How to Lose Weight Fast

Overcoming the problem of Obesity among the Youth in UK

Introduction and Background of the Topic

This is a matter of thought that the problem of obesity regarding how to lose weight fast has become a common problem among the young generation and it is bad for health. Obesity is like a burden in the human body that does not allow to lead a normal life (Knowles, 2009). There are so many problems that have to face by the obesity patient. So, the topic will imply that obesity is like curse in normal life but it could be avoided as well as recovered if there is a routine life in each and every young generation regarding their life style, food habit, how much water should I drink, physical exercise phenomenon following how to lose weight fast.

The World Health Organization prescribes the following regarding the question of how to lose weight fast, as it is required to apply those approach
How to Lose Weight Fast

Obesity is a burning issue in health care services and it could be revealed by observing the statistics of WHO-World Health Organization that 69% of adult people are suffering from the problem of obesity. This obesity is basically occurs when the body is consuming too much calories in human body (A Wright and L Jones, 2017). Obesity people are in high risk in their life as they must have high blood pressure, high chance of heart attacking, high chance of stroke, and even they will suffer in diabetes and cancer (Felitti, 2010). So, the obesity is not only a health problem but also it is a matter life risk to happen any kind of bad condition in human body and need to think how to lose weight fast.

Reason for Choosing the Topic regarding (how to lose weight fast)

The reason for choosing the topic of obesity and its overcoming ways regarding how to lose weight fast is that obesity could be overcome if there must have a planned and routine life style. Meanwhile, young generation must have to be more aware about their health, if it is possible to increase the awareness of maintaining a good health with proper planned life leading, then there are so many health problems could be avoided (Felitti, 2010).  In UK, obesity is rate is increasing day by day whereas two thirds people of UK are suffering in obesity problem , so it is the right time to find the bad impact of obesity and how much risk obesity have in human life. So, the topic of Overcoming the problem of Obesity regarding how to lose weight fast will help to identify bad impacts, and its treatment for overcoming regarding healthcare services. (Felitti, 2010).


Moreover, there is also another reason to choose this topic of overcoming the problem of Obesity because it will be helpful to identify the causes of obesity, even though the signs and symptoms associated with the problem of obesity (Felitti, 2010).

Improve quality of life, balanced diet, how much water should I drink, lose weight successfully by regular physical exercise with change of food habits, Regular physical activity and from medical treatment Hormonal treatment, gastric bypass surgery, gastric surgery, laparoscopic band surgery, stomach “stapling” as usual all things could be used for overcoming the obesity problem among young generation (Knowles, 2009).

Aim of this Work (how to lose weight fast)

The aim of this work is as follows:

  • Identifying the causes of obesity
  • Analyzing the symptoms as well as associated with the problem of obesity
  • Discussing the Health Risk factor due to obesity problem
  • Suggesting the ways of overcoming obesity with or without medical treatment

How the aim will be achieved (how to lose weight fast)

The aim will be achieved if this overcall discussion will create awareness among the young generation that leading a happy life is important and it could be achieved if there have a routine life regarding eating, sleeping, working or other daily activates (Knowles, 2009).

Literature Survey

There are so many reasons behind the problem of obesity. Young people love to eat fast food, so the consumption of fast is a reason for obesity. Even though, they are always busy in mobile, computer or laptop. In those platforms, they play games, watch movies and so many digital contents. As a result, they are getting away from outdoor games, or physical exercises. So, change of life style is also effecting a lot for increasing the rate of obesity.

