Human Resource Management Jobs

Human resource management is one of the most important parts of the organizations. It is the process of ensuring employees engagement, performance and their overall betterment to achieve the personal and professional success in the long run regarding human resource management jobs.

Human Resource Management Jobs

It can easily enhance the development of the employees and make their contribution praiseworthy in the organizational perspective (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The significance of the HRM factor is very important to bring out the maximum level of performance for the employees and get the highest result in the long run. Because of the proper implementation of the strategies and practices of HRM Tesco was able to ensure success for their organization and contribute significantly in the changes of environment. Here all the related issues of HRM regarding human resource management jobs and their application in Tesco are discussed to get a better understanding.

The significance of the Human Resource Management Job factor is very important to bring out the maximum level of performance for the employees and get the highest result in the long run
The significance of the Human Resource Management Job factor is very important to bring out the maximum level of performance for the employees and get the highest result in the long run

Purpose and functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing at Tesco

HRM department is the most crucial department of an organization which is interconnected regarding human resource management jobs with all other department to maintain workforce and achieve organizational goal. The main purpose of HRM department is to maximize the output of a company by enhancing the effectiveness of its employees through applying human resource management jobs (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The best use of the HRM functions may bring a huge change for the entire organization and make the path smooth to accomplish organizational objectives.

Some basic factors of HRM department are:

  • Make best uses of allocated resource for the recruitment and selection procedure to find out qualified and eligible employee for the right position regarding human resource management jobs.
  • Make proper arrangement to enhance employees’ motivation, encouragement, skills and knowledge by training and development program (Collings, 2012).
  • Resolve any type of internal conflicts to get highest productivity.

The key function that Human resource management job department of Tesco is given in below:

HR Planning: To achieve definite goal of an organization mainly depends on the ensuring availability of right resource on the proper time. As human resource management jobs is the main parts of an organization, so the planning of human resource is very important. At Tesco human resource department along with strategic planners do the work of human resource planning to select the right person for the right place of the organization. They do human resource planning in some stages of their working period and follow some process like at first they assess the human resource of the organization (Collings, 2012). Than forecast the demand if human resource management job in the organization and compare with supply of human resource consulting  job and then take the action plans of recruitment and selection.

Job analysis and work design:  Before recruitment human resource management jobs department specifies the skills, technique, qualifications, expertise, working hours, working relationship etc. which are required to do the jobs effectively.  In Tesco, human resource consulting job managers prepare job specification, job description by analysis the required job position and do a proper design for the post to get qualified employees for the organization.

Recruitment and selection: Tesco does recruitment process on continuous basis and uses internal, external and some different ways to do it. To select right person, they first check internal resources and then go for external resources by short listing the applicants CVs. Internal referral is also applicable in their recruitment process.

Training and Development: As Tesco is renowned multinational company, it does not compromise to their providing service to the customers. So they arrange different training and motivational program towards human resource development program to make the employees more qualified, skillful, and knowledgeable to their works to achieve organizational goals along with their personal goals (Collings, 2012).

Compensation and performance management: Providing handsome compensation is very important to get best output from employees work and Tesco maintains it very carefully and motivate their employees to their work. Besides, Tesco uses strategic plan to manage performance management of the employees to connect the employees with the organizational general objectives (Giardini and Kabst, 2008).

Relationship building: Relationship between employees and employers matters a great on the organizational productivity. So Tesco is very much cautious about it and arrange meetings between then to know employees demands and problems directly.

Assess how the functions of HRM- Human Resource Management Job can provide talent and skills appropriate to fulfill business objectives

Human Resource Management department of Tesco manages their recruitment and selection process through human resource planning processes according to the organization budget and requirement of employees to gain organizational goals. Once they select favorable candidates, than they arrange training and development session under human resource development program for three to six months to make them capable to work in the new environment and get effective output from them through human resource planning processes. Tesco offers them a good compensation according their performance level and take proper strategic plan to manage performance of them. Employees’ performance is always measured and evaluated and provides incentives to the best performers in every year (Giardini and Kabst, 2008). Besides, monthly meetings are held to make better relationship between employers and employees of Tesco is the aspect of human resource management jobs.

Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection

Tesco follows two methods for recruitment and selection. One is internal and another one is external. Internal approach indicates the recruit employees through transfer, promotion and reference of existing employees. On the other hand external source of recruitment and selection is done by advertisement, references or contacting with agencies. Both these approaches of recruitment and selection have some strengths and weakness.

