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Social Media, internet and Social Media Marketing World are connected each other, and this both things are playing a phenomenal role in this world communication or global communication. However, the contribution of social media in this communicative world is totally different because this social media has made the communication as well as collaboration system very easy and cheap. Once, it was very costly to communicate with other world, the news of other world was not available in right time whereas it took two or three days to get the update news.

Social Media Marketing World

Therefore, the scenario is totally changed at current time, because social media is a media that is delivering any update news, information and other important issues within a few seconds and it is only possible people are using social media for sharing the news of any corner of the world to let the people around the know, what is happening basically at this moment. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the great contributor for this random change of social media marketing world usage because previously social media was limited to blogging but right now it is becoming larger and larger as well as the expansion of this social media is tremendous.

So, therefore, social media could be explained as an internet based tools where people can interact with each other by sharing their views, thought, ideas and important information. From business point of media, there is also a new term involved with social media that social media marketing world playing a great role for advertising of product and services, connecting with customer very easily and reaching the core customer with the specific product and services. From individual point of view, people use social media and Social Media Marketing World for sharing their personal memories, and information. Moreover, this social media is also used for content writing, video uploading, and image uploading through online. 

Suitability of Facebook and Instagram in social media marketing world
Suitability of Facebook and Instagram in social media marketing world

Positive and negative aspects of social media world

Social media marketing world is blessings for us to connect from any corner of the world as it has made the communication way more easy and comfortable. On the other hand, social has some negative issues because people are getting affected on it rather than living social life. So, it has many more positive signs and some negative issues those are described below:

Positive aspects of social media world

The way of living standard is changed with the introduction of using social media as the world is getting closer to us and within a single click we can search for any important news or information.

Enhance connectivity or network

Increase of connectivity with more possible or other external community in different issues is only possible being engaged in social media because it is the most easiest to expand connectivity or increasing social network from any corner of the world. (Farhud, 2017).

Convenient communication

Communication system becomes more convenient wile the use of social media is introduced in this internet based communication system because right now social media is a convenient tools to communicate from any corner of the world by using Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, Imo or Gmail apps.

Opportunity to share feelings and opinions

It is so popular platform where people can interact with each other by sharing their views, thought, ideas and important information. It allows so many people to share their feelings, regular updates, own opinion or any other important news or information by using Facebook or twitter through Facebook status system  or twitter tweet system.

Enhance education:

Social Media is also using as a tool of one of the most useful side of social media and Social Media Marketing World is that it helps to share different types of educational content to mass people. At present world, young generations and students using social media for education purposes. Students can share their learning and understanding with others through social media (Al-Deen and Hendricks, 2011). On the hand, students can learn from the distant locations from the video and audio shared by teachers and others. YouTube and others broadcasting social media plays significant role in this perspective.

  • Fostering Business growth: social media plays a very significant role in the success and growth of business. Modern business is now based on social media. Business can take many advantages such as increase sales, attracting new customer, and building good relationship with customer by optimizing the social media. Social media foster business growth in many ways.
  • Advertising: social media is great source of advertisement today. It is a most useful medium to reach a large group of people. Currently many companies have posted their product advertisement to the social media because advertisement on social media do not require huge investment (Richardson et al.).
  • Increase sales: Researchers found positive relationship between social media marketing and sales. Advertisement on social media and positive reviews on product enhance the sales. Besides this, with the help of social media customer can get the product and service information very which helps to increase the sales of the company (Lim et al., 2017).
  • Brand loyalty: Social media greatly improve the brand loyalty of customers towards a particular brand. Regular advertisement on social media, positive feedback from the others customer improve the brand loyalty of a product and service.

Negative aspects of social media world

Besides many positive sides of social media, it has some negative impact in our life.

