Marketing Mix of Nike and Adidas

Marketing MIX of Nike and Adidas

Marketing mix is the combination of factors which are important to exploit the market. Marketer design the marketing for achieving the business objectives in the target market. However, marketing mix can be defined as the set of factors which are designed by the marketer for the target market in order to capture the market (Jyoti, 2010).  Company compete with its rivals based on the marketing mix. The basic elements of marketing mix are product, price, place, and promotion. Company design its product, setting the price, ensure the availability of the product at customer end and finally promote the product for increasing sales. Formerly only product, price, place and promotion was only considered as the marketing which was popularly known as 4P’s. Later, people, process, and physical evidence has been added with the 4P’s. Therefore, currently marketing mix is converted from 4p to 7p. So, this article will show the Marketing Mix of Nike and Adidas in the following table in a comparative mode:

Marketing Mix of Nike and Adidas Nike Inc. Adidas
Product Products are offered for the customer. In product mix Nike offer a wide variety of products.

·         The major product of Nike’s is the Athletic Sportswear which include sports shoes, T-shirt, Trousers, undergarments and socks. Sports accessories and equipment category include various sports items such as Sports bag, hand gloves, and other accessories.

·         Nike’s product is very much differentiated in terms of product quality and features.

·         Nikes, continuously focus on developing products in such a way so that it could reduce the injury.


Adidas products are similar to Nike.

·         Adidas product line also include Sports shoes, Sports apparel, and other sports accessories such Hand gloves, Watches, eyewear and other sports related accessories.

·         Adidas focus on producing product with state-of-the-art quality.

Pricing Pricing is a very sensitive element of marketing mix.

·         Nike determine the price of the product based on value rather than cost.

·         Generally, Nike charges premium prices for its product.

·         The logic behind the Nike’s premium pricing is that, Nike developed a brand loyalty. Therefore, customers are willing to pay premium price for brand identity.


·         Adidas charges fair prices along with the premium pricing for some particular brand.

·         Adidas charging competitive price for its product.

·         The price of Adidas products is comparatively lower than Nike.

·         Adidas using skimming pricing policy.

Place Place refers to the distribution.

·         Place ensure the availability of the products to the customer end.

·         Nike distributes its product almost every country in the world.

·         Nike has more than 1000 outlets in different countries of the world.

·         Nikes own outlet is known as Nike town.

·         Nike has online stores.

·         Besides this Nike has own distribution center in USA and Europe for ensuring the availability of Nikes product in that region.

·         Adidas ensure the availability of products in three ways.

·         Adidas sell its products directly through its own exclusive outlet.

·         Adidas also using distributor for making the products available in multi branded showroom.

·         Adidas products are also available in different online store such as Amazon and another local online store.

Promotion Nikes major promotional tools include followings.

·         Advertising.

·         Direct marketing.

·         Personal selling.

·         Public relations.

·         Sales promotions.

·         Adidas use multiple tools for promoting its product in the market.

·         Adidas extensively use Advertising and product placement.

·         Besides this adidas also use public relations, sales promotions, etc.

·         Adidas also signing agreement with different celebrity for promoting products.

·         Adidas also works as a sponsor of the different sports event.

People ·         People are the most important mix of marketing because all other P’s will not work if the organization does not possess quality people.

·         People required in different activities of the organization.

·         Nike has more than 70 thousand employees across the globe.

·         The people s of Nike working in different arena of the operation such as sales, supply chain, administration.

·         Adidas attracting quality people in the organization in order to bring innovation.

·         More than 55 thousand people are working relentlessly for the success of the Adidas.

·         Adidas people include its employees, management, and board of directors.

Process ·         Process is the elements that describe how service are provided.

·         Every organization has specific process used to deliver services.

·         Nike used different processes to make the operations smooth.

·         Nike use automated inventory management system.

·         Nike use CAD (Computer aided design) to design its product.

·         Adidas also use multiple processes it delivers its products to customer.

·         Adidas use automated inventory replenishment system.


Physical Evidence ·         Physical evidence of the service provider increases the trustworthiness of the customer.

·         Physical evidence of Nike includes its brand name and logo.

·         Besides these other amenities such as Nike physical outlet, appearance in billboards and other magazine carry the physical evidence of the company.


·         Physical evidence of Adidas includes its brand name and logo.

·         Besides these other amenities such as Adidas physical outlet, appearance in billboards and other magazine carry the physical evidence of the company.

Marketing MIX of Nike and Adidas

Marketing is the key to success for any organization. But this success lies on the effective design of marketing mix (Marketing Mix of Nike and Adidas), marketing strategy and the strong relationship with the customer. Organizations those who want success in the market require to critically analyze the market to obtain customer information and then design and develop the product which will satisfy customer needs. But it should be remembered that designing product and service is not sufficient for the success. Appropriate segmentation, targeting, and a comprehensive marketing plan is essential to become successful in the market.

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Marketing Mix of Nike and Adidas

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