According to (Finkelstein, 2014) the changes in the nutritional habit among the youth increase the problem of obesity because the regular diet chart chosen by the youth are full of fat and drinks consumed by them are almost sweetened, for example Coca-Cola. As a result, youth are getting high caloric and becoming the reason of obesity among the youth in UK. (Finkelstein, 2014) also emphasized on another point regarding the problem of obesity that the price of the food those are consumed by the youth. The price of those fast food or junk foods are so cheap to consumer and the low cost of such food has been becoming the motive selecting those foods. According to (Finkelstein, 2014), time is also a vital factor as leading a busy life in UK in which people are suffering from ‘time poverty.  This time poverty implies that family people need to spend many working hours in their working premises that’s why they have no available time to cook healthy food at home and prepare healthy food for their children. Therefore, the majority of the youth people have to depend on those fast food and that results in the increase of obesity among the youth in UK.  (Finkelstein, 2014) also noted that it is very that families consume meals together and it has become common scenario to consume meal alone. This fact implies that children or youth are not getting the touch or interest of taking meal with family and therefore their food habit as well as food charts are changing at different times. Meanwhile, family persons as well as their children preferred to have fast food as they thought that it is time saver. For examples schools, colleges and universities have no other option in their canteen for giving children other healthy foods except fast food like burger, pizza, cakes, drinks and so on.  In this regard, (Finkelstein, 2014) identified the symptoms associated with the problem of obesity due to taking so many fast food is that they suffer in gastric problem, gain overweight. Therefore, it may cause to the health risk with heart disease, high blood pressure and sudden stroke, extensive diabetes and may cause to the risk of cancer.  So, the ways to overcome the obesity problem among the youth in UK is suggested by (A Wright and L Jones, 2017), to change of food habits. Change of food habit is not a very easy task and it could be not be changed overnight. In that case, it is very necessary to increase food awareness among the youth regarding which food is healthy for them or which food will cause too their early death. In that case, media can play a great to be the part of changing food habit. Youth in UK could be encouraged to eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains by displaying the benefits of taking those foods.

According to (Star, 2013), changes in physical activities or recreational activities are also reasoning for the obesity problem among the youth in UK. He emphasized that there have been huge changed over the past two generations in response to the recreational activities. Youth are not getting interested to pass time with family members or friends and families, rather they prefer to build relationship in digital media and they are taking this digital media as the majority part of the recreational activities. There is also lack of the recreational area outside of the apartment for youth for which youth cannot pass their recreational time with their parents also. (Star, 2013) also claims that there is also a decrease in playgrounds and it is a very alarming situation for the youth. When youth would not get the opportunity to play physical games in playground, it is very common they will be associated with using digital technologies like mobile or laptop.  Playground can help youth the lead a healthy life as there have so many opportunities to pass their time with natural environment by getting fresh air and the beauty of nature to remove their monotonous life.  In this regard, (Wilson, 2008) identified the symptoms associated with the lack of physical activity or recreational activity is that they suffer in high blood pressure, weak heartbeat, problem in proper breathing, strokes, Heart Disease, flabby body. So, it may cause to the health risk with huge health disease as the whole body will be in risk as the body has no movement while we are consuming foods and taking workloads. So, the ways to overcome the obesity problem among the youth in UK is suggested by (Rush, 2013), to take regular jogging, taking yoga, physical exercises like running, walking, swimming, cycling. Even, they can play regularly in playgrounds. In response to the aspect of playground, the UK local government must have to play a great role for providing them the support of having or authorizing a playground for the children to build a healthy nation. Moreover, in response to, physical activities, it is also a major role of parents to guide their children for taking regular physical exercises. Even, parent can go out regularly with their children for doing physical exercise. If it could be continued from their childhood, then it will be becoming a regular habit for them when they will be young. So, the primary role should be played by the parents or family members to guide and motivate them towards physical exercises. In addition to these, educational institution must have to play a role for this. They must have to grow the habit of physical exercises among the students as they could be habituated with it in their youth life and educational institution must need to have gym center where student can take the full facilities of gym for getting fit and keeping the body fit and healthy. Moreover, youth should participate in social hangout, playing outdoor games like football, cricket, tennis, basketball. Even, they can participate in climbing stairs or hills as per their recreational purpose.

