Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

Marketing is the activities of a company that are associated with buying and selling the products of the company. In other words, marketing is the function of choosing the target market and delivering products to the markets. To sustain in the market it is necessary for all the companies to use marketing activities. Here, the Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager are explained below on the aspect of business like L’Oreal:

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager in L’Oreal:

L’Oreal is a world’s recognized brand which has better technology, more activities in research and has a mentality to be more creative for offering high-quality products to its customer. As it is the world’s large cosmetic organization, they never compromise with the quality of the product (Foreman, 2004). To sustain in the market or to hold the position it is necessary to maintain all the roles and responsibilities, and they are:

  1. Product Development:

It is a process through which an organization develops or creates a product with new ideas. L’Oreal is always involving different researches, so they can survey the customer choices and able to come with new or different ideas. They are offering better services in the market because they have the expert customer service agent. It also helps them to interact with the customer directly and know their choices and demand (Hall, 2003).

  1. Product Promotion:

Promotion is communication between an organization and its customers. The organization informs about its products and services through promotion. L’Oreal is advertising its products in different channels, magazines, billboards, radio and etc. They recruited popular or well-known celebrities as brand ambassadors which are also a part of promotions. They offered discounts on some products, and sometimes they make the attempt to give free products to its customer to introduce their new ideas. The marketing manager of L’Oreal will help to maintain all these strategies with the concerns of not making any hampers to its customers.

  1. Product Branding:

The main priority of L’Oreal is to build a brand image among its customers by giving better products and services. For this reason the marketing manager of L’Oreal engaging with different campaigns and also arranging various events. They institute education centers in many countries. The target customers of L’Oreal is middle-aged and working women (Hall, 2003).

  1. Increasing Sales:

To increase sales marketing managers of L’Oreal are taking necessary steps by dividing the market into various parts based on similar choice and demand. The manager organizes the segment based on demographic factors. They designed the strategy for upper-middle and upper-class consumers. The marketing manager of L’Oreal also follows the differential strategy by designing its beauty products for middle or upper-middle-class consumers.

  1. Developing Market strategies:

The marketing manager of L’Oreal is responsible for the portfolio of global products and services and has to maintain the strategy and development of the products. They have to analyze the market on a regular basis. Based on competition, customer choice and demand they have to be more innovative and introduce new products in the market with maintaining the brand value (Oliynyk, 2019).

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

  1. Marketing research:

As L’Oreal segments its market based on demographic factors, so it will be easier for the marketing manager to research the needs of the customer. Though they already offer various skincare products to the customer based on segments, the marketing manager of L’Oreal always try to be more innovative and try to offer different products with different ideas for different skin tone (Oliynyk, 2019).

  1. Monitor on effective marketing communication:

Communication plays a major role in organizations. As L’Oreal is the world’s recognized brand so the key responsibilities of a manager are to maintain the right communication inside and outside of the organization. With proper communication, they increase the awareness of beauty, ensures the reputation and develop the brand image of the L’Oreal group (Stevens, 2001)


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Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

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