  1. Fake profile and relationship: There are a lot of fake profile available in social media because opening a personal profile in social media does not require any subscription fee and legal compliance. With the fake profile and identity people involved with fake relationship which significantly hamper the personal life.
  2. Spreading of rumor: social media is the easiest source of spreading rumor and false information. Sometimes people share false information intentionally through social media for their personal benefit.
  • Negative impact on adolescent: At present most of the users of social media belongs to young and teen-age group. Teenagers are spending huge time on using social media which become addiction to them. This addiction significantly hampers their academic study and mental health (Ahn, 2011).
  1. Anxiety and depression: Several researches have been conducted to identify the psychological impact of social media and the result of that researches showed the positive relationship between the use of social media and the anxiety. The people those who are using social media they are stressed in their life. They suffering from anxiety and depression due to stress and strong addiction of this media (Coyne et al., 2020).
  2. Cyber bullying: In the age of social media cyberbullying is a common phenomenon. Cyberbullying heavily increasing da bay day with the increasing number of social media users. Cyberbullying means sending unwanted message, text, comments about someone in the social media platforms. Cyberbullying is an insulting thing for a person. Besides this, it also hampers the image of a person.
  3. Criminal activities: social media is widely used by the criminals for their criminal activities. Some criminals using social media because with the help of social media they hide their identity whenever they involve with criminal activities.
  • Cultural aggression: Social media sometimes is a threat to culture because many outside cultures can enter into the indigenous culture with the help of a social media. Besides this, with the help of social media the adult or age restricted content can be spread easily to the society which is a serious threat to a culture.
  • The rise of extremism: Recently in many news has drawn the attention of extremism. Social media is a one of the easiest medium to spread and raise the extremism because with the help of social media the extremist people can spread many religious or racial issue by hiding their identity or making fake profile.

Challenges of using social media world

Using social media is challenging day by day due to many issues. Many challenges involved using internet is also related with social media because social media is an internet-based platform. The common challenges involved with the social media is hacking, and threat to security and privacy.

  1. Hacking: the most common risks or challenges of using social media is hacking. Hacking is a kind of criminal offense where hacker access to the users account and cease the all kind of personal information of that users. For hacking, hackers use different types of traps which include different programs, tiny files and other attractive contents. However, hacking is a great challenge for the users of social media.
  2. Privacy and security: The most important challenging aspects of using social media is privacy and security issues. Users of social media are now very much worried about the privacy issue of the social media. It is very difficult to maintain privacy in social media as social media is public platforms where anyone can easily obtain the personal information of others (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010).
  • Ethical issue: Maintaining ethics in uploading content in social media is also a challenging issue because social media allows it users to upload any content. However, ensuring ethics in individual level is a great challenge today.

Measures of security in using social media world

Different security measures can reduce the risk and challenges of using social media. The following security measures will be very helpful to mitigate the risk (Chbeir and Al Bouna, 2013).

  1. Use of unique username and password for every social media account: In case of using different social media, the individual users should use the separate user name and unique password for every social account. This strategy can reduce the threat of identity being hacked.
  2. Privacy setting: Using social media requires extensive privacy settings. Privacy settings include many measures such as who can view the profile, who can see the content, who can access to the personal information of users etc. Privacy settings protect the individual information form the unauthorized use.
  • Use password or lock code in your device: Users should use the password or lock code in device from which users frequently use the social media. Device can be anything like, smartphone, tablet, or PC. Using password in device protect the unauthorized person from the access to social media.

Comparison between two examples of social media world

There are different types of social media available with different features. Over the last decades numerous social media have been appeared in the market. There is an intense competition among the various types of social media. The basis of the competition is features, applications and services of the social media. However, in this section we have tried to made a distinction between the two popular social media such as Facebook and Instagram.


Currently Facebook occupied the number one position among the all social media with more than 2.5 billion users. Facebook founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his associates. Facebook was established with a view to communicate with friend of Harvard university. But later on, this media has gained popularity outside the university and gradually to the world. Facebook have connected different types of people from diversified part of the world to a single platform. Today, Facebook is not only a platform of social gathering but also it is widely used as means of business, marketing, education, healthcare etc. This online platform has provided a lot of features for its users and continuously trying to include new features for its users.