Strengths and weaknesses of internal source of recruitment and selection:

The strongest strength of internal recruitment process is this is a very quick decision making approach. Employers transfer their employees from one department to another best on their experience or promote employees to higher post to fulfill the vacancy of the organization. Providing direct appointment to the existing employees to a new position is not time consuming as well as cost savings technique (Gilbert, 2001). Organization can save the advertisement cost, training and development cost as these employees have already worked in that organization.  This process always motive employees and reduce employees switching rate and so on.

There are some weaknesses of this approach. The number of applicants is very limited in number. Sometimes for some recruitment external applicants would be much qualified than the internal candidates and it may create low productivity rate for the organization.  This process does not bring new types of skills, innovative ideas to the organization and that indicates the deduction of required output of the organization.

Strengths and weaknesses of external source of recruitment and selection:

External sources of recruitment process brings new face to the organization who has new types of working skills, innovative ideas, different types of working experience and so on. HRM department get a wide range of qualified employees for their organization and in this process they can select suitable candidates according to the job demand.  External candidates are more active in their workforce and become more alter and do their work with more passion to survive in the new environment (Gilbert, 2001).

External source of recruitment and selection procedure takes a long time and energy of the human resource department from the beginning of recruitment process to select the qualified candidate. A lot of candidates apply for a post and management should scrutinize the applications very carefully to call the appropriate candidate for the interview. And this process consumes a lot of time of the management. Beside this process is more expensive than others process. Organization has to bear job advertisement cost, interview cost and so on. To do advertising, management has to cover all possible sectors to do advertise and search all qualified employees for the organization.  Though, external recruitment may be effective in all time. Candidates may provide false information to the interviewer or misled them with his leis. For this reason interviewer should be more cautious and uses some other techniques to select right person. But it kills lots of time of them. Sometimes external recruitment create problem for the existing employees as they face inferiority problem and face opportunity problems. So existing employees face stress and psychological problems and it will impacts on company’s profitability (Ibraiz Tarique et al., 2016). To reduce these type of conflicts, management should be alter and take some steps which helps to reduce these types of harassment. But these steps will increase the company’s expenses again.

Benefits of different HRM practices within an organization for both the employer and employee

There are many benefits that can be found for employer and employees by practicing different HRM practices within the organization. Some of them are described below:

  • Training and Development Programs: Training is the teaching process of providing knowledge on basic or specialized skills to the new and current employees of the organization to perform their job in a better way. Besides development is an attempt to progress the existing or future management performance by teaching knowledge, changing attitudes and aggregate skills. These two are totally different on the other hand interrelated with each other. But it does not mean where training ends development begins rather development is a continuous process through human resource planning processes under human resource development program. As Tesco is a retail store and its does businesses in Europe, USA and Asia, so it needs huge number of employees who can easily adapt new change and work effectively (Ibraiz Tarique et al., 2016). To make them proper for their work training and development is must and their training and development works makes employees more skillful under human resource development program and employers can earn more profit.
  • Flexible Working Environment: Flexible working arrangement and environment both are important for the employees to make their job life properly balanced and enjoyed their working hours. A proper working environment motivates employees to work attentively for their organizational goals as well as personal goals. Tesco provides flexible working hours and environment to the employees and that makes their working life smooth. Roaster shifting workings hours helps to do the job not only male and female but also helpful for the students.  Besides flexible working environment motivates employees to work properly and encourage them to achieve organizational objectives and human resource planning processes.
  • Rewards Management Process: Rewarding management process is an important procedure to give value to the individual personnel for their performance. This process includes searching quality personnel, observing their performance, encourage them and evaluate their performance. Rewarding technique creates good relationship between employers and employees and makes the employees more attentive to achieve their organizational goals. To motivate their employees, Tesco provides incentives, bonus, holiday leaves, lifelong coverage, different policies opportunities, yearly increments and so many lucrative offers (Ibraiz Tarique et al., 2016). These encourage them to work and gain more success in human resource planning processes.

Effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organizational profit and productivity

It is important for each and every organization to practice different HRM for creating an effective and efficient workplace environment. It will also increase the organizational profitability and productivity for the betterment of the organization. The significant HRM practices are given as follows:

  • Training and development program: Regarding human resource development program, Tesco provides their employees with 3months on job introductory period trainings to understand the quality level of the organization. They also arrange seminars; mock assessment etc. to teach the new comers to provide quality work and service by ensuring satisfaction level of the job and increase their personal and professional skills to enhance their quality of work (Wang, 2016). Here is the evaluation model of Kirk Patrick’s shows the way of training and development program of Tesco to improve their workers for their development.

The learning from the team of human resource management jobs Tesco tries to focus on every level to improve the performance. They encourage employees to provide their maximum efforts and show their abilities by making the best use of time and dedication.

