name of ZARA and H&M. It takes only 2 weeks for “ZARA” to design a new fashion and bring it to the market. And within 48 hours of coming to the market, the supply goes to all the stores in the world. Inditex is their parent company, a brand whose main policy is Zero Advertising. It has been doing promotional marketing since it came online, although it is later in the advertising category. Where other retailers spend 3.5% on advertisements, ZARA is only 0.3% (Info from Instead of advertising, they spend a portion of their revenue on opening new stores. By 2020, they have a total of 2,260 stores in 98 countries. (Wikipedia)

How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing
How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing

In a world where advertising doesn’t sell products, a company has become the fastest growing fashion retailer brand in the world without advertising. Today’s episode is about how the textile industry basically runs on fast customer demand, no other industry product changes as fast as a fashion brand as the new rule of marketing and pr.

Apply Customer Pull Strategy of ZARA Marketing rather than Customer Push Strategy

They don’t push the customer with the advertisement, the customer goes to the store and then Zara indirectly pushes the customer and enhances his Lucrative unique Design, Quality and Customer Experience so that the customer comes back again and again. It is applied to solve the issue of How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing.

“A person who once bought products from the average person visits the Zara store 6 times a year whereas he visits other retail stores 2/3 times. (Information from Forbes)”

How did they become so famous without advertising? (How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing)

All by Referrals & WOM (Word Of Mouth). Now I have to work to generate this referral and WoM, I will tell you what those jobs were regarding How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing.

1.Fast Product Design & Supply Within 2 weeks all over the world.

2.Limitd Edition Of Same Design Product

3.Providing Lots of options to purchase with different design of products.

How the supply chain works (How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing)

To make these 3 things work, I am not going there today. If you are interested, you can read about Zara’s supply chain by searching on Google as (search engine marketing consultant).

Zara Change Their 4P into 4 E.

Changed 4p to 4E. What are those?

1.Product Replace with Experience

2.Price Replace with Exchange

3.Promotion Replace with Evangelism (This is a very funny step)

4.Place Replace with Every Place

Why did they actually do these 4 items?

In the modern age, the customer prefers the buying experience to the product

Here are some examples I saw and read

The “McDonald” burger isn’t the funniest burger from McDonald’s burgers in the much more popular world. Of course there are, but why are they so popular?

Because “The Provide Great Customer Experience with List Time of Delivery” when you order a burger at one counter in the car, the burger is ready to go to the other counter.

Star bucks” popular coffee shop everyone knows, Starbucks brings #whatsyourname campaign for its customers ”

Where different coffee mugs according to each name. If you order coffee, your name will be written on the mug and calling the order delivery with that name is not really funny.

CocaCola” brings can sharing campaign ”

Where there is a divider in the middle of a can but there is no way to understand 2 parts in a can, it looks like a single can, if you pull it becomes 2 separate cans. Bought one can and shared it with 2 people. Great user experience.

Why take so much money?

Because environment, lighting, AC air, light sound song, blah blah. If Akhtar’s brother cuts his hair in a normal shop in the area, no one will pay more than 50-100 rupees. Akhtar’s brother is one. The Just Service Delivery Model has raised its price.

You see, when a customer cuts his hair with Akhtar’s brother, he pays 100 rupees in the shop of the area and 2000 rupees for going to the shop with tidy lighting of Hi-Fi AC decoration, Just sell of great customer experience.

Zara knows that the customer does not forget the great experience and so they have converted themselves into fast fashion. The faster the customer can find his choice, the more his buying experience will force him to come to Zara again and again.

The customer dislikes 3 things, one of which is in your business. Once a customer returns, you have to burn wood to bring him back a second time.

  1. Delay – In case of delay in delivery of goods / services
  2. Defect – If the product or service is of poor quality
  3. Out of Stock – If service or goods are not in stock

Zara creates 40,000 designs each year, selects more than 12,000 designs, and brings them to their store.

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How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing

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