  1. Features of Facebook: Facebook is very much popular to its users because of its diversified and useful features. The following features are available in social media.
  • Facebook is platforms of making friendship and connectivity.
  • Facebook has given the opportunity to its users to open a free Facebook account.
  • With the Facebook account one can easily manage his personal profile.
  • Facebook facilitates its user to exchange feelings and opinions through different modes such as giving status, comments, and message.
  • Facebook also allows its user to exchange message instantly through its messenger.
  • Facebook is very much user friendly because it is available in different versions such as android, windows, and iOS etc.
  • One can easily use Facebook through smartphone or tabs.
  • Facebook allows its user to upload and share photo with others.
  • Facebook has given the opportunity to boost product or service advertisement.
  • Facebook allows it users to communicate with others through videoconferencing without any cost.
  1. Applications of Facebook: The applications Facebook are diversified in nature. Currently Facebook is using for various purposes. Though Facebook is very much suitable for personal use but currently applications of Facebook is not only limited to personal use but also for other applications such business and community.


Instagram is also a popular social media after the Facebook and twitter. Instagram was launched in 2010. Instagram is very much popular to its users for photo and video sharing. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Currently Instagram is owned by Facebook Inc. Initially Instagram was available only iOS version but later android version has been introduced. Currently more than 1 billion people using Instagram across the globe.

  • Features of Instagram: Instagram has raised too rapidly due to its some unique features. The following are the key features of Instagram are narrated.
  • Instagram is very much suitable for sharing photo with friends and others.
  • Instagram allows its user to edit photo Realtime in online.
  • Instagram allows users to share photo in different modes.
  • Instagram users can manage their own photo archives.
  • Instagram given the opportunity to use selfie stickers in photo.
  • Instagram has a strong privacy policy.
  • Instagram do not allow it users to directly download or save photo.
  • Users of Instagram can exchange information through messages.
  • Users can boost up their post with pay.
  • Instagram allows its user to give video posts.
  • Applications of Instagram: People can use Instagram for a variety of reason. Instagram is very much applicable for individual use. People can share their picture with others. Instagram can also be suitable for business. Businessman can easily upload the picture of their product and services and offered to customers.

Suitability of Facebook and Instagram in business

As a social media both Facebook and Instagram can be useful for business. Today, businessman is optimizing the different types of social media for creating connectivity with customers and increase sales. There are a variety of reason for which Facebook and Instagram is suitable in business.

  • Facebook and Instagram are very effective tools of product promotion.
  • Facebook and Instagram provide opportunity to advertise on online.
  • Customers reviews, likes and comments increase the sales of a product or service.
  • Facebook and Instagram help companies to reach maximum number of customers.
  • Social media is very much suitable for business to customer (B2C) communication.
  • Social media helps to create positive word of mouth about a product and services.
  • Social media especially Facebook and Instagram create brand awareness among the customers.
  • Social media is suitable for business because it can be used for business communication.
  • With the help of social media companies can give and broadcast review of its product and service.

Is social media site a communication tool?

Yes, I do believe that, social media sites are the most useful communication tools. People are widely using social media for communication purposes. The justification of my arguments is presented below.

  • Social media allows users to communicate with the friends, relatives, and clients.
  • The different features of social media are developed by giving priority to communication. These features include chat, comments, audio and video conferencing (Subramanian, 2017).
  • Social media allows people to communicate with each other’s from different geographic region.
  • Social media enables it users to communicate very quickly.
  • There are some social media specially developed for communication such as WhatsApp, messenger, etc.
  • Some social media has been developed to share and broadcast videos to reach large amount of people which is also a communication.

Social media facilitates communication in every aspects of our life. therefore, we can say that it is a wonderful platform of communication


At present world we cannot think of our life without using social media. The use of social media has been expanded in different aspects of our life such as professional life, personal life, and family life. Obviously, using social media is very good for us but at the same time we have to remember that, the use of social media should not affect our personal life as well as others life. Moreover, we should be more conscious about the security measures of social media.


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