Role of IT in Retail Business

In the competitive field of the business environment, information systems and information technology play significant roles in business success. Information technology helps an organization every single day in all of its operations to perform more efficiently.  With the help of information, technology organizations can easily solve their problem and increase their organizational productivity (Laudon & Laudon, 2016).  Because of information technology organizations now can perform their tasks easily and in the quickest time. Most of the organizations in the current business world are maintaining their communication with the help of IT. Here our key focus will be analyzing the role of IT in Retail Business in UK.

Role of IT in Retail Business in UK

Role of IT in Retail Business in UK

Organizations are using different types …

Different Forms of Communications

The topic that will be covered in this report is about the interdepartmental cooperation within the organization, the barriers in communication that will be faced to simplify the interdepartmental cooperation and the strategy to overcome the barriers. It is expected to report different forms of communications that are used within the organization to facilitate interdepartmental cooperation along with the implication of those communications format. Moreover, it is expected to report principles and objectives behind the use of different forms of communication within the organization, to utilize the principles of those effective communications format to simplify interdepartmental cooperation and to evaluate the form of communication practices within the department of an organization.

Different Forms of Communications

This report will focus on …


Meaning of Ethics

Business ethics are very important for any organization. Business ethics are moral principles that guide the company to behave in an organized way. Before learning the importance of ethics in business one should know what business ethics is. It is the Business ethics is the study of appropriate business rules and regulations regarding potentially debatable issues, such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities (De George, 1982). Business ethics are often guided by law and to gain public acceptance it provides a basic framework. Legal and ethical are two different terms but work together for guiding business operation structure. From this report, readers will be able to understand the …

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