Critically Evaluation: Regrading human resource development program, the process of training and development provide growth and experience for the employees to enrich their knowledge and skills for the success.

  • Flexible working environment: Tesco enables their workers to enjoy very family friendly and flexible working environment. There are many rooster hours to choose any shift flexible to the workers and convenient for them. Tesco do not believe in working out of stress and anxiety. They prioritize employee’s happiness with work and responsibilities to provide maximum outcome from their works (Wayne and Martocchio, 2016). Atkinson’s model represents the flexible working environment to ensure efficient productivity management in the organization.

Tesco believes that flexible working hours let the employees to relax and ensure better training, and education by balancing their personal and professional life. All of which can help them to to perform better and provide satisfaction to their customers.

Critically Evaluation: Tesco is making their employees feel comfortable and relax by promoting convenient working environment. It is helping them to become better and more responsive in their workplace on time.

  • Reward management process: Reward management is very important for each and every organization. Unlike other, Tesco has an attractive reward and recognition policy for the employees to encourage their good works (Wayne and Martocchio, 2016). It is a way to boost employee’s motivation and energy in a very effective way. Adam’s Equity theory is followed to help the employees of Tesco and design their reward system properly.

As a market leader in their business Tesco wants to make sure that their employees are getting proper appreciation for their performances. They provide their employees bonus, gifts, discounts, health care, privilege points etc. to appreciate their hard work, loyalty, and knowledge etc. they are using for the organization (Pate and Ryder, 2007). They also provide promotion and recognition to the employees for their excellent performance and loyalty towards Tesco and helping the organization for achieving success.

Critically Evaluation: By providing rewards Tesco is increasing employee’s enthusiasm and motivating them to perform well for the improvement of the organization.

Importance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision-making

The importance and significance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision making process are many. HRM is one of the most crucial parts of the organization and decision making is very important to consider to the betterment of Tesco.

Decision-making process starts with identification of the problems, finding alternatives, and selecting the right business strategy for the organization. It is necessary for the employees to participate in these phases for allowing the management determines proper decision which will be beneficial for Tesco. HRM decision making process encourage them to become friendly and helpful to each other.

The decision making process also helps to develop the employees performance and influence the relation with one department to another. The effect of the relationship can be positive or negative depending on the policies HRM implement for the employees in Tesco (Ichniowski, Shaw and Prennushi, 2006). Here the organization is always care for developing excellent relationships of the employees and create a bonding among them.

Tesco try their level best to ensures healthy working environment and eliminate discrimination among employees. The flexible and friendly environment motivates the employees to perform their level best to provide maximum outcome and helping teams and other departments to develop organizational effectiveness (Wolkinson and Michigan State University, 2008).

The organization also promotes health and uninterrupted communication and ensures new product and planning development time to time. They take suggestions from employees to gather information and make the decision making process easier to implement.

They also maintain relationships and suitable communication by making decentralized management process and encouraging ideas and opinions. Employees are motivated and encourage producing creative ideas and enhancing organizational effectiveness.

Identify the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision-making and Human Resource Planning Process

The key elements of employment legislation and their impacts of HRM decision making process can play significant role in changes of the decision and other consideration. Here some of them are described as follows:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974: The legislation promotes safety and security for employer and employees and ensures a better working place for everyone. It is important to follow the management legislation to provide food safety, fire safety, risky workplace safety etc. to make the employees feel safe in their workplace (Wolkinson and Michigan State University, 2008).
  • The Data Protection Act 1998: The data protection safety act ensure better management of information about the organization and employees to provide them safety and security of their sensitive and confidential information. It is important for the organization to promote data protection safety to provide maximum security to keep the data safe and protect it from any unauthorized or unethical use.
  • Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation Act 2013: This legislation helps to protect the employer and employees from diseases, injuries and other accidental incidents. Management is responsible for the keeping employer and employee’s safe from any unexpected or hazardous condition (Pate and Ryder, 2007). The act is promoted for the better management of the organizational work and avoids any discrepancies in the workplace.
  • Equality Act 2010: Equality act is applied for reducing inequality and discrimination in the workplace on the basis of different kinds of diversity among employees. It helps to encourage equity and equality among the basic right of the employees and make them feel equal in their working place.

Here Tesco provide extra care and attention in all such legislation to promote better workplace, friendly employees and their great bonding in the organization.


For the overall observation, it can be said that Tesco is very cautious about their actions about HRM practices and promote a very healthy working environment for the employees to promote their good work for the organization (Pate and Ryder, 2007). It is a great opportunity for the workers to perform their level best to get the best benefits out of all the excellent HR policy of Tesco and succeed in their personal and professional life with growth and prosperity.


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Human Resource Management Jobs

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