Health Campaigns

Health Campaigns

This is the article of Health Campaigns on Physical Activity. This article will cover the Health Campaigns by the means of various exercises where physical activity is the main thing.


Physical activity is very good for health because it regular physical activity prevents more than 20 chronic diseases r conditions. Physical activity can play a vital role in preventing cancer, reducing the risk of cancer or recovery the risk of cancer. Similarly, physical activity can help to reduce mental stress, anxiety, depression and social isolation. Physical activity has great impact of weight changes to weight loss and shape a healthy body.  Similarly, physical activity can help to reduce insomnia (Ball et al., 2010).

Discussion on Health Campaigns

As this campaign has already been mentioned that physical activity is better than none. So, this campaign intends to influence healthy behavior by the following activities and those activities are walking, cycling, gardening, hiking, dancing, playing games or active recreation, and swimming.

  1. Walking:

For leading and maintaining a healthy life, healthy behavior walking works as a great physical activity. There are so many positive results of walking in human health. Regular walking practice can help to maintain a healthy life with healthy weight, to reduce the chance of attacking diseases in body, prevent some major body imbalance, or manage various imbalance conditions of body like the problem of heart disease, the problem of high blood pressure and also the problem of diabetes. The best of part of walking regularly is that helps to strengthen human bones and strengthen human muscles. In response to mind as well mental aspect, walking helps to improve your mood. Finally, walling is very effective in human body for improving body balance and coordination (García, Vieira and Rodrigues, 2014).

2. Cycling:

Cycling is known as aerobic activity for maintaining physical fitness well and balanced, in which the body’s part like heart will be working out well, blood vessels will be in good condition and lungs will be also working out well So, the overall fitness level in the area of deeply breathe, good body temperature, blood pressure all these things could be kept balanced by doing cycling.

Cycling can help to increase cardiovascular fitness, increase the posture and coordination level of body fitness, reduce stress level, increased muscle strength and flexibility, increase joint mobility, reduce body fat level, can prevent or manage of disease from high blood pressure, lungs problem, breathing problem, body temperature problem. Finally, cycling is also very effective in human body for reducing anxiety and depression (García, Vieira and Rodrigues, 2014).

3. Gardening:

Gardening opens the opportunity of physical activity to be well in daily life. Gardening gas so many positive effect in human body for leading and maintaining a healthy life, healthy behavior. It provides nutritious veggies and fruits to eat, beautiful flowers to enjoy the beauty and decoration.

From the view point of healthy behavior, gardening can give the exposure to vitamin D to increase calcium levels for strengthening bones and immune system in which sunshine supplies the exposure of vitamin D. Gardening can help to decrease dementia risk, increase mood-boosting benefits, make it enjoyable aerobic exercise by pulling weeds, that work well for developing new muscles in body. Gardening is also very effective in human body for increasing stamina, and flexibility in body fitness. Finally, gardening can help combat loneliness as it could be a fun way to engage with other and community participations (Thompson, 2015).

4. Hiking:

Hiking is known as powerful cardio workout that opens the opportunity of enjoying nice views, getting the full fresh air without pollution, and having the enjoyment of listening some natural sounds and taking the smells of nature.

Hiking is very good for body as well as mind. Hiking can help to decrease the heart disease, increase blood circulation, decrease the problem of blood pressure, and improve blood sugar level (Lapointe et al., 2016). The best part of hiking is that it increase the bone density. To control body imbalance and body weight, hiking is very helpful. Hiking can help to build strength in hamstrings and reduce the risk of hamstrings problem.

5. Swimming:

Swimming works a big part of physical activity to maintain body fitness because swimming intends to move whole body against the resistance of the water.

Swimming can help to keep the heart rate up, help to maintain healthy life as well as balanced weight. It plays a vital role for keeping the heart and lungs healthy, increasing cardiovascular fitness, increasing the posture and coordination level of body fitness. As swimming is intended to whole body movement, it works well for strengthening muscle and building endurance in human body (Thompson, 2015).

6. Dancing:

Dancing is known as a most enjoyable way to do physical activity for maintaining good fitness and stay fit. Dancing is the way of staying fit for all ages, and it has a vast range of mental and physical benefits. Dancing can help to improve the condition of heart and lungs, increase mental satisfaction and psychological wellbeing, increase the level of confidence, increase muscle structure and aerobic fitness. To improve mental functioning with self-confidence and self-esteem, dancing plays a vital role (Gorczynski, 2010).

Dance movement therapy works well to improve mood, mind set up, reduce anxiety and depression. Dancing encourages social bonding. Dancing can help to remove the breathing problem for people and it intended to lower the heart failure and reduce pain and stiffness.

7. Active recreation:

Active recreation is the part of sports and art and it has positive impact on the aspect f physical activity for leading and maintaining a healthy life, healthy behavior.

So, active recreation is very helpful to increase social interaction, social awareness, self-awareness, self-confidence, improve learning values, and increase. The best part of active recreation by the means of sports and arts is that help to reduce depression and anxiety, psychological problem, increase self-esteem (Gorczynski, 2010). Finally, active recreation is very helpful to lead quality of life and increase self-motivation.


So, it could be said that physical activity is very essential for keeping the body fit and being safe from various diseases in human body like blood pressure, heart problem, back pain problem, insomnia problem, and also depression problem. This Health Campaigns will be helpful for all. Health Campaigns should be conducted for creating awareness.


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Health Campaigns

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