According to (Kafetzopoulos, 2015), change of lifestyle is also a vital factor towards increasing the obesity problem among the youth in UK because youth are highly connected with digital platforms whatever they think is all about digital system. Even, if they think to play games, they prefer to play in mobile or laptop. In recent times, it is also noticeable that youth are highly addicted in social media networking sites whereas they passed their majority of the time in social media by sharing, commenting and uploading their personal issues. Therefore, the dependency on social media results in lifestyle changes and it has impacted negatively towards the youth. Regarding this issue, there is huge lack of physical activities by the youth as they are not playing outdoor games, they are not participating the regular physical exercises. Moreover, they prefer to watching TV, doing facebooking or youtubing in mobile or playing computer or mobile games. In this regard, (Jodi D, 2015), identified the symptoms associated with the problem of changing lifestyle is that they become addicted with artificial things, increase depression and lost the interest in natural benefits. So, it may cause to the health risk with eye problem, brain problem, physical backbone problem and capacity of learning will be deceased. (Kafetzopoulos, 2015) claims that the obesity at youth is caused by the development in modern technology and it is resulted also in decreasing the physical exercise. Modern technology have kept the youth in from classroom to bedroom and they have no physical interactions.  Even, they do not prefer to walking in short distance rather they can call upon Uber services or other transportation services as those are available to their hand to get  any time and it is resulted to the habit less walking as daily physical need.  In this regard, (Wilson, 2008) identified the symptoms associated with the extensive use of modern technology is that they become addicted with grabbing the modern technology and eagerly waited to take the taste of it. So, it may cause to the health risk with huge brain damage, brain tumor and also brain cancer due to extensive use of modern technology. So, the ways to overcome the obesity problem among the youth in UK is suggested by (Roux and Donaldson, 2004), to increase the family engagement to reduce the depression among the youth. Even, it is suggested that to spend more time with children especially in the afternoon by the patients. When they will get the family interest of family engagement, then the dependency on digital devices will decreased and they will not depressed. When they will not be depressed due to getting family timed, they will not be intended to over eat rather they will follow a balanced diet by choosing to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and homemade foods.


Overcoming the problem of obesity and losing the overweight is only possible when there are a routine life in food choices as well as physical activities. Though, there are some medical treatments available to reduce the obesity that is called surgical treatment of reducing overweight. This is not always preferable rather it is preferred to lead a routine, disciplined and punctual life in which the youth will follow the balanced diet chart, how much water should I drink, regular physical exercises, gym practices and of course playing outdoor games. The dependency from the technology to time pass should be avoided for leading better life as well as avoiding monotonous life. Technology could not be good for health. It could be used only for solving out technical problem but the addiction in those digital devices should not be appreciated. In this regard, the symptoms associated with the problem of obesity due to having fast food, lacking physical activity is that they suffer in huge depression, blood pressure, heart problem, eye problem, and so on. Therefore, due to bad diet chart, health problem, youth become depressed that lead to start eating more and more. Therefore, they gain overweight. Moreover, it may cause to the health risk with insomnia, abnormal heart attack and sudden stroke (Knowles, 2009).

According to (WHO, 2018), The World Health Organization, it is required to apply an integrated approach that includes:

  • Promoting youth to the healthy food habits like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, eggs and milks
  • Promoting to cut down consumption of fatty and sugary foods.
  • Promoting to use vegetable-based oils rather than animal-based fats.
  • Promoting youth to the habit of encouraging physical exercises like running, walking, swimming, cycling
  • Designating public policies in accordance with leading a healthy life that promote access to high-fiber foods, low-fat foods and healthy foods
  • Training healthcare professionals for ensuring the prospect of getting effective support from them by which they will create awareness among the youth people who need to lose weight and help others avoid gaining weight

In some cases, to reduce obesity or to follow balanced diet chart, it is recommended to follow a doctor’s prescription where he may suggest youth with severe obesity can follow a very low-calorie liquid diet and he will be properly monitored by  health professionals that the person remains safe while following the diet. Moreover, youth can use medication along with the balanced diet chart to reduce obesity (Schwartz and Puhl, 2003)..

So, the overall recommendations to all of families, institutions and regulatory bodies to take several educational and prophylactic actions by which obesity among youth in UK could be reduced by encouraging and guiding in physical activity, promoting healthy nutrition, and creating conditions to do sport activities and of course there must have active support of media for creating awareness among the youth for a healthy life (Schwartz and Puhl, 2003).


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How to Lose Weight